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Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Thistle Cove Farm, just before dawn ~

Hopefully, everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving, filled with family, good food and great memories. We spent the afternoon with friends who took pity on us, being orphans this Thanksgiving. For many years, our table has been open to anyone who dropped in; we'd share whatever meal we prepared, lift a glass of whatever to toast. I wasn't able to cook this year but the eye injury didn't seem to inhibit my ability to lift a fork...yet another blessing in my life -smile-. We shared a traditional meal complete with a wonderfully moist turkey and all the fixin's and are grateful to Nelson and Dianna for their kindness toward us.

The eye is healing but quite slowly; it still looks dreadful, all bloodshot, red, watery. I'm spending a lot of time sleeping and wear an eye patch in the cold, windy weather. Melanie asked what is it God is trying to teach me and I wonder. My block head doesn't seem to be able to figure it out...yet. Christmas is headed at us like a freight train and I can't see well enough to finish my sewing or knitting projects. I'm hopeful this won't prevent me from going to Russia, time will tell.

For each of you who read this blog, for those who comment...I am grateful for you. Your visit is a kindness in my life and greatly appreciated. God bless you.

Until next time,

Blessings ~ slow living ~ a good eye ~ great friends ~ HolyDays ~ Dave ~


  1. with the eye patch - maybe God is showing you what a drag it would have been to be a pirate?? just a thought - you'll feel up to par very soon - perhaps wear goggles in bed now to avoid another rhodie eye attack? Rest well friend - this is a good weekend for recharging batteries.

  2. Sandra, I really don't know what God is teaching. Some basics might be patience, trust in Him, simplify or he just covets time with you (since you can't see to do anything!). Perhaps you've prayed for him to teach you something recently? It could be a million things. I'd ask Him. Whenever something happens in my life I always ask what he's teaching me. Because nothing is wasted to Him and he filters everything that happens to us. Of course I'm a slow learner and some lessons are repeated over and over! LOL.

    You're in my prayers.

  3. Oy! I do hope that your eye gets better quickly ... & doesn't impede your plans/travel/holidays. Prayers of quick healing, sweetie.

    Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Wishes for a speedy recovery and a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

  5. Glad you had a great holiday...filled with lots of food....LOL!!!

    Hang in there with the takes a while....i had two eye surgeries and recovery was sooo slow!!...or was it, i had too much to do!!??


  6. Oh Sandra, it is so hard for a gal who has so much to do, so much she wants to do, and so much she HAS to do to just step down and take it easy..I know, I really know!But whatever the reason..and you may never know until you get to Heaven, and then it won't matter...whatever the reason...God does not make mistakes and He allowed this down-time...maybe even designed it for a purpose and reason and so Sister..embrace this time and if the many projects do not get done, then, Oh well, they do not get done! Snuggle your furry critters ( avoid the Rhody paws) and snuggle your Dave, and be comforted, knowing you are so loved!

    Hey, maybe you are s'posed to get a LOT of rest before you take off on your world travels again!

  7. Happiest Monday morning greetings, Sandra dear. I sincerely hope that your eye continues to heal - I can imagine how painful that must be for you.

    Slightly belated, but no less heartfelt...I hope that you and yours had a Thanksgiving filled with joy and laughter, great food and wonderful memories, and the spirit of the day stays with you all through the winter holiday season!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I'm glad your eye is healing ! Rest as much as you can, because Christmas will be busy for you...:o)!
    God bless You, Sandra!


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