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Monday, January 02, 2006

Rainy first Monday of 06

We're having thunder storms with lots and lots of thunder. How do I know? Because I've got one dog in my lap and two more trying to crawl into my lap. Our dogs are not happy dogs when they hear thunder. We think it's due to, possibly, one of two reasons. We think someone might have been shooting at them. I know, I know...that's illegal. So is speeding but even grandmother's and preachers speed. The other reason is Dave's mother is deathly afraid of thunder storms and the dogs have picked up on her fears. Whatever. It's really not pertinent and nothing can be changed, their fears are very real and we just deal, as best we can, with them until the storm passes. I am hoping the storm will pass very quickly tonight as I'd like to go to bed in the next few minutes. Unless the storm abates though, that's not going to happen.

oops. lightening. signing off now...

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  1. My dog has never been outside without me, and she's still nervous about thunder. I think it's something deep in some species, including some humans!


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