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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

life:beautiful winners

A day late and a dollar just dawned on me I neglected to let two women know they have won a copy of life:beautiful magazine. The original give-away was for one magazine but I've read my copy very, very carefully and am now giving it away as well.

Midlo Mom and Timi have each won a copy. Midlo Mom's copy will be going to beautiful Midlothian, very near Richmond, VA and Timi's copy will wing its way to Hungary! 

Want to read something funny? Midlo Mom lives fewer than three hundred miles from me and we've never met. Timi lives in Hungary and she, her family and I spent a delightful two days together last year. I also visited with Jane and Lance and am counting the days until I can visit with all of them again. Truly, some of the most delightful memories I have are of those days spent in Budapest with my new friends whom I met through blogging!

Blessings ~ life:beautiful magazine ~ Midlo Mom ~ Timi ~ Jane and Lance ~ 


  1. Congrats to both winners. Hope you have a restful evening!

  2. Congrats to the winners! So lovely to make new friends like that.

  3. Hurray!!! Thank you!!! :o)))!!!

  4. Hello dear Sandra:
    You are certainly not alone in counting the days until, once more, you are able to revisit Hungary and Budapest. We have been doing so since you left!!

    And thank you so much for the link. It is a totally unnecessary kindness but one which is very much appreciated.

  5. smiling here while reading remembering the many friends I too met through blogging and looking forward to meeting in a few weeks :-)

  6. dear one,
    congrats to the winners!!!
    great fun to win!

    have a great life and God bless,

  7. I won! Omigosh, I NEVER win anything! Thank you, Sandra, and Bless Your Heart!


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