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Friday, July 02, 2010

For Your Information...

 ~ Sam P. Spade, Secret Agent ~
All the dogs help with chores and seem to love being in the Ranger on a beautiful day. Here, we're cleaning out the livestock water tank; it tends to get algae and "seaweed" stuff that needs to, periodically, needs to be removed.
~ water tank needing to be cleaned ~
~ clean tank; please notice my little helpers ~
 ~ the view from my hammock ~
There's hay on the ground that, hopefully and God willing, will be baled today. Hurrah! It's always a good thing to have hay against the time of winter so the horses and sheep can eat. We've been so blessed to have dry hay every year, save one, and then were able to buy hay. God is good.
~ Sadie's nap time ~
This photo was taken last year and Sadie is too big to get in the hammock with me this year. With our combined weights, and the fact Abbie and Sam would want to climb in with us, that ole hammock can't handle the load. So, warm and fuzzy memories and photos will have to suffice. That and taking a lie down on the back porch where we all pile up like puppies.

Are you familiar with Dr. Michael Youssef? He's Egyptian, by birth, and, now, a citizen of the USA for the past couple of decades. He's a wise man, filled with the knowledge of God and a thought provoking preacher. He has asked folks to join him in Praying for America between 4 July and 2 November. Yes, that's right, between our Independence Day and Election Day. He wants 100,000 people to join him and, yes, I've signed up as I believe only God, by the prayers of a righteous people, will change the direction our county is headed. As Dr. Youssef said, "Can we have the fruits of the tree if we destroy the roots?" You know not.

He says our prayers should "thank God for the rich Christian history of our country; we should pray for the repentance of individual and national sin; we should petition God for His blessing on our country; we should pray for wisdom and discernment for elected officials and ask God for boldness and strength to tell others about Christ."  As a Christian, do you agree these are worthy prayers, no matter your political bent? As a Christian, please consider telling others and passing the word on your own blogs.
Quite often, I'll run across something in Blogland that really gets my attention.  Such was the new to me blog, Getting There and the Father's Day post about their wonderful and beautiful wood toys for children. I'm all over hand made, hand crafted, the work of our hands and heart and, generally, will buy old, vintage, antique or whatever you want to call it, as opposed to the trash that's mass manufactured today. Visit Getting There and, please, consider buying one, or more, of their toys for the child or children in your life. No, I don't know Getting There from Adam's cat but just look at the quality of those toys. Have you ever seen better? I think not. Maybe I'm having one of those Poor, Pitiful Me days because I've never had children but these wooden toys absolutely grip my heart. You just know they'll be around for your grandchildren's grandchildren; what a magnificent legacy!

Exciting news...friends Nelson and Dianna have purchased a beautiful home in central Florida. They will use it, primarily, for their family but...but...I am SO excited because they have, quite generously and graciously, offered it to Dave and I for a week. Be still my pounding heart! I already have plans for the heated swimming pool and hot tub that include l.o.n.g. periods of the day, a good book and me. They have made it available for rent through VRBO, Vacation Rental By Owner, a business Dave and I have used in the past. When we travel, we prefer to live with and like the locals...we rent apartments, cottages, etc. and find it's about the same money as renting a hotel room. Plus, the added benefits include complete privacy, being able to eat in our own kitchen, more space and now...a heated pool and hot tub that aren't shared with a bunch of strangers and strange people -smile-!
 ~ heated pool and hot tub ~
So, in a few months, Dave and I will travel to Florida and, hopefully, family will be able to come as well. The house is in a great hour or thereabouts from the beach, same time from Cape Canaveral, quite close to Disney, Epcot, etc., shopping, fitness center so I can drop those nasty ten pounds while I'm there -HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- and restaurants, wonderful food, excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

If you've ever thought about going to Florida, visit Nelson and Dianna's house and then look at their calendar to see availability. Tell them Sandra sent you; it won't do you any good but at least you'll have someone you both know to talk about -laughing hysterically at myself-.

Can you tell it's cooler weather? I'm absolutely stupid giddy with joy!

Blessings ~ cooler weather ~ hay ~ Nelson and Dianna ~ Florida ~ hot tubs ~ heated swimming pools ~ wonderful helpers ~

Dei Gratia,


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM EDT

    Thank you for your comment. You are so right.

    Have a happy & blessed 4th!!

  2. Hi Sandra - I love the looks of the heated pool and hot tub. I've been visiting Laura Jeanne at Getting There, and it is a great blog. They are now living in town, but want to find a place in the country, and are really getting prepared as far as self-sufficiency is concerned, doing a lot of research, etc, on that subject as well as how to go about finding and buying country properties. Laura Jeanne and her husband have 3 children, and she homeschools. They have set up a business with the online store "etsy" to sell their wooden toys, and are having some success with that. She is a really neat person. Thanks for mentioning her in your post today. I'll check out the Prayer for America - goodness knows we surely need a lot of prayer, no matter what political party we belong to. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. God Bless, and take care, from KY.

  3. I love swimming pools! What a nice place to go. It must be a little difficult getting away, but OH what fun when ya do!

  4. We have friends who use VRBO and love it. There are homes, condos, apartments, available everywhere. Florida, what fun for you and Dave.

    Yes, the furry "help" sure does keep us company, amused, and knowing we're loved.

    I will look up the web sites you mentioned. I have quite a few wooden toys my dad made our kids, and the grandkids really love to play with them. In between playing with the toys, I decorate with them. Love decorating with toys, and kids love to be in places that decorate that way, kid friendly for sure!

    Happy 4th Sandra and Dave!

  5. Anonymous5:12 PM EDT

    Wow Sandra, thank you for your very kind words! I'm so glad you like our toys. :)

  6. Thank you for encouraging us to pray. I will sure give it a try.We had some wooden toys when the kids were little, I will be sure to check that site out. WE are thinking of going to Florida for a visit to a postal retirement community. Sounds like you will have a great time of relaxation. I have never been to Florida, hope you have a gret time. Happy Fourth of July. I am off to make Jello cake and potato salad

  7. Take a soak in the hot tub for me!!

  8. I have never, ever missed living in south Florida until recently. It was, at times, like living in a different country! Shorts, tank tops, and *nice* flip flops were considered dressing up. Ha! I do miss our pool. I do not miss caring for it!
    One cool thing, is that even though we were 2 hours from Cape Canaveral we could always see the launches! Wow!
    A florida trip sounds great for the two of you! Too bad I am not closer, I would crittersit for you :)

    I will be getting back to your email soon. Pics are great.

    Have a wonderful 4th! xo, misha

  9. KaReN - we had a quiet 4th, just what we wanted -smile-.

    Kathy - those are wonderful toys! I think I may have visited Laura via your blog, can't really remember.

    Debbie - it's takes a lot of planning but we manage -smile-.

    Kathy - there are several home rental sites and all of them are good.

    Laura - you're welcome, your husband does fabulous work.

    Alice - Florida is hot in the summer but wonderful lin the winter, or so I've heard.

    Penny - you can bet I will!

    Misha - yeah, I wouldn't miss the work that goes with a pool but jumping in when it's HOT sounds great.


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