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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Farm Life

It's been HOTTTTTT, hot. For several days it's been in the mid 90's and, for this part of Appalachian, that hot! It's so hot it's hard to breath; the humidity is horrid and the air is heavy wet. Even for those with no breathing difficulties, it's been a terrible week. Just about the only thing doing well is my orchid, it's simply beautiful.

The watermelons and cantelopes are doing well and are tasty! We ate one of each on Friday and have more for supper Sunday. My little gardens are doing well, tomatos are lovely and lucious, melons are wonderfully sweet and, like most of the gardening world, we're overwhelmed with squash and zucchini. People have taken to locking their car doors when they go to the library or they'll find a bag full of either/both upon their return.

My beautiful American Curly x Percheron horse, HayJ, is standing in "his" barn. He's a lovely boy and, for his size, has a very agreeable disposition. He's still a stallion but that's due to change with the cooler weather. I have no need of a stallion and don't really want to part with him so will geld him and keep him. If Oprah wanted to buy him, I'd certainly consider that a good home but both Dave and I are picky about where our horses most of them don't. We're horse poor and they are, mostly, pasture ornaments but it's our money and our choice so we love them, they love us and it's a happy place at Thistle Cove Farm.

We, FINALLY, got our magnificant cherry bed put in place. Now we have to buy a mattress and box spring and we'll be ready to move back into our bedroom. This has been a Very Long Time Coming and it's exciting to watch this unfold. Richard V., a friend, made this bed for us and didn't use any electricity but used all hand tools and a tree he felled himself. It truly is MAGNIFICANT!

Blessings ~ rain - 9/10 of an inch! ~ healthy animals ~ lovely gardens ~ a country church with excellent pastor ~ bountiful work to consume both hands and heart ~ a most gracious and merciful Father


  1. This has been one of the hottest Virginia summers I can remember in a long time!

    Love your bed! I'm envious!

  2. The bed is beautiful Sandra!

    All of your photographs are too! Everything looks so peaceful!


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