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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vison and Talent

Without a vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18

Isn't this true of life? Without a vision we lack direction yet still end up somewhere but probably not where we might have chosen. We all need goals, even carrots dangling before us, to get where we want to go instead of where we may end up. This isn't about resolutions, New Year's or otherwise, it's about vision, goals, direction, journey and destination.

Thursday evening was filled with vision and talent which, as you know, has incredible energy and, as Proverbs 27:17 says, a friend sharpens like iron, paraphrased. That's what it was like Thursday at the Chestnut Creek School of the Arts in Galax, VA. Folks at the school have this incredible vision to develop an arts and crafts center to bring together teachers and students to learn "how to". It sounds similar to the John C. Campbell Folk School, Penland School of Crafts, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and others and it was/is a blessing to me to receive Penny's e-mail of invitation. Penny, thank you for including me!

My guess is there were seventy-five to one hundred artisans and crafters in attendance. We shared a delish meal then broke into three sessions where writing skills were honed for personal biographies as well as for class syllabus. They also provided a professional photographer to take individual photos and we were encouraged to use our tools as props. I took my spinning wheel, a basket of roving and hand spun wool and my shepherd's staff. Some might have thought it amusing for me to have my staff but my sheep are a huge part of my life and it's important to me that people know my end product starts in my back pasture.

The evening was a tremendous success for everyone, participants and school leaders. Everyone is totally pumped for such a dream to reach fruition and all of southwest VA, the region, the East Coast and, indeed, the country will benefit.

As iron sharpens iron, the Chestnut Creek School of Arts and Crafts will bring together teachers and students to sharpen each other, make each other better, encourage each other and, in turn. to send into the world to make it a better place.

Every major religion of the world has a similar saying: karma, what go's around come's around, you get what you give and Ecclesiastes 11:1, says, " Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again."

So, to all of those folks who are working to make this vision a reality - THANKS and God's blessings upon you, yours and the work of your hands and heart. What you are doing is wonderful and greatly appreciated. Your work will make a world of difference, a world of GOOD difference, in people's lives. What better legacy to leave as you journey towards your destination?

Blessings ~ Chestnut Creek School of the Arts ~ staff ~ teachers ~ students ~ visions ~ dreams ~ hard work ~ journeys ~ destinations ~


  1. That is very exciting! I don't know Galax well but my grandmother was from there and is buried at a small Primitive Baptist church there and her childhood home was still standing just a few years ago when we buried her. It would be cool to go to some art classes there so I could visit that beautiful area again.

  2. Hi Vicki - this is exciting for Galax and southwest VA. I do hope you'll be able to take some classes when you visit...such FUN!

  3. I have some friends who fit the description of the "iron sharpens iron" description. What a wonderful time of learning and encouragement! And how right you are that the basket of wool you will spin into yarn to make into fabric or ? starts in the pasture, eating the grass God has created and allowed to flourish...

  4. KathyB, good friends take nurturing but how wonderful to have them!


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