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Monday, November 26, 2012

Lily, meet Levi

~ baby Lily ~
Remember way back in September...down at the barn...this little one, mewling, crawling across the loft while barn owls looked down in anticipation? So I could climb down the ladder safely, I stuffed this little one inside my shirt and brought her to the house. I'm guessing four weeks old, more or less, and it was touch and go for a while. An eye dropper, then a bottle before this little thing was old enough to eat on her own. Kim, a young friend, named it Lily; and, at that age, males and females, pretty much, all look the same. As well, a male's testicles have yet to drop so determining the gender can be difficult, if not impossible.
~ checking ... ~
Recently, I've been watching Lily as she's growing from kitten into cat. She's becoming leaner, more bones and angles and I figured she was going through that awkward teenage stage. However, had I been paying closer attention, I would have realized Lily is Levi. He likes to climb into my lap, early mornings while I'm having devotions, and lay upside down for his stomach to be rubbed. One morning last week, I glanced down and LOW AND BEHOLD it looks like she is a HE! Who knew? Certainly not me! Just to be sure, I reached down and, very gently (or so I thought) gave those little nubbins a mild tweak. SQUAWK! Well, all righty then...that confirms it...Lily is Levi and not happy about having his privates tweaked. No, not happy at all.
~ don't even think it, Mom ~
Ahem. Levi, as Stephanie, my Beloved Sistah, has now named him doesn't seem all that put out by the mistake. He knows I'm, generally, so busy I have to look at my driver's license to remember my own name so all is forgiven.
~ Levi, contemplating life as a boy...for the time being...~
Blessings ~ a forgiving Levi ~ laughter ~ 


  1. How funny! He's very handsome! You're a nice kitty care giver, even with the tweaking!

  2. :o)) So funny to recognize that she is He...:o) But looks very nice! And he has blue eyes!!! :o)

  3. Looks like he's keeping a good eye on you, Sandra!

  4. Your Levi looks like my Blizzard. My Blizzard is a delight, although sometimes a troublesome delight.I don't want to be without his mischievous ways either. It is good to have a comforting & entertaining cat around, isn't it?

  5. Morning smiles have "tweaked " my day . . . thanks to the Lily/Levi clarification!

  6. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
    I did, and looking to a womderful snow covered Xmas.
    All my best wishes yvonne

  7. Well, regardless of gender, he is clearly a very beautiful cat -- love that last photo!

  8. Beautiful cat and those identifying genitalia will have to be "tutored" by the veterinarian soon? I'm all about population control - especially since my neighbors aren't.
    He does look like Kathy's Blizzard - and one can be forgiven for being a farm woman who doesn't realize a she is really a he - when it doesn't matter much! You've made me smile - thanks Sandra!

  9. Levi is my favorite color combo for a cat and he does resemble the one Kathy B has. I had one similar years ago (Samson)whose life was ended by his determined 'road crossing'.
    He was a sweety and my favorite and I no longer keep cats. But if I did.....I'd be glad he's a boy.

  10. It would be so much easier if they just wore pink and blue collars!

  11. Too funny. About the same with our outside feral cat - he wouldn't come close enough for us to see so we began calling him Blondie. Then one day he was rolling around on the driveway and lo and behold - he became Kitty Boy. LOLOLOL

  12. a morning giggle. thank you!!! :)

  13. Oopsie! Sorry, had to chuckle. Levi sure is a pretty cat! Those blue eyes are something else.

  14. Wee hee. Levi is a VERY handsome cat! Quite a look he is giving you there, Maa. xoxoxo

  15. Well this is so funny I am laughing this is always happening to people I know. They should come with labels:) Levi is very pretty/handsome. B

  16. Oh her / turned his...coloring is like my cat, Kanga!

  17. Pom, it was a very mild tweak -lol-.

    Timi, Levi is a beauty and a charmer.

    Mags, he watches me closely.

    Kathy, I'll have to come and look for the name!

    Lynne, Levi says "about time!"

    Yvonne, I'm so glad you had a great Thanksgiving; hope we all have a wonderful Christmas.

    MK, he's a handsome feller and a charmer.

    LindaSue, I'll have to go look for Blizzard; haven't seen him yet.

    Debbie, I adore Siamese and Rex cats; Levi is a cutie pie.

    Patrice, oh would that it were so!

    Jill, you'd think, after almost more than 50 years of having cats, I'd know the difference -lol-.

    jAne, you're welcome; I laughed too.

    Gail, Levi has forgiven me...I think.

  18. Levi has grown into a beautiful cat!

  19. A delightful post, Sandra, and Levi is so lucky you rescued him from the owls. He was cute then but very handsome now.

  20. Poor Levi! I do like that name though. He is a cutie.

  21. A good companion for your morning devotions.



  22. Ah well, that could happen to anyone ;-) He's a quite handsome kitty!

  23. Sandra-- I am in love with Levi-- he is so adorable!!! I just know he is such wonderful company for you!!! We love our kitties so---- had to say goodbye to a beloved one yesterday-- so it's been a rough week!

    Your Levi is so beautiful!

  24. Oh, Sandra~ I needed a good laugh this morning and you provided.
    This reminded me of when we first got sheep~ we bought 3 lambs and they were supposed to be all ewes, but after a couple of days, I noticed one of them didn't... um... pee (sorry!) like the other two... this particular lamb just stood in one spot while it trickled down from it's underside.
    *Sigh* Live and learn! *haha*

  25. Little Levi is a lucky kitty!

  26. What a beauty Lily-Le is. :-) I believe they call that Lynx point in the siamese coloring. Kitties can sometimes be so hard to tell their gender, but I always figure it's cheaper to fix the boys then the girls and they all have their own character anyway. My Grandma had a lovely long haired black cat that she called Hector He-She for obvious reasons...

  27. heheheheeeee!

    When I was a teenager I visited a cousin whose female dog had developed tumors on her underside. When I returned home, our little male dog turned over on his back and I saw his jewels....I said to my mom, oh no Buffy has tumors. My brother won't let me live this one down.

    It's funny to me now, but Buffy's tumors weren't tumors. They sure looked like they were!

    Have a good life,
    d from the prairie

  28. What a most beautiful cat! Like my lost Biau!

  29. He he I once acquires a new kitty and named her Tammy. Alas she also became Tommy. Levi has grown into a handsome cat. Maa


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