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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Jennifer, at Desert Garden Farms, hosted a delightful Garden Yarn Swap and I'm the happy, happy, happy receiver of Laura's package. I adore using an old fashioned fountain pen and it will be especially lovely when used on this hand crafted paper by Laura. The handspun yarn is a delicious bulky blend of purple, yellow and green and will undergo much fondling before being used!

Blessings ~

~swaps and those who arrange and participate
~rain, much needed and appreciated even though we need to cut hay
~Fiber Femmes site and blog
~good health for all at Thistle Cove Farm
~Dave's quilt - almost finished!
~another beautiful, and just about perfect, day


  1. that yarn is gorgeous!!

  2. It all looks so soft and wonderful, especially the yarn!

  3. This is a lovely ensemble!! I love the dried flowers and how they combine so well with the color of the yarn..

    God bless,


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