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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thank you...

Perhaps this seems a strange photo to place on my blog but, from where I'm sitting, thanks are in order. Each and every day, brave people, truly brave people, put themselves on the front line for you and me. Soldiers, medics, EMT's, police, sheriff's and deputies - they all put on their boots and go to work in the morning not sure if they'll be home to eat supper that night.
Thank YOU!
And, thank you if you've prayed, thought kind thoughts, sent a note, e-mail or card, thank you. The outpouring of love, sympathy and Christ-like caring and concern are all most welcome, needed and appreciated. I'm stunned, in the truest sense of the word and each day brings new opportunity to grieve. Most nights I can sleep but there are those nights, like last night, that are bone crushing weary in their length and exhaustion is no guarantee sleep will come. Or, if sleep does come, it will be restful. Is that an oxymoron? Perhaps.

I'm treading all over the first rule of blogging: blog every day. I cannot. What I can do every day is, remember to take deep breaths, count my blessings and I try to get two things done that move me forward. It doesn't sound like much but, most days, two things are such a large number and I'm happy, very happy, when that goal is reached. The paper work is nothing short of staggering! I'm keeping notes and want to write a post later about what and how you can prepare you and yours for such an eventuality as a beloved leaving you behind. 

Oh, did I just lose someone? I'm sorry, but it is meant to be helpful and trust me, if any of us are able to learn from someone who has walked this path, it's better to learn than, maybe, make costly mistakes. 

Blessings ~ another day ~ prayers ~ family ~ friends ~ furry friends who keep my feet moving forward when it would be so easy to slip behind ~


  1. Two things a day is a great accomplishment...I just spent two days with my mom..she is having a tough time too though she is doing the best she can. We all have to hang together day at a time. We really must think alike...I just did a very short post on the occupy wallstreet thing...

  2. Amen Sandra.

    I don't Blog everyday anymore since my business has picked up (for which I am very thanful) so I just Blog when I can.

    Sending big hugs, love and prayers your way!


  3. i love your photo, how very true! i think 2 things a day is great. my thoughts and prayers have been with you and i hope things go well as you take this difficult journey we will all someday take, to navigate our way through the death of someone close to us. God bless you!

  4. That image is a perfect response to the OWS mess. What a bunch of useless spoiled people. I remember going through my Dad's stuff with Mom when he died. He didn't even have much but it was still a whole lot of paperwork. One of the thins turned out to be so complicated to transfer (for the $30/month in revenue) that we left it as it was. Once you cross state lines with a legal document you might as well give up! I think about you often and hope that you are doing OK. Blogging should be the lest of your worries. This is the time to take care of yourself!

  5. bless your heart sweet friend - I agree with the picture and message - OWS is NOT representing the 99% of Americans.
    It is a hard path you are on right now - we pray for your comfort and strength - it does get better but obviously not OK just easier to draw a breath, remember to smile and really sleep.

  6. I think of you so often, Sandra, and pray for you each time. Grief is such a journey, and we can learn from you, because you have such a sweet open heart. I learned a lot from your posts while Dave was in the hospital.

    Sending much love,

  7. A certain someone once told me, when I was worried about NOT blogging everyday..that it is MY blog! I have followed that advice you gave me ever since, Sandra :)
    I think of you and know your are struggling and sitting with mounds of paperwork.
    Just remember it is OK to take a break and *just be*...
    xo, misha

  8. Anonymous3:33 PM EST

    So thankful that you have friends to hold up your arms when you are weary... hugs to you today Sandra!

  9. Every time I click through to your blog, I sit and stare for a few moments at the mountains in your banner. They speak of such power and strength and peace --especially knowing Who put them there. They remind of the verse from Ps 121, "I will lift my eyes to the hills-- where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth" My Mother was given a wedding quilt with that verse and the names of kin and friends on each album block. I have it now and treasure it and use it daily in the cooler months.

    Appreciated your post, the photo and reminder of those who do for us, mostly anonymously and mostly expectedly on a daily basis. We truly have so much to be thankful for, even through our pain.

    Sandra, I think of you frequently. You are not forgotten. Thank you for so bravely and generously sharing your thoughts. I look forward to every word. God keep you close.

  10. Continuing to storm the heavens in prayer with you and for you and you forge ahead putting one foot in front of the other. How blessed each of us will be as you continue to allow GOD to use you in our lives. Praying HE surrounds you with HIS perfect peace....strengthens and sustains you grace for each moment.

    Blessings, hugs, and continued prayers, andrea

  11. Sandra,
    The blogs that I like the best are the ones that don't follow "rules".... they are from the heart and sometimes that heart needs a little rest and quietude.
    You are in my prayers.... May you feel God's hand on your arm as you find your way.

  12. I think of you often, and hope you realize that the first actual rule of blogging is that faithful readers will completely understand when you can't blog everyday. Or even every week. You do what you need to do during this time in your life. We will all be thinking of you along the way. :)

    And I had to chuckle at your picture. As the wife of a sheriff's deputy, thanks. :) That made me smile.

  13. I've been thinking of you often and just want you to know that when you come to my mind, I stop and say a little prayer. I think it would be great for you to help us with whatever we can do now to make the job easier for those left behind. Thank you!

  14. Oh, it's good to hear your voice. Praying and praying for you, Sandra.

  15. Your Sista1:23 PM EST

    I'm so glad to see you back blogging again, I have missed it. I can't imagine what you are going through Sissie, however please know that I am here for you (day or night). One of my Grandparents past away last Friday, here is what was printed in the program:)

    "Don't greive for me, for I am free, I am following the path God laid for me.

    I took His hand when I heard the call, I turned my back and left it all.

    I could not stay another day, to laugh, to love, to work or pray; tasks left undone must stay that way. I found true peace at the close of the day.

    My life's been full, I savored much, Good Friends, good times, a loved one's touch, perhaps my time seems all too brief, don't lengthen it now with undue grief, lift up your hearts and share with me, God wanted me now. He set me free.

    It sounds like something Dave would say to you. I LOVE YOU

  16. Blog when it feels right, there should be no rules.

    Thinking of you... hoping you are finding some peace...

  17. Sandra, your words will be welcome to all of us. And, please know how much you are admired and loved by the blogging community...and me...

  18. Great photo. I just found your beautiful blog and am praying for your peace and healing.


  19. Accomplishing two things a day is a good plan--I've been there, done that. It can be just so over whelming with all that needs to be taken care of. Dying really is a hassle! I look forward to readying your tips on how to prepare for such a sad event.


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