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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sabbath Keeping

~ Tower of London ~
 "They must realize that the Sabbath is the Lord’s gift to you." ~ Exodus 16:29 ~

"A world without a Sabbath would be like a man without a smile, like a summer without flowers, and like a homestead without a garden. It is the joyous day of the whole week." ~ Harriot Ward Beecher  ~

"Fresh glides the brook and blows the gale,
  Yet yonder halts the quiet mill;
    The whirring wheel, the rushing sail
      How motionless and still!
        Six days stern Labour shut the poor
          From nature's careless banquet-hall;
            The seventh, an Angel opes the door,
              And, smiling, welcomes all!"
   ~William Henry Lytton Earle Bulwer, Sir Henry Bulwer ~

"This will be a Sabbath day of complete rest for you, and on that day you must deny yourselves."
~ Leviticus 23:32 ~

"The seventh day this; the jubilee of man:
  London! right well thou know'st the day of prayer:
    Then thy spruce citizen, wash'd artisan,
      And smug apprentice gulp their weekly air:
        The coach of hackney, whiskey, one-horse chair,
          And humblest gig, through sundry suburbs whirl;
            To Hampstead, Brentford, Harrow, make repair;
              Till the tired jade the wheel forgets to hurl,
                Provoking envious gibe from each pedestrian churl. ~ Lord Bryon ~

"The Sundaies of man's life,
  Thredded together on time's string,
    Make bracelets to adorn the wife
      Of the eternal, glorious King.
        On Sunday heaven's gates stand ope;
          Blessings are plentiful and rife.
            More plentiful than hope."       ~ George Herbert ~

"The Sabbath is not a day to feast our bodies, but to feed our souls." ~ Marie Josephine ~

"Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy." ~ Exodus 20:8 ~

"Sunday, that day so tedious to the triflers of earth, so full of beautiful reposes of calmness and strength for the earnest and heavenly minded." ~ Maria Jane McIntosh ~

"He that remembers not to keep the Christian Sabbath at the beginning of the week will be in danger to forget before the end of the week that he is a Christian." ~ Sir Edmund Turner ~

"O what a blessing is Sunday, interposed between the waves of worldly business like the divine path of the Israelites through Jordan! There is nothing in which I would advise you to be more strictly conscientious than in keeping the Sabbath day holy. I can truly declare that to me the Sabbath has been  invaluable." ~ Dr. Samuel Wilberforce ~


  1. love the quotes thanks. have a peaceful Sabbath!

  2. These are such lovely quotes Sandra.

    I am back up and running since my old Gateway Notebook caught that nasty "Storm Worm Virus" last week and it ate my entire hard drive. I lost everything. I now have a new Dell Studio 17 laptop, new Internet Security and a huge supply of data sticks to put my work on so this never happens again. If you don't have your work backed up, please get some data sticks and do so. I would hate to have this happen to anyone.

    I am back in the saddle and catching up on Blog visits this morning!


  3. Sandra...just always

    i'll be back to visit soon, dear one

    kary and buddy

  4. What a wonderful reminder of the presence of God and taking time to sit in His presence.. Thanks,

  5. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for the wonderful words that you posted.....makes one feel good to read them.

  6. Thoughts to think about and remember God has granted us His peace through His Son!

  7. Your Sabbath Keeping posts are a breath of crisp, fresh air. Thank you.


  8. Sandra, just wanted to say it was good to see you at Farmhouse..thanks for stopping by.

    I'll be back soon

    kary and buddy

  9. Such an excellent reminder and a post full of joy. Thank you!

    Also thanks for all the wonderful comments, encouragement, and words of advice you've been giving me. They are much appreciated :)

    At first I didn't recognize who you were because your profile name is different. Sorry about that. :)

    I hope you have a beautiful week,

  10. Love those quotes!! Especially the one on how we need to feed our souls on Sundays!


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