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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Work week almost ended...

~ simple beauty ~
This week has been full of work, work and more work. It's summer, officially, so what else do I expect, eh? Not complaining though because most of the work has been done in the garden and that means food! Eventually, anyway. The above flower arrangement of wild sweet peas, Queen Anne's lace and a few fern leaves was made earlier in the week; it's still beautiful though and deserving of a better photo.
~ hand knitted hat ~
Karen, This Old House, is working on a Bid and Bark Sale for Dog Days Adoption. Since three of our four dogs are adopted foundlings, the Bid and Bark Sale is near and dear to my heart. The above hat is a wool acrylic blend (easy keeping) and hand knitted in my own design. Ahem. Big words for saying I just knit up the hat as I went along but it turned out fairly well and will be very warm when snowballs fly. The size is large and may be rolled up for extra warmth around the ears. There are some lovely things, please visit her blog and look around, perhaps bid on something that catches your fancy; it's for a good cause.
~ perky yellow ~
Since I'm on a knitted hat kick...I'm knitting and buying hats to send to a feller who works with homeless folks living in...are you ready for this?...our National Forests! Yes, can you imagine? In many National Forests, there are people living in their vehicles or in tents or, the "more fortunate", in campers, year round, with their children and, sometimes, pets. The stories are enough to break your woman was a kindergarten teacher and her husband, I seem to remember, worked for a contractor in the District of Columbia area. Both were downsized (nice way of saying "let go"), couldn't find new jobs and, after a time, lost everything. According on one article, "Since the beginning of 2007, when the current recession first began, over 10 million American households have lost their homes." !!! Exclamation points, mine.

There is no federal policy regarding the homeless. I suppose this is because the homeless don't vote and a politician, imo, doesn't much care for someone who can't vote for him or her. Way to go, public servants and, yes, the term is used Very Loosely. There are other websites that speak to this horrible  problem...but I'm saying this...I'm knitting and buying hats so someone will be a tad bit warmer this coming winter. If you'd like to help out, let me know. You don't have to make hats; yesterday, I bought cute hats at WM that were on sale for 70 cents.

Garden photos coming up on Monday, God willing. Daniel, Morgan, his daughter, and Shawn, her boyfriend, have been helping me this week...God bless 'em all!...and the garden looks fabulous! We have a few tomato plants left to sucker and stake, Daniel wants to plant more corn and there's room so why not?, the last fifteen pounds of fingerling potatoes need to go in the ground and JoEllen brought a few more tomatoes to plant, perhaps another row of beans and weeding to be finished. I'm not sure but I think I'll be able to feed more than a few families plus have produce to can, dry and freeze. Aren't we all so blessed to have a roof over our heads, clean beds to sleep in and food a-plenty on the table?! Thank You, God!

Blessings ~ Daniel ~ Morgan ~ Shawn ~ JoEllen ~ food ~ garden ~ hats ~ dogs, mine make my life better! ~


  1. Sandra, I am so happy you wrote about this today. There is absolutely NO reason, in the USA, that families should be homeless. Imagine children living in tents or cars or not even being that lucky!! The money our government squanders boggles the mind. And banks foreclosing on homeowners, only to find those same houses sitting empty for YEARS. Sickening. Disgusting. What you are doing matters, both the knitting and the growing of food. God bless you and yours + all your animals. xx's

  2. It sickens my heart to think of those children of God having to live the way you describe, Sandra. I wholeheartedly agree that our government allows this to happen while spending billions to help other nations. Don't get me wrong, I'm sad for everyone all over this world who are homeless, living in horrid conditions, and hungry. But, we have an obligation to our own. Enough said; I could go on and on. I'll be looking for hats, and will let you know what I find. It's a wonderful thing you're doing.


  3. I've read several non-fiction books about the homeless. It's hard to imagine living this way. Here's the link to our reviews of books about the homeless if you're interested:

  4. I am so glad you got help in your farm! But take care and find sometime for yourself!!!
    I like your hats :o)! And flowers!

  5. Marvelous post. Last year, our local knit shop did the exact same thing. We all knitted hats for the homeless and hundreds were knitted. I really think the greatness of a nation is determined by how it treats the less fortunate among us.

    Wishing you a lovely holiday weekend!

  6. Those are beautiful flowers and I'm glad you have help. You are doing a good thing for the homeless. A homeless census was done in my area earlier in the year and it was sad to see families living in tents in the woods near here, or in their cars. Many actually have jobs, but even then can't afford rent.
    I spend alot of time downtown and there are many homeless there as well. But they aren't lazy bums or mentals. Many are vets coming to the VA hospital here and have no place to stay while they seek medical aid. Which is a sad thing. Looks like our government can at least provide shelter for them while using the hospital.
    Anyway, have a lovely 4th weekend.

  7. Sandra, What a lovely gesture of gifts for you all to do. I am crocheting baby blankets for the less fortunate in Appalachia.

    I don't want to stand on my soap box about the 'wrongs' of this government & those greedy 'blues' that are destroying it ... but PORK should be done away with. I resent funding an exercising shrimp, YUP! when our children/families suffer.

    May her flag fly high & proud forever over this great land ... may God see the changes we need & grant us that blessing.

    Happy 4th, sweetie.

    TTFN ~

  8. What's your deadline for the hats? Great post!

  9. Good for you and your hats!

    In November my Library sets up the Giving Tree. Staff and customers donate hats, scarves and mittens that go to children in need. We also try to include new, or gently used, story books too.

  10. Anonymous5:30 PM EDT

    Often homelessness is invisible, because those who are try hard to keep out of the public eye and even those who 'see,' often turn their head the other way. To me homelessness is different that the panhandlers who frequent the freeway exits. One of whom I see everyday during the school year as I exit the freeway in the same place... my husband I had had Chinese at a local spot and saw this man coming out of the bar (three sheets to the wind) while we were eating, that is what most are doing with the money people give, or buying dope. But truly homeless people, like those in the parks and forests, it is a different story. The government doesn't count these people among the unemployed, because they have ceased to exist officially. Sad... as a school district employee, we are mandated by the 'No Child Left Behind,' to transport children back to their home school (for two years) if the family becomes homeless. That does provide some stability for the kids in a tough situation. Bless you for doing what you are.

  11. Goodness, you've been busy!

    That is so sad people are living in the forests. It does just tick me off that none of the "important" people seem to give a lick.

    I love your traveling vase, and seeing your cold weather hats back-dropped by green, green grass made me giggle!

  12. We have such a big old house it would be wonderful to have another family be able to stay here with us. Maybe they could work the farm too. There should be no homeless in this world. I guess much is fear.

  13. Great post. Love that happy yellow hat and the inspiring cause you are working for!!

  14. Sandra- the knitted hats are the most wonderful project- homelessness is a horrible fate- my heart breaks for those who through misfortune have ended up in this tragic situation. Here in the great USA- it should not be ---.

    I am so happy your garden is doing well- and doubly glad that you've had able helpers. I look forward to seeing your garden photos later.

    It's miserable hot here- I hope not where you are--

  15. You have a big heart! I love the knitted hats and that someone cares enough to go the extra mile for our fellow man.
    I make pillowcase dresses for children.


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