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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Blogger Woes

YIKES! For several days I've been having trouble traversing Blogland. IOW, I simply cannot get to other sites to join in the One World - One Heart agenda. People are coming to my blog by droves but I can't go to theirs. I try to send a message and everything crashes.

Woe, oh woe.


  1. Hi Sandra,

    Your message got through to me, if that's any consolation. Thanks for your lovely comment on my OWOH blog post. I would love you to come for lessons, no problems, I'm on the East Coast of Australia, just about 4 hours drive from Sydney, in a gorgous little green valley in the mountains. Please do come on over anytime. :)

  2. Your comment arrived on my site too. I stopped back because I love what you said on your comment. My joy is also coming from having an opportunity to visit all of these lovely new you! Blessings, Karen

  3. Hi Sandra. Your comment arrived on ym blog. I'm sorry for any confusion, but I'm not participating in OWOH. I just left a comment to include me in the draw. What a beautiful place you live in. It is evident that Gods blessing is on you. Hope you'll visit me again. Rhondi xo

  4. Sandra, you won a Vintage trim from my. I cannot find your email. Send address if you receive this' aloha Lilla Le Vine

  5. Hi Sandra, your comment arrived on my site. I have you entered. : ) Good luck!

  6. Yay! You made it to my blog! I'd love to, if you win, deliver my bear in person ... but I think VA is a bit too far for me. :D We'll see ...!

  7. You made it to my site. I have added your name to my drawing. I'm busy writing down the names so my husband can draw the winners.

  8. Anonymous2:22 PM EST

    Well you made it to Banna's World. And you were picked as her winner. This is her Grandmother letting you know. Please e-mail me your snail mail addy. And we will get your box off to you. at gmail dot com

  9. Hi! You Won! Please e-mail me with your snail mail and I will send you your postcard sometime between now and next weekend. : )
    It is not completed quite yet but if you want to have a look at the WIP there is a pic on my blog. : )


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