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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday - Pita Chips

~ whole grain, day old bread ~
Dave likes to snack and I like to see him snack; he's gained twenty of the thirty pounds he lost during his various hospital stays and is beginning to put a little flesh on his bones. One way I help is by making him nutritious snacks like pita chips.

Purchase day old bread with the additional bonus being it costs less. You want old bread because it has less moisture and you're going to bake the moisture out of it anyway
~ pieces of eight...aaarrrggghhh ~
Cut the pita bread into sections of eight; big enough to have a two bite snack but not so big it looks like a front end loader going into your mouth...thinking Larry the Cable Guy here.
~ olive oil and baking sheet ~
Using a pastry brush, or spoon if you don't have a pastry brush, brush both sides with EVOO as Rach likes to say (smile). That would be Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Rachel Ray (she's so cute and love her 30 minute meals!). On one side only, put cracked pepper and cracked sea salt then put onto the baking sheet and bake at about 250 until it's nice and crispy. If you can wait until they cool you won't burn your mouth but we never wait and have the blisters to prove it...yeouch!
~ crispy pita chips ~
These make a great snack either by themselves or with hummus or other dips. Loads of fiber and low calorie mean they are good for you too or, at least, not as bad for you as potato chips.

Blessings ~ healthful snacks ~ cracked sea salt ~ cracked pepper ~ extra virgin olive oil ~


  1. Yum - great tip! I love Pita chips and love them more with my homemade goat cheese on them. Thank you for sharing you and Dave are in my prayers daily as I go about my chores.

  2. Those look wonderful. I think the hummus is a great idea. I'm glad Dave is doing better. We keep you guys in our prayers. Much Love.

  3. Anonymous10:14 PM EDT

    I can tell that I would love these! Thanks for the tip!

  4. This is looks yum...we had an awesome day at my dad and mom's today...I feel like right now this is the best thing I can be doing for them too...making food. I try to bring down at least 4 dinners a week ...always trying to think what would my dad like to eat. So far so good...he wants some cornbread

  5. thanks for telling how to make pita chips. i guess i could have figured it out but i've never given it a thought. i will now though!

  6. 20 pounds? that's so great! and he has
    YOU to thank for that. your pita chips
    sounds delicious.

  7. Yumalicious! I'll be trying this one out! Bring on the salsa! K

  8. Hello Sandra and Dave:
    Oh, how pleased we are to read that Dave is making some progress after all his ordeals. It is, as we know, very difficult to put back the weight lost through treatment and so these snacks are a most creative and, we are sure, delicious way of doing just that. And, dare we say it, they look simple enough even for we, the archetypal kitchen virgins, to try out. And try them out we will!

    You are always in our thoughts.

  9. Homemade pita chips are so great :-)

  10. I love pita chips with hummus!

  11. i am going to have to try this...looks wonderful...and i have never heard of green wine...i will have to go to BEVMO...a chain of stores out here that has acres of wine...and ask them...thanks for the tip

    happy to stop by today

    kary and teddy

  12. I am hungry for pita chips and hummus :)
    I made these last weekend. Yes, great minds think alike!!!
    You have yourself a wonderful, little day!

  13. Mmmm... these sound wonderful, Sandra! Just the perfect thing to go with some home made salsa! Yummy!

  14. Yum! And so glad to hear that Dave is doing better. Have you ever made kale chips? I could just eat a whole batch - olive oil and a little sea salt - yum!

  15. Wow Sandra, these look yummy and easy. My favorite recipes.I am sure I will be making these soon, thanks.

  16. They look delicious. I've been wanting to make "chips" in my oven for a while and was going to use stale flour tortillas because I didn't know what else to use--your suggestion is definitely healthier and probably much more flavorful.

    We don't eat chips often--usually only in a meal like taco casserole or nachos. I do like hummus though and these are probably healthier than the crackers I usually buy to go with that.

    Thanks for the "recipe". :)

  17. sweet summer blessings to you!
    This looks really good to me and I know we'd love this to munch on.

    Thinking of you and wishing you well.

    God bless,


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