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Friday, July 29, 2011

Serbia, Day 6

~ Slower pace on right ~
We are staying just outside Novi Sad, Serbia, in a smaller town called Backi Petrovac and there's an upside down mark over the c in the first word. It's a nice town, a lot of people get around on bicycles and, as usual, the farmers use horse and cart. A lot of the Romani people also use horse and cart as transport but the more affluent Romani have very nice automobiles. In Backi Petrovac there is a large Slovak community and, next Saturday, is the anniversary festival, celebrating the Slovak lifestyle, contributions, etc. Truthfully? I'm not sorry to miss the festival as it will be extremely crowded and very expensive. If you visit their website, you can see Serbians and Slovaks living and working side by side, no troubles.

Backi Petrovac has earned the designation "Safe Village" which means there is no drug problem, you don't see people drunk on the streets or begging...a huge benefit! The town has to re-apply every 3 or 4 years in order to keep this designation. There is a high school, next door to our inn, and about 80% of the students not only finish but they go on to college and finish college!
~ our room ~
Helene, the tour guide, is my room mate and we have been blessed with cooler weather. She tends to become cold very easily and I am more comfortable with cooler weather; we've been sleeping with only the window open and no air conditioner...thank you God!
~ stairs from our rooms downstairs ~
These are the stairs, going downstairs from our rooms. Just imagine carrying two heavy suitcases and a carry-bag; not an easy task!
I've begun taking, somewhat, detailed notes in my journal, as well as trying my hand at drawing with water color pencils. The results cannot be confused with an artist but, at least, what I'm drawing is recognizable, a huge plus when I'm home and trying to remember (smile).
~ Greek Orthodox ~
Yesterday, we went to Novi Sad, the second largest city in Serbia. It was a fine day and spent wandering around churches, city square, people watching, eating ice cream and, in general, having a lovely time. The primary religion is Greek Orthodox but in Backi Petrovac there is an inter-denominational church and two couples from Texas were here doing marriage counseling classes. The regular pastor speaks Serbian and English and translates. 
~ shepherd playing Duda  ~
This gent is playing a traditional Duda; a sheep's stomach with drone pipes and finger holes. The music was hauntingly beautiful, especially if one enjoys bagpipes...which I do but in smaller measures than the Duda. His skill is a lost art and speaks to a time and place we'll never see again...sad!
~ Petrovaradin Fortress ~
The Petrovaradin Fortress is on the Danube, guarding a corner of Novi Sad. It's imposing, even from a distance, and we didn't have the opportunity to visit. Just so much to see and do and we've only about two days total to "do it all"...not!

At the end of yesterday, we visited Sremski Karlovci which is famous for wine especially something called bermet. It was a desert wine but 18% alcohol and very tasty. We also visited the Four Lions Fountain and it's rumored if a girl, perhaps a boy as well, drinks from this fountain, they will marry within the year.
~ Four Lions Fountain ~
Today we went to the market, a combination farmers' market and flea market. A variety of things could be purchased...everything from food, tires, household goods, clothing, shoes, boots, pets and hand work.
~ farmer's wife ~
This dear soul was 73 and had been married 58 years; she said it was tradition for women to marry dressed in total black. Now she wears a kerchief, covering her hat, both of which are only removed in the privacy of her home.
~ traditional dress ~
Some women still wear the traditional, hosiery, aprons, skirts, vests, shirts and kerchiefs.
~ scythe and hoe handles ~
I wasn't sure if this man was selling the scythe and hoe handles or merely standing nearby. At any rate, it's time for me to go to bed, my room mate has crashed out on her bed, fully dressed, so that's my clue!

Blessings ~ markets ~ travel ~ clean, safe places to stay ~ beautiful cities and villages ~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Budapest, Day 4

 As Blanch DuBois once said, "I have always depended upon the kindness of strangers!" As have I, always depended upon the kindness of strangers, that is. Today, Day 4 in Budapest, found me preparing to meet Jane and Lance, blog friends of some few months thought it can't have been very many months as they just began blogging in April! Anyway, I had big plans on running some errands...get that? running some errands and I've only been in Budapest since Saturday! (smile)...but found myself rushing out the door at 10:00 so I could meet with them at 11:00.

As it turns out, we were meeting right across the small side street from Calvary Chapel where Timi, Mikki, Mira and I had gone to Sunday services! Even so, it took me most of the hour to wind my way back as I'd had tour guides on Sunday and, let's face it, for the most part, yesterday is a foreign country and the borders are now closed...never mind three days ago!

I'd wanted to go to a florist shop and buy flowers as I really hate turning up to such a delightful invitation, hat in had with empty stomach and nothing more than an appetite to show for my appearance. Wouldn't you know it? There were no floral shops within a four block radius! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!
A very few years ago, this hotel was nothing more than a bombed-out shell left over from the Russian days of occupation.  I was told the Russians would drive their tanks into the front doors and leave them, sitting there as a testimony to their prowess. HA! Mother Russia...I've said it before and will say it again, such bullying is beneath you; your forefathers are spinning in their graves!
~ Sandra and Jane ~
At any rate, Jane, Lance and I had a most delightful time, chatting over coffee, nineteen to the dozen, and, to me at least, it felt like old friends whom I'd not seen in forever. When we rose from the table, to wander 'round the property before heading out, I took our photo...there, don't you see Jane right behind me? She's the one in the white hat and black dress...I'd say black and white dress except you can only see the black portion of her dress. Yes, I'm sad to say, that is my mouth hanging open because I was laughing so hard I wasn't paying attention to when I clicked the shutter!

Suffice it to say, it was delightful meeting them both and lunch was fabulous! Jane, Lance, please forgive me because it's late and I'm not taking the time to look up the correct spelling...but, Timea, their housekeeper cook was delightful. It's true, we couldn't speak a word of the others language but I think she knew I found her luncheon delicious. And, didn't have a thing to do with me eating cheese, bread and yoghurt for the past three days! (smile)
~ farmers' market seller ~
On the way to their apartment, they took me to their local market where this woman was selling produce. She only had corn...perhaps something else left, and I felt badly that I didn't buy anything. I always hate taking someone's photo and not buying something.
This is their local cinema which plays, mostly, art films. Jane and Lance told me one time they were to view a film and were turned away. Why? Because the theatre needed at least five people in order to run the projector! I only wish I'd asked them about this film above...woman with a spinning wheel, a castle spinning wheel...why oh why didn't I ask?!
This good looking gent is their local English bookseller and lives rather close to their apartment. Coffee, books and wi-fi...does it get any better?!

After lunch, I went to the post office to mail post cards; the postman was SO helpful. Bless him, he kept asking me, "normal or express?" and I kept looking at him like I belonged on the short bus. I simply couldn't understand his accent! Finally, his co-worker printed out the words, "normal. express" and I finally understood! I told him, "express, please" and he proceeded to take my post cards, stamp each and every one, put on an express label AND hand cancel each and every one. He made sure I saw each and every step and seem so pleased when I shook his hand and said, "thank you, thank you, thank you!" He was so kind!

Using the map Lance drew for me (thank YOU, Lance!) I went to the subway, bought a ticket, went to my destination and then went above ground to catch my tram to Gellert Baths and Spa. Yes, I had to ask, several times, for help with understanding the directions but that was my misunderstanding, not Lance's map. One thing I've learned while traveling, a soft voice and a lot of pleases and thank you's will take me as far as I need to go. It seems please and thank you is almost universally understood and everyone, mostly, likes the opportunity to be kind; don't you?
~ Gellert Baths and Spa ~
Regardless of what some men may think (extremely wicked grin), skin is our largest organ and I firmly believe "taking the thermal waters" is entirely healthful and beneficial in more ways than we can possible understand. I've "taken the waters" in two places in the USA and now Budapest, and can testify I feel, at once, relaxed and revived, when finished. I also had a leg and foot massage and it's a good thing the mineral waters are a ways from me or I'd be wrinkled like a prune most of the time! 
I find the above enormously amusing; 
yes, I am a simple soul!
 ~ Bridge over the Danube River ~
Seriously, pinch me; I still cannot believe I'm here in Budapest, meeting all these fabulous people, crossing the Danube River, going to the Baths... . A while back a friend said to me, "I've always been envious of you, Sandra." My mouth dropped open, "but WHY?" I asked her. She replied, "because you're not afraid of anything." I shook my head. "Yes, I am afraid. I'm afraid if I say "no" to the opportunities God gives me, He'll stop giving them to me. So, I take a deep breath, say a prayer and move forward. He's promised never to forsake me nor leave me and I take Him at His word. He's to be trusted, so I trust Him."

Simplistic? Perhaps so but here I am, in Budapest, meeting people I've only known as bloggers and seeing sights heretofore only seen in books or on the i-net. Earlier today, Jane, Lance and I were talking about people who, when hard times come, say, "Why me, God?" I told Lance and Jane when the good times came, it never occurred to me to say, "Why me, God?" He sends the rain on the just and the unjust; His ways are not my ways nor His thoughts my thoughts...yet I will trust Him. From where I'm typing, seems a pretty good decision on my part!

Blessings ~ Jane and Lance ~ healing mineral waters ~ faith ~ opportunities ~ Danube River ~ travel ~

Monday, July 25, 2011

Budapest, Day 3

~ Gellert Baths, left rear ~
Timi and Mira took it easier on the ole gal today; we were out and about only 6 hours (smile). Our day began with a tram ride to The Great Market Hall and, as we departed the tram, Timi showed me Gellert Baths, just across the bridge and to the left.
~ Great Market Hall ~
Great Market Hall is the 3-story shopping mecca of Budapest. It's a tourist trap, albeit a beautiful one filled with needful items (toothpaste, veggies, fruits, meals, etc.) as well as enough touristy stuff to satisfy even the least discriminating me (smile). Yes, I did buy some touristy stuff because I have folks back home that collect shot glasses, hats, tee shirts and the like. I did my best to make them happy. I bought myself a melon and some pork sausage that will serve me longer than I'll be at the apartment. But, it will travel well and, I'm sure, there will be those on the next leg of the journey who will be more than happy to help me eat the sausage. 
~ Miss Paprika ~
Miss Paprika stands at the entrance and hands out brochures on The Great Hall Market. Don't you think that's a great job for a young girl? She's the emblem of that most famous of Hungarian spices - paprika- and does her job well and with a smile on her face. Well done!
~ sausages of pork, horse, beef ~
The flavors, as you can well imagine, were out of this world sublime! Sausages of all types, including pork, horse, beef, sheep, goat, were available for purchase. I bought some pork sausage as I'm only an adventuresome eater when I don't know what I'm eating.
~ sheep's head, anyone? ~
At one point, the above gent was leaning into the case, speaking to the butcher but it looked like he was addressing the sheep's head...funny! I hung around him long enough for him to glance my way and force me to take this photo instead before moving away. There's a limit to what I'll do for a photo (smile).
~ smiling pickled peppers ~
I think Timi, Mira and I could be a dangerous three-some. We all enjoyed shopping and popped in and out of shops all day long buying magnets, stationary, post cards, embroidery and other small items that will add pleasure and good memories in the years to come.

My photos aren't as many today as yesterday; I think weariness is beginning to show. I have a terribly bad habit of going like my hair is on fire and then...stopping as if I'd hit a brick wall.Yesterday was an 11 hour day and the majority of it spent on our feet, walking, walking, walking. Today was a 6 hour day but, again, the majority spent walking. I'm in for the evening even though it's only a bit after 4:30 and will do laundry, have a hot bath, wash my hair and, generally, prepare for the next leg of the journey adventure.

Tomorrow morning I meet Jane and Lance for coffee and they have issued the delightful invitation to have lunch at their apartment. It seems we're in the same, general, neighborhood and it will be a delight to meet them. Tomorrow afternoon I hope to go to the Gellert Baths before coming home to pack and prepare for the next phase. In addition to "taking the waters" I'm hoping to have a foot massage; my poor tired feet would appreciate the TLC. Gellert Baths have separate facilities for men and women, a real advantage as I'm no comfortable bathing with the gents. My concern is, they'll have to drag me out of the place as it sounds too fabulous to leave after only one afternoon! For less than about $50 US, I'll have an afternoon/evening at the baths,aroma relax massage, private cabin to change all of which will generate enough endorphins to last me the remainder of my trip! Ahhhhhh, sighhhhhhhh.....

Wednesday, I make my way to the Budapest Airport where a small group of seven will, hopefully, pick me up around noon. We'll travel for the next couple of weeks in a mini-van with our first stop being Novi Sad, Serbia. Helene and Jozef have been doing tours of Central and Eastern Europe for more than two decades and specialize in tours to Slovakia and Poland and have greater than a 90% success rate in putting displaced peoples from those regions, back with their families. It's so difficult for Americans to understand how Europe was so violently torn apart by WWI and WWII. So many people left their homeland for so many reasons and some made their way to USA but left loved ones behind. Helene and Jozef work diligently to find those small villages and families and re-unite them with their American families...well done! Our-Slovakia and Treasures Tours are the names of their companies and I highly recommend them. Not only are the most excellent at what they do, their prices are very reasonable.

Now, time to do laundry, then a nap, supper, hot bath and sleep...tonight, I pace myself.

Blessings ~ adventure ~ paprika ~ sausage ~ textiles ~ trams ~ good, sturdy shoes! ~

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sabbath Keeping in Budapest - Day 2

~ John 3:16 ~
Please forgive me but I'm breaking with traditional Sabbath Keeping. Today, I'll tell you how the Sabbath was kept here, Budapest Day 2, and give a travelogue as well.
Timi, Mikki (her husband) and Mira (their daughter) met me at 9:00 at my Budapest apartment. I'd gone to the reception desk, located in another building, so I could pay my rent and the nice young gent said, "your friends were just here, maybe 2 minutes ago." I told him, ala Arnold, "I'll be pay my bill" and he said, "hurry, you should catch them; I sent them to your apartment." We met outside, just at the door, and then walked several blocks to Calvary Chapel. The congregation meets in an old movie theatre and their pastor is a young man from Australia. Sunday morning services are at 8, 10 and noon; we attended the 10 a.m. service. Services are conducted in English with Hungarian translation and no one missed a word; not a tittle nor jot.
 ~ guest speaker ~
His word came shining through the guest speaker who, today, was from Palm Springs, California! I am not sure of his name but he is a man of God and, I'm convinced, a man after God's own heart as well. His sermon was on John 3:16 and I've never heard finer! He and his wife have been married 58 years and he brought in personal stories as well as Biblical stories to make every word relevant and pertinent to each person in the congregation. I'm telling you, it was an amazing sermon but, like Paul, from a man who, by his own admission, is "short, fat, bald and wears suspenders", be that as it may, the Word was heard today. Additionally, Calvary Chapel has a wonderful history in Hungary and Budapest; please go here to read more.
~ crafters in courtyard ~
Truly, it was my intent to return 'home' early enough to visit the crafters in the courtyard. They only set up every Sunday and are here until 6 at night. Surely, I thought, we'd be finished our day well in time for me to buy some treasures. Not hardly, not even close. The four of us left the apartment around 9, went to church services, came back to use the bathroom, etc. and then we traipsed all over Budapest. It mattered not it was, at times, pouring rain.

Recently, I read a quote I absolutely adore, "there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." Sir Ranulph Fiennes said it and we put it to the test today. There were places I wanted to visit but hadn't said anything to Timi; bless me, we visited just about all of them! It was fabulous, wonderfully fabulous and I'm gearing up for tomorrow. Mira, her daughter, was born in Budapest but had not been back since a few months old. It was delightful seeing the city through her eyes; her first subway ride, the art exhibit Jane and Lance spoke of in an earlier blog many first and seen through the eyes of a ten year old girl...delightful!
~ gold leaf ~
Oh gosh; I'm not even through the first two hours of today, and already I'm winded! We visited the inside of the Dohany Street Synagogue and had a tour where I learned the Synagogue was built in 1854, is Very Ornate and does not look at all like other synagogues and more about the Holocaust than I wanted to know. Please, don't misunderstand, I feel we should all know about the inhumanity done to man by other men but it pains me greatly to hear, read and see it. Some estimates say more than six (6) million Jews were killed in concentration camps and while that is an awful tragedy, it pales when one knows more than eleven million (11) people were killed in those concentration camps. Hitler wanted Jews, crippled, mentally retarded, disabled people of every kind and the list goes on and on and on...killed. I find it enormously confusing Hitler wanted an Aryan race while he himself was dark and swarthy!
~ Weeping Willow Memorial ~
Remember the American actor Tony Curtis? He was born Bernie Schwartz in Manhattan and his wife, Janet Leigh, had a daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis. I was surprised to find out the parents of Mr. Curtis were Jewish Hungarian immigrants and the above Weeping Willow Memorial is in the Budapest synagogue courtyard, courtesy of Mr. Curtis. Each leaf bears the name of a person who was killed in a concentration camp and many leaves are left unmarked in the event more names come to light.
~ Mikki, Metta and Timi ~
Above, Mikki, Mira and Timi stand in front of the stained glass memorial flame on the synagogue grounds. After leaving the synagogue, we began walking around the city and taking photographs. 
This photo was taken on our way to Vaci Street, known for high end retail stores, fabulous restaurants and delicious ice cream as we four can now attest. It was at this time, the heavens opened and the rain began to pour. We were sitting, comfortably, under an umbrella at the ice cream shop when others rushed in and began slinging their (considerable) weight around. Oh dear, I sound testy, now, don't I? (smile) We sat there for a long while, convinced the rain would stop "soon" but it never stopped. So, we just got up and continued our appropriate clothing, to be sure! (grin) 
~ Timi, Mira, Sandra ~
So much fun! Timi told me the water spewing from the mouth of the lions is good to drink. There's an underground acquifer that supplies the city with pure, clean drinking water. I've been drinking the tap water with no ill effects...thank you God...and it is good water.
~ Mira's first subway ride ~
Are these people having fun or what?! I'd say YES!
As we strode up the subway steps, this was the sight that greeted us; I gasped aloud! This is the 19th century monument depicting the beginnings of Hungary. It's not entirely sure from whence the seven original tribes came...perhaps the Ural Mountains, Mongols, Ukraine, some other part of Russia...but I dare say there aren't people alive today who can sculpt like this!

~ notice the antlers protecting the horse's face ~
~ so expressive ~
There are for one...who cannot draw such an expressive face much less sculpt one!
Recently, Jane and Lance posted an entry entitled "Messing About in Boats" and today, Timi, Mikki, Metta and I saw the exhibition. I might as well admit, because my comment on their post bears this out, this exhibit left me...shaking my head and saying, "whaaaat?" It's something that needs to be seen to fully appreciate it, at least that's what I believe now that I've seen the exhibit. Please read their post but I found the exhibit to be quite witty and what it lost in photographic translation, for me at least, it more than made up for in viewing!
Oh, how I would have loved to take a ride in one of these beautiful boats. The lake is quite shallow, only about a meter so, if need be, one could walk around and barely get their knees wet. But these boats are so beautiful; I felt the need to row one and phooey on the rain anyway!
~ Mira statue ~
Earlier in the day, we saw one of those human statues who stand quite still, all day and all for tips only. Amazing! Mira was quite taken with the man and this was her version. She held her post a long time and it was only when she realized we were, shortly, to be round the bend and out of sight, she broke her pose. I told her if she'd taken her hat off, placed it on the ground in front of her, I would have given her a tip!
 ~ Parliament, in the background, Danube River in front ~
So much more, so many more photos but it's late and Timi will be here bright and early in the morning. We've more sight-seeing and mustn't forget the shopping so will close for now. I leave you with one last photos that sums up our day.

Blessings ~ Timi ~ Mira ~ Mikki ~ Budapest ~ new friends ~ good times, great memories ~ Sabbath Keeping ~

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Grand Adventure Begun - Budapest!

I left the USA from Charlotte, NC on Friday evening but not until USAir managed to sell my seat...twice it would appear! I'd love to be able to say "thank you, USAir" but I can't...just really don't have it in me to say thanks for adding so much grief to my life that if, in the future, other choices are available, USAir has seen the last of my money. Enuf said although I'm twitching like a cat because I want to say more (grin!) and, ending on an upbeat note, will say, "thanks for a safe flight;"at least that can be said truthfully!

After an arduous flight and airport navigation in Frankfurt, I am in Budapest! It's a lovely city, full of Old Worlde Charm (yeah, I really struggled, and lost, the battle to put that 'e' on the end of 'world') and I feel deju vu all over again. It's weird, like I've been here before and almost everything looks familiar. I believe a lot of that feeling may be credited to the overwhelming presence of the Communist era buildings. There's a certain soulessness, if you'll allow the use of the word, to those buildings built during Communist times. I've been told there was a dearth of talented workers and contractors would hire day labor on construction sites. There was no rhyme nor reason in how the concrete mixture was day with too much water, the next day with too little water and the result is, a lot of buildings are, literally, falling apart. So sad. 
~ Moorish influence ~
However, those lovely pre-Communism buildings are still fabulously lovely, sturdy and a feast for the eyes. You can tell, beyond a shadow of doubt, someone who knew construction, was comfortable with building materials, plans, etc. built, with a fierce love, these old buildings. I am not sure what the above building is but know it is lovely; a real thing of beauty with loads of Moorish influence.
~ All-4U Apartments courtyard ~
My Budapest home is located about two blocks from the Dohany Street Synagogue, the second largest in the world. A busy thoroughfare, Karoly Street, is just steps away, and where I found a grocery store that accepts credit cards and an ATM machine. I had American dollars and Euro's but no Hungarian forint's; my apartment takes only m.o.n.e.y.; no credit cards, checks, etc. However, they allowed me to pay them a deposit in US until I can get to an ATM and finish paying them in forint's. 

If you're ever in Budapest, you should consider renting from these folks; thus far they have been more than kind and have advised on where to grocery shop, find ATM machines and even told me the courtyard will be full, tomorrow, of crafters...JOY! Another reason to hurry along to that ATM machine but my guess is Euro's and American dollars will be welcome as well although the US dollar is weak right now. ouch.

I think I am near to Vaci Street, although not sure, exactly, how near. It's a lovely pedestrian walk, the main thoroughfare of Pest, full of upscale shops, restaurants, cafes and beautiful houses. Ah, the houses...I expect to take loads of photos of the houses but, probably, won't do a lot of shopping as "upscale shops" really doesn't turn my crank.
~ nearby walk-up restaurant ~
There are many delights in Europe, especially eastern Europe, and the above is one. It's what I call a 'walk-up restaurant' and those "things" hanging are meat. It appeared one could order a sandwich and the meat would be trimmed and placed into a bread slice. It looked delicious and I'll try before I leave but I'm not too adventuresome with food and water while traveling alone because it's horrid to become ill and have no one to care (smile).  Hungary hasn't been ruined by the European Union, yet, and these open air restaurants still exist. A few years ago, when Dave and I were in Romania, we visited an old feller who made hooch also known as white lightening. He had a grand still going and he was about snookered as well but it was a great visit. We've since heard he had to tear down his still because of EU rules...boooooo! hisssssss! Let the man earn his living, I say. Moderation in all things is what the Good Book says and I believe Paul, when he says in Timothy,  "a little wine is good for the stomach's sake" but let me hasten to repeat...moderation in all things. There are those for whom drink is the devil's tool and it's best to stay away.

Today was spent, mainly getting over jet lag and it's now almost 3 a.m. I've had two splendid naps and am headed for bed yet again where I'll sleep a lot longer. Timi, her husband, daughter and I, are going to church in the morning and then they will be my tour guides. Bless her, Timi, is bi-lingual and speaks/writes English so tomorrow will be fabulous! Er, I mean to say, later today. 

Blessings ~ travel ~ safe flight ~ Valencia, a Lufthansa employee ~ my apartment ~ adventure ~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quiet Days

~ the sheep of His pasture ~

Softly along the road of evening,
In a twilight dim with rose,
Wrinkled with age, and drenched with dew
Old Nod, the shepherd, goes

His drowsy flock stream on before him,
Their fleeces charged with gold,
To where the sun's last beam leans low
On Nod, the shepherd's fold

The hedge is quick and green with briar,
From their sand the cronies creep;
And all the birds that fly in heaven
Flock singing home to sleep.

His lambs outnumber a noon's roses,
Yet, when night's shadows fall,
His blind old sheep-dog, Slumber-soon,
Misses not one of all.

His are the quiet steeps of dreamland,
The waters of no-more-pain;
His ram's bell rings 'neath an arch of stars,
Rest, rest, and rest again.” 
 ~ Abbie, resting ~
So much of what I hear these days is talk, loud talk, about how busy people are but what I don't hear, so much, is why they are so busy. It all boils down to choices, doesn't it? There's a lot of talk about getting rid of stuff, parring down, living simpler lives but not much talk about getting rid of busy. Frankly, I like my stuff and all of it has a history, it was here a long while before me and will be here a long while after me. When someone used to ask Aunt Bonnie why she didn't sell something, she'd say, "It's not eating or drinking a thing so I guess it can stay." My attitude perxactly!
Don't be in such a hurry to trash what is good. It's your home, your decision and if you want to get rid of your possessions, be happy with that choice but don't feel you have to downsize because of so-called societal pressure. Remember, no one gets a choice in your home but you and your family; well-meaning others only have choices in their homes. Ah, such freedom when one doesn't bow to whims and fancies of other folks!
On the other hand, getting rid of busy enlarges your life, your family, your time and can decrease stress, tension, anger, etc. If you choose to volunteer, do it willingly, with a cheerful heart and in a place that speaks to your heart. When I worked in the corporate arena, I would ink in "me" time in my calendar. When someone would ask for a meeting on a day and time already scheduled for "me", I would, truthfully say, "I'm sorry, I already have a commitment then." Fortunately the ole donkey's rear for whom I worked never caught on; had he caught on, he would have fired me for "not being a team player" and this said as he was leaving to do personal errands.
Life is busy and there are things we all have to do; make sure those other things are things you want to do. Leave space in your day for emergencies and spontaneous fun and, at day's end, take a deep breath and know you've lived your life well; not in a hurry or worry.

It's your life; don't let someone else try and live it, or run it, for you. 

Blessings ~ sheep ~ Abbie ~ rest ~ space ~ choices ~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday - Little Thoughty's

~ happy sunshiny face ~
Some "Little Thoughty's" to bring you a chuckle, a thought, a nod of understanding...when author is known, credit is given, otherwise I simply don't know...

When someone you love becomes a memory 
the memory becomes a treasure.

Prayer – the world's greatest wireless connection. (Amen!)

I'm the crazy aunt everyone warned you about. (Yep, that's me!)

I'll have a Cafe-Mocha Vodka-Valium Latte to go, please. (I know people like this, don't you?)

We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone; for part of us went with you, the day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide; and though we cannot see you, you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same; but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.

My sister is the sister everyone wishes they had. (True!)

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

If you met my family, you'd understand. (especially my sister -smile-)

I'm so busy I don't know whether I found my rope or lost my horse!

I'm not short; I'm FUN size.

Don't make me call the flying monkey's! (a nod to the Wicked Witch)

My sister has the best sister in the world. (HA!)

Ah, I see the screw-up fairy was here again. (actually, lives at Thistle Cove Farm!)

We need time to dream, 
time to remember,
time to reach for the infinite,
time to be.” 
~ Gladys Tabor ~
Blessings ~ laughter ~ joy ~ sunflowers ~ dream time ~ memories ~ my Beloved Sistah ~ prayer ~ fun ~ 
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