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Monday, September 03, 2007

Aprons and Drought

It's simply too hot. We've no relief from the heat and are in a drought situation as well. Hay is already Extremely Costly and, I'm afraid, animals will starve this winter. When it's a choice between feeding your children and feeding your animals, the animals always lose. It's a Very Sad fact of life and tugs at my heart strings. Dave and I save the ones we can but we, unfortunately, can't save them all. My horses and sheep have extra flesh going into the winter...although it's difficult to even *think* about winter while it's SO hot...and, I believe, we'll weather the season with no dire consequences.

Shakespeare said, "Summer's lease hath all too short a date". Generally, I agree but this summer has been so hot and dry I'm very willing for it to pass. We're less than two weeks away from our frost date and I'm looking at frost as extra moisture. That's just how desperate our situation.

When I wash clothes, they are hung on the line. One, because I love the smell of clothes dried in the sun and, two, because it releases moisture into the air. Did I mention how desperate our situation?

While visiting family in WV, I bought some things at an auction. An elderly woman had died and her /good for nothing but that's only a personal opinion/ son was selling everything. At first I thought he needed the money but no, he didn't need the money, he wanted the money. There's a big difference and is the reason "the love of money is the root of all evil".
Anyway, I purchased the woman's box of aprons and brought them home to wash and dry on the line. There are some dandies! Some are handmade from her husband's shirts which were probably ripped, torn or otherwise couldn't be used for other than quilts, aprons or cleaning cloths. I much prefer pinafore type aprons and put one on as soon as I get dressed in the morning and it's the last thing I take off prior to bath time at night. Some of these aprons I'll keep and others I'll try and trade or sell.

These aprons are made from a man's shirt. The one on the left shows John Deere tractors, has a pocket and both of them still have the shirt snaps.

This is a cute poodle apron using bright, cheerful colors and black rick rack to set it off.

This apron is, more than likely, a souvenir of someone's trip to California. Wonder who went, where, and if they had a good time?

Perhaps this apron was given away as a gift when an appliance was purchased?

Blessings ~ aprons ~ a deep well filled with delicious water ~ inside work to escape the heat of the day ~ melons from my garden ~ clean air ~ a night sky that takes my breath ~
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