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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vintage Keeping, DIM

 ~ vintage table and chairs ~
This do it myself (DIM - haha) project has been on my to do list for a while. We have two chairs that are vintage, gently swivel and rock and are a delight to the body. When we got them, there were already old and painted bright yellow, matching their cushions. Shortly after they came to the farm, I painted them sage green and they've been sage green for more than fifteen years. Recently, I decided the chairs and a round, thirty-six inch table should all be painted black. The table, also vintage and bought for a song almost twenty-five years ago, was then painted white but, along with the chairs, I painted everything sage green. We've enjoyed the sage green color but it was time, some say past time (smile), for a change. The paint is quite dry on the table but I was in a hurry to take photos and will probably give it another top coat just to make sure the sage green doesn't shine through.
  ~ a trifle tired but still serviceable ~
 Dave and I have enjoyed many pleasant hours sitting in these chairs, at the round table, as we gazed down the valley. As whim dictates, I move the chairs and table from back porch to front porch and back again and it's all due to the comfort level of these chairs. I wish I had two more! 
 ~ wildflowers picked alongside the mountain road ~
Lately, mornings have been extremely foggy, so much so, visibility is less than one hundred feet and driving is slow going. The McCoy vase I've had so long I can't remember any details...whether I bought it or someone gave it to's my favorite though and, generally, there are always flowers in it. Today they are wild Queen Anne's lace, wild sweet pea and a few fern leaves. Perhaps there are those who would decry such an arrangement, because preferring roses, orchids or other hot house type flowers. Around here, we prefer the untamed beauty of nature because it fits our lifestyle and wild flowers are sturdy and have been around much longer than we. The flower arrangement follows us around - sun room to kitchen to back porch to front porch. That vase is so well traveled the next step will be to apply for a passport!

The Shabby Chic Cottage is hosting a Thursday DIY party and, since I haven't anything else to do, I'm partying along with everyone else. Please visit her blog, it's purty, and check out the other party goers.

It's time to feed the crowd, man and beastie alike, so will say good-bye for now. We've passed the high point of the year and are slowly sliding toward shorter days. Yes, I do notice these things. It's hard not to when I'm awake and out of bed before the sun rises and I begrudge the shortening of sun light. God forgive me but I do.

Blessings ~ DIM projects (are there any other kind?) ~ breathing deeply of pure, clean air ~ sunshine and clouds in the sky ~ sturdy, beautiful furniture ~ wildflowers ~


  1. Anonymous5:17 PM EDT

    I love the vintage chairs! Makes for a great seating area. I also love your lovely vase of wildflowers. My sister once told me that you can put food coloring in the water to turn Queen Anne's Lace a color! Have you ever tried??

  2. Oh, that looks so inviting! I'll be right over with sweet tea and scones~

  3. Hello Sandra and Dave:
    We love your vintage chairs and table and can easily see why you spend many happy hours looking at that wonderful view from the comfort of the chairs.

    And yes, we so prefer more 'natural' arrangements of flowers to those stiff, rather horrid hot-house bouquets from florists. Your sprigs from the garden look wonderful and are especially suited to the pretty green vase.

  4. your flowers are gorgeous!

    God Bless

  5. Green and yellow.....John Deere lawn furniture? If I had that view and didn't have to drive to the top of Big Walker Mountain or Mt. Rogers to see it I'd never get anything done. That said, I don't mind the drive because I dearly love these old mountains! Now I have to get to work on my never ending Honey Do list.

  6. Those chairs look so very comfy! And I love your flower arrangement. My last one was lilies and Agapanthus from the front flower bed, stems from the potato bush in the corner and, because it needed more greenery, sprigs of our mint plant! Hehe! :) No better - or more beautiful - way to live than when one "Makes do".

  7. I think your chairs and table are the perfect things for enjoying views and happenings on the farm, either from the front or back! :~} Yes, they do look so comfy, too!
    And your flower arrangement is just the kind I like best! Love the lacy-ness of the Queen Anne's Lace (guess that's why it got the name!) and the delicateness of the little wild pea! Ferns always seem to add the perfect final touch! What a lovely old McCoy pot! Old friends are the best!
    Oh me, oh my! It just can't be! The days getting shorter ~ already!?! We haven't even had any summer yet! I don't imagine my garden will amount to much. I will truly enjoy everything I get to harvest this year!
    Gotta go put some baby chicks to bed. Hope you and Dave have a restful night ~ After all the chores are finished of course!
    Nighty Nite!

  8. love your adapted re-use of the past!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  9. You've passed the high point of the year? We had only one day the last entire month with mote than 70% sunshine. Sunshine is predicted for more that 2 days of July thus far, so our summer is just beginning...shorter days mean maybe sunny days, so I am hopeful we might get some veggies growing to maturity, fruit on the trees might ripen, I can wear summer attire for the whole day. However the weather turns out though, we are blessed. Your vase of homegrown and home appreciated flowers is beautiful in spite of being well-traveled.The furniture is very interesting, never seen any like it.

  10. I love how you live, Sandra, with style, grace and a bit of humor! :)

    Beautiful photo's. (hugs)

  11. I feel more relaxed now about how long it takes for my DIM projects! Yours turn out beautifully and it is never too long to take to achieve comfortable beauty.
    Yes - I feel the tilt of the time scale - year half gone (don't y'all give me the cup half full talk - time isn't a cup of milk and I'm platitude intolerant lately!end of grumpy insert)
    your flower arrangement is perfection - the lilies of the field are arrayed more beautifully than Solomon in all his wealth - and so are the wild sweet pea, Queen Anne's lace and ferns. Thank you and sit for a moment, close your eyes and say "this relaxing moment is for Linda Sue" - thank you very much!

  12. Gorgeous chairs! Love them! Wish I lived closer so I could come by, sit a spell, and chat!

    I am ready for Fall :)
    xo, misha

  13. Anonymous11:13 PM EDT

    A comfy place to sit, chat with your dear one, a view to soothe the soul and wild flowers to please the eye. What more could one ask for... oh, perhaps a glass of tea! :-)

  14. I love picturing you and Dave in those comfy chairs and beautiful round table. Good work, Miss DIM.


  15. Sandra- the vintage table and chairs are wonderful- love the photo- all that's missing is a tall glass of ice tea--

    Also love the vase and flowers- I treasure my McCoy pottery also. Wildflowers are such a beautiful gift of nature.

    I know your days are so long-- I wish they weren't-

  16. Your photography is fabulous! Would love to pull up another chair for an iced tea with you and Dave. What a lovely spot for two people to sit and reflect. Prayers for you and Dave.


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