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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sabbath Keeping

"Arise, let your light shine!" 
"The name of Jesus is the one lever that lifts the world." 
~ anonymous
"He changed sunset into sunrise." 
"I have read in Plato and Cicero things that are very wise and very beautiful; but I have never read in either of them, "Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden."
"No man can follow Christ and go astray." 
"When Jesus comes, the shadows depart." 
~ inscription on a castle in Scotland ~
"They gave him a manger for a cradle, a carpenter's bench for a pulpit, thorns for a crown, and a cross for a throne. He took them and made them the very glory of his career."  ~ W. E. Orchard ~
"The King of love my Shepherd is
Whose goodness faileth never
I lack nothing if I am his
And he is mine forever." 
"What good is having someone who can walk on water 
if you don't follow in his footsteps?" ~ anonymous
"Jesus is God spelling himself out in language men can understand." ~ S. D. Gordon ~
"I am the light of the world." 
~ Jesus Christ, John 8:12 ~

If you'd like a name added to the prayer list, please let me know...but no anonymous requests, please. Names will be kept until end of year and removed so the list can begin anew in January. Around the world, people are praying.

Prayer Keeping ~  Maxine ~ Jason and Sara ~ Roland ~ Patty ~ Lizzie ~ Pamela ~ Marydon ~ Katie ~ Debbie ~ Sandy ~ Geoffrey and Terry ~ Jane and Lance ~ Misha and J ~ Timi's Family ~ Stephanie's family ~ Quesenberry family ~ Smith family ~ Jones family ~ LindaSue ~ Raeann ~ Mike ~ Wayne ~ Steve and Gwen ~ Greg ~ Ethan ~ Mildred and John ~ Billy ~ Charles and Cassie ~ Erik and Jessica ~ Ally Belle ~ Caludie ~ Maryann and family ~ Annie's family ~ Evan ~ Minnie ~ LaShon ~ Sparky ~ Kathie ~ Charlotte ~ me ~


  1. Anonymous6:09 PM EST

    Blessings to you this Sunday, Sandra. Today would be mother's 83 birthday and the hymn you quoted above, The King of Love My Shepherd Is, was one of her favorites.
    Thank you for your prayers for John and me. He is improving each day.
    Have a peaceful evening, Mildred

  2. love the inspiration you provide, thank you!

  3. Such beautiful and true words for this first Sunday of Advent.


  4. I'm on my 4th or 5th Sunday of honoring the sabbath, making sure I do no work or shopping, just enjoying nature and meditating more on God. Thank you so much for encouraging me through your blog and for praying for Greg.

  5. Many followers of Jesus are speaking of the LIGHT this first Sunday in Advent. It makes me feel blessed and included.

  6. oh really like the DH Gordon quote - you do a great job finding religious and relevant secular writings -
    don't know if that'll work for you - Anthony Evans sang at our church party tonight and this song quite touched me - God IS with us

  7. I have loved reading this after an afternoon spent arranging my two nativity scenes. I love reading each Sunday's writings you post, look forward to it.

  8. Still in my prayers, glad we are in yours. Just knowing is of comfort. God bless you m'dear.


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