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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Fiber Femmes May/June 2007 issue is now on-line and it's really a great issue! Of course, Leslie and I always say that but we have to say that because it's true! There are a lot of MSWF photos, some really fine articles, a bit of fun thrown in the mix and a new feature...affordable advertising. If you have a small business, perhaps an etsy or ebay store, you really should consider Fiber Femmes affordable advertising. For less than pennies a day, you can reach more than 5,000 readers per issue, readers who are actively involved in the fiber industry and who use fiber in all its forms...fleeces, yarn, felting, etc. Visit Fiber Femmes S.E.X. page for more information, then, give us a shout to get your advert in front of Fiber Femmes readers.

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival celebrated its 34th year this month and it only keeps getting better and better! Here are some photos to whet your fibertite...

Only a fiber person would understand this one!

From south of the equator -

Sittin' & Knittin' a Red Scarf - this was a wonderful idea! A local yarn shop had chairs outside their tent where people could rest a bit and knit on red scarves for orphans. It was fun and interesting to see what other folks had knitted and then to add our prayers and stitches to the mix.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Hope I can make it next year. All the photos are fabulous!

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