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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Spring @ Thistle Cove Farm

For such a low tech geek as I, this is a complete leap of faith...starting a blog! I'm more comfortable out in the pasture with my sheep and horses or sitting at the spinning wheel or loom than meandering my way around a computer.

Farm life is always interesting, seldom dull and never static. Such has been the case this week. It's been determined Dave does not have a broken foot (although it is the same foot the brown recluse bit him on last month - sigh) and, since learning this, he's been walking a bit less gingerly. He's still headed to Russia next month as a small business consultant and, hopefully, to help increase the flow of money by purchasing some delicious Orenburg shawls, hats and other offerings as they present themselves.

The Komi Kids Yarn Project was a huge success due to the assistance of so many people from around the world. The Children's Home in
Syktyvkar made many beautiful things from the natural fibers yarn we sent them. Those darling children recently sent me a hand crochet shawl they made as a thank you; please see our farm website - - for photos and the rest of the story.

Lambing is over this year and we had great success with a modicum of failures. I love seeing a pasture full of lambs playing and enjoying their young life; it greatly strengthens my faith in God and the order and design of the universe.

TCF Dan's Meri Scamp was born and he's a beauty! Scamp is a curly coated (sometimes a Curly horse can have a straight coat) American Curly horse with loud, pinto markings, a gaited step and the full knowledge he's special.

Today it's overcast again and the rain and cool temps continue; it's been an incredibly cool, rainy Spring. Kittens are calling for their breakfast, sheep are bleating their happiness at the weather and horses are calling my name. IOW, chores await.


  1. Welcome to Blog-world! Looking forward to hearing and seeing much more about the new babies. Glad Dave is not nursing broken bones with such a big trip ahead of him.

    From a fellow Southern Highlander!

  2. Anonymous4:14 PM EDT

    I just found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying reading it.

    Lindy in AZ

  3. Hi Leslie - Dave is healing nicely but I took a fall this major injuries but am really banged up! "Go not gently into old age but go ye kicking and screaming; yea with appreciation for all God has done but struggling against that deep sleep yet to come."

    Hi Lindy - thanks for visiting and come back often; coffee pot is (almost) always on and we're only thirty minutes away from home made shortbread.


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