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Monday, February 12, 2007

Above Freezing!

For the first time in two weeks, we're above freezing and it felt positively balmy. I dressed in only three layers while doing my farm chores and was on the tractor and in the elements for almost three hours. A round bale of hay had to be set out for the mares and Dandy, water checked, minerals replinshed, food for sheep and horses and a vet visit. It helped the wind wasn't blowing; that always adds to my grief as well as to the wind chill factor.

I finished knitting and delivered my hat for the Lions auction at end of February. Last year they raised $11,000 for various charities in the town and county. One of these years, I'll find someone in town who will let me watch the televised auction; we have satellite and can't receive any local coverage at all. That's one thing about makes rural people even more isolated and cut off from the community. When I do go into town, I enjoy catching up on community events by spending a few extra minutes chatting at the post office, library and feed store.

I'm finishing up a purple wool shawl and a varigated blue rayon scarf, both for me. After that, I'll finish hand quilting my quilt, weaving my rag rug and, maybe, finish that sweater I started years ago.

Over the weekend, Thistle Cove Farm had a bit of excitement. Jon Lohman, of the VA Folklife Program, and his photographer, Morgan, came for a visit. I'm afraid both gents were icicles; it never got above twenty degrees F and with a wind, was probably around zero or below. Jon, just about frozen stiff, graciously stood for a photo with me and Abigail.
They wanted to take photos of Linda W., my apprentice, and me as Apprentice and Master in Traditional Fiber Arts. The Folklife Program has been in existence five years and it's an honor to have been chosen...the first Fiber Artist and the first person working with animals/sheep. It validates what I've spent these last dozen years doing and it gives recognition to all of us who are spending their days and time shepherding and farming.

Sophie Shetland, one of my favorite ewes, is helping Morgan with his camera. Sophie is a great hand to help.
Linda spent some of her time using the Elbe picker on some washed Shetland fleece.
It was a delightful and blessed day...all of us enjoyed the company, the animals, the work, the day. Jon and Morgan kept commenting on the that they meant the lack of city noise. We rarely listen to the radio (only when there's a basketball game Dave can't watch on t.v.) and spend about 3 to 5 hours a week watching television. I need to be able to hear what the animals are telling me...are they stressed, anxious, calm, peaceful and I can't hear their voices when there's the noise of a radio or television.
Time for supper so thanks for visiting, the gift of your time is greatly appreciated.
Grateful heart ~
*warmer weather
*good health
*wonderful friends
*home made bread
*home made toasted coconut chess pie
*a good night's sleep


  1. I found your blog this morning and began reading fascinated by your life and how beautiful it is, how hard you work and how your animals are so blessed to be living with you. I loved the picture of Sam in his scarf, and cried over Hank with the dogs helping him to warm and live and your burying him in his own blanket,just as I would have done!...I so enjoyed my visit to the farm....and I will return!! Thank you for being so generous in your sharing your life with me!

  2. Congratulations!

    Funny, no one looks cold in the photos...must be the warm woolies, and the warm hearts!

    and, home made toasted coconut chess pie?....oh my, yummy!

  3. Sandra,

    I need your address! You won the drawing for Tricia Goyer's book, A Valley of Betrayal. Congratulations!


  4. Oops! My email is Thanks.

  5. Very beautiful! Nothing gets lost even if we think we lost our best...


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