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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Christmas Eve Eve

It's Sunday, Christmas Eve Eve and the weather is mild, even warm and the rain has stopped and we saw the sun for a short while. Tonight, the Christmas moon is full and pregnant with anticipation.

Church service was, as always, thought providing and provoking. During one prayer, Pastor Jim said, "forgive us when we seek amusement instead of fulfillment."

I'd really never thought about it before but amusement is so temporary, so transient and ephemeral while fulfillment brings about satisfaction and a sense of fullness and well-being. Fulfillment also suggest an end, perhaps after being sated. As I've aged, I find more joy and satisfaction in activities that bring fulfillment. Frequently, such activities are also amusing such as gathering with fiber friends and spinning, knitting or quilting; though rarely do I find amusement also fulfilling.

Christmas is fulfilling as well as fulfillment. I didn't put up a tree but there are Nativity scenes scattered throughout the house and studio. My gifts aren't wrapped but will be surrounded into tissue paper and tucked into stockings. There's no traditional meal planned but Dave is making crab and lobster soup and with cheese, crackers and a tempting Merlot we'll have a divine feast. Perhaps we'll open a bottle of bubbly, there's a nice Saint Hilaire we've been saving.
We spent this afternoon, gathered at the Thompson Valley Fire and Rescue Squad, sharing a covered dish luncheon. Afterwards, we all stood on both sides of 6 tables, end to end, and stuffed bags full of candy, pencils, pads, posters, fruits and other giveaways. Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, at noon, the fire engines will go throughout the valley, giving bags to every child.
Last week, Dave was able to visit his Mother and sister; perhaps I'll visit my family next week. In the meantime, we'll spend Christmas at home, in the company of each other and our animals.
Contented and fulfilled.
Blessings ~ Christmas ~ family ~ friends ~ fulfillment ~ being able to give unto others ~ a little country church filled with the saints of God ~


  1. Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday!

  2. Sandra...hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas!

  3. My first visit to your site- What a wonderful place! A Christmas Card and inspirational message rolled into one. Just what I needed this moment. May others find a haven in your peace. We miss VA.

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holydays to each of you! As usual...not successful in getting your sites to accept my comments.


    Maybe what I'll wish for Christmas is computer sense.

  5. Dear Sandra~
    Wow! What a beautiful place to live. And lobster and crab soup--- YUMMY! Sure do wish you lived right down the street. I might just pop over for some great conversing and some soup of course. And I might be able to help with your blogging comments posting blues. It might be the blind leading the blind but I bet we'd have a good laugh or two--- and then we'd have some more soup!
    Lysa TerKeurst

  6. Dubygood7:43 AM EST

    Thanks for the info on the children's farm thru Lysa's blog. I checked it out and took notes. I enjoyed your profile - I'm a fellow Virginian as well. There's just something about VA countryside. We don't live at our farm, but in town. There isn't a primary house on the property,other than the farm office. We plan to build in the next year. I'd love to know more about your livestock. . . Vicky, Albemarle County


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