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Monday, July 25, 2011

Budapest, Day 3

~ Gellert Baths, left rear ~
Timi and Mira took it easier on the ole gal today; we were out and about only 6 hours (smile). Our day began with a tram ride to The Great Market Hall and, as we departed the tram, Timi showed me Gellert Baths, just across the bridge and to the left.
~ Great Market Hall ~
Great Market Hall is the 3-story shopping mecca of Budapest. It's a tourist trap, albeit a beautiful one filled with needful items (toothpaste, veggies, fruits, meals, etc.) as well as enough touristy stuff to satisfy even the least discriminating me (smile). Yes, I did buy some touristy stuff because I have folks back home that collect shot glasses, hats, tee shirts and the like. I did my best to make them happy. I bought myself a melon and some pork sausage that will serve me longer than I'll be at the apartment. But, it will travel well and, I'm sure, there will be those on the next leg of the journey who will be more than happy to help me eat the sausage. 
~ Miss Paprika ~
Miss Paprika stands at the entrance and hands out brochures on The Great Hall Market. Don't you think that's a great job for a young girl? She's the emblem of that most famous of Hungarian spices - paprika- and does her job well and with a smile on her face. Well done!
~ sausages of pork, horse, beef ~
The flavors, as you can well imagine, were out of this world sublime! Sausages of all types, including pork, horse, beef, sheep, goat, were available for purchase. I bought some pork sausage as I'm only an adventuresome eater when I don't know what I'm eating.
~ sheep's head, anyone? ~
At one point, the above gent was leaning into the case, speaking to the butcher but it looked like he was addressing the sheep's head...funny! I hung around him long enough for him to glance my way and force me to take this photo instead before moving away. There's a limit to what I'll do for a photo (smile).
~ smiling pickled peppers ~
I think Timi, Mira and I could be a dangerous three-some. We all enjoyed shopping and popped in and out of shops all day long buying magnets, stationary, post cards, embroidery and other small items that will add pleasure and good memories in the years to come.

My photos aren't as many today as yesterday; I think weariness is beginning to show. I have a terribly bad habit of going like my hair is on fire and then...stopping as if I'd hit a brick wall.Yesterday was an 11 hour day and the majority of it spent on our feet, walking, walking, walking. Today was a 6 hour day but, again, the majority spent walking. I'm in for the evening even though it's only a bit after 4:30 and will do laundry, have a hot bath, wash my hair and, generally, prepare for the next leg of the journey adventure.

Tomorrow morning I meet Jane and Lance for coffee and they have issued the delightful invitation to have lunch at their apartment. It seems we're in the same, general, neighborhood and it will be a delight to meet them. Tomorrow afternoon I hope to go to the Gellert Baths before coming home to pack and prepare for the next phase. In addition to "taking the waters" I'm hoping to have a foot massage; my poor tired feet would appreciate the TLC. Gellert Baths have separate facilities for men and women, a real advantage as I'm no comfortable bathing with the gents. My concern is, they'll have to drag me out of the place as it sounds too fabulous to leave after only one afternoon! For less than about $50 US, I'll have an afternoon/evening at the baths,aroma relax massage, private cabin to change all of which will generate enough endorphins to last me the remainder of my trip! Ahhhhhh, sighhhhhhhh.....

Wednesday, I make my way to the Budapest Airport where a small group of seven will, hopefully, pick me up around noon. We'll travel for the next couple of weeks in a mini-van with our first stop being Novi Sad, Serbia. Helene and Jozef have been doing tours of Central and Eastern Europe for more than two decades and specialize in tours to Slovakia and Poland and have greater than a 90% success rate in putting displaced peoples from those regions, back with their families. It's so difficult for Americans to understand how Europe was so violently torn apart by WWI and WWII. So many people left their homeland for so many reasons and some made their way to USA but left loved ones behind. Helene and Jozef work diligently to find those small villages and families and re-unite them with their American families...well done! Our-Slovakia and Treasures Tours are the names of their companies and I highly recommend them. Not only are the most excellent at what they do, their prices are very reasonable.

Now, time to do laundry, then a nap, supper, hot bath and sleep...tonight, I pace myself.

Blessings ~ adventure ~ paprika ~ sausage ~ textiles ~ trams ~ good, sturdy shoes! ~


  1. So fascinating. Thanks so much for taking me along on your trip. That green bridge is simply stunning!

  2. Thank you for the adventures ♥:o))))!
    We had a great time!!!!

  3. Wow . . . you are an amazing traveller. Hope you get a wee rest tonight.


  4. Oh. man, I would so love to be there! Thanks for taking us along on your "short' day out.

  5. I LOVE MIss Paprika - she is adorable! How wonderful to be able to visit that market! Your journey is sounding amazing and I can tell the excitement in your writing. I am SOO excited for you to be here and to be living this journey! Keep the photos and stories coming!


  6. Ohhhh, the massage and bath sound like pure bliss! I would enjoy one of those and I haven't been walking, walking, walking! Enjoy and have a wonderful rest!

  7. Wow! What an adventure you are having; so interesting to follow. As for the bath and massage, I'm with Lady Farmer ....pure bliss...(sigh)... Enjoy :)

  8. I am following your journey / adventure and enjoying your account. I hope you do take time to rest properly, can't have you collapsing so far away from home.


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