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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Late For the Party

~ tea pot and, below, matching dish ~
Those boys from Wind in the Willows are back in the USA, enduring a Colorado snow storm and resting up at PomPom's before heading to Northern Ireland and Fraise Lachrymose. The tea party was yesterday but I had some unexpected emergencies happen and am just now putting up my post. The boys were supposed to visit Thistle Cove Farm but last year wasn't a good year for me and it was mutually decided for them to go, instead, to Australia. I wish I could have gone with them! 
One of my tea sets is rather "springy" with cats, rabbits, baskets and eggs all done up in festive colors. It's a trifle loud but, in the spirit of things, I thought the boys wouldn't mind.
~ hand thrown and Homestead one cuppa's ~
These two tea pots are for one, perhaps half cup again, tea. The pot on the left was thrown by an art student at VCU, my alma mater, back in the 1980's; it's been with me a long while. The teapot on the right, has an H for Homestead. Dave bought it for me when we visited the Homestead for Christmas one year and one of my very favorite places are the Jefferson Springs, named for Thomas Jefferson. There are several springs feeding the bath houses and a delight any time of the year. Good memories...
This glass teapot also has a glass insert into which a flower bud, below, is placed. As the hot water is poured into the pot and over the flower, the bud releases both flavor and fragrance as it steeps in the hot water. It's a delight for all the senses. 
 This tea bud is Guilded Lotus from Primula Tea
The last tea set is my absolute favorite! I bought it at an antique shop in 1980 or '81 and have loved it well all these years. It's Thistle (of course-smile) by the A. W. Buchan Co. who has been making this pattern since 1867 in Crieff, Scotland. This page is of Thistle pottery sold here in the states, I think...drool and more information here. This year, Scotland Week is 3-10 April and misses my birthday by one measly day. I suppose I'll just have to plan a trip to Scotland, the year it includes my birthday, you think? smile For incredible photos of the Hebrides, click here.

So, Ratty, Mole and Toad, I hope you've enjoyed your world wide adventure; it's been fun watching as you've traveled the globe.  Pom has a list, here, of all the tea party gals; be sure and visit and leave a comment.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

Today's Miracles ~ blog land tea party ~ wonderful fun ~ beautiful tea sets ~ tea flower buds ~ thistles...yes, thistles! ~


  1. Love your tea sets and the Wind In The Willows Set is just gorgeous- xo Diana

  2. I had never seen that Scottish thistle pottery and I love it!

  3. What a wonderful assortment, Sandra! I don't know if I could pic a favorite. The first cups and pot are so bright and cute. I love that kind of thing -- esp. the checks. The glass one with the infuser, or I guess you said to hold flowers. I love to watch the water and tea in those. You can really see it steep. The set at the end is very beautiful. What a delight!

  4. I really enjoy hot tea and tea pots. I'd collect pots if I had more shelves. This was a lovely post for a cold winters day. ~:)

  5. I love tea pots, cup, tea, and the warmth they bring. I had the opportunity to try one of the tea flowers that you brew. Incredible!

  6. Your tea flower reminded me of when I used to brew nettle tea in a quart canning jar. I simply poured boiling water over some bruised nettle leaves. They turned a beautiful bright green and looked so pretty in the water. Unfortunately, I was allergic to the concoction! (That was during my "herbal" stage...) Thanks for sharing your lovely pots. Love the thistle set!

  7. love your tea pots, I have never thought or seen a blossom added, that is such a lovely thing! hope you have a good March on the farm. I love the Wind book, my boy and I read it together back in his accelerated reader days. That was back when he would actually listen to my voice! Now he thinks he a man, & doesn't feel he needs to, teasing! and grinning!

  8. Loved your tea sets . . . Guilded Lotus being my favorite, so very charming.

  9. This post made me think, "I would love to go to Thistle Cove Farm and hang around with Sandra for days and days!"
    I love the last photo best. Thistles make me think of my childhood home before the lots were all built upon.

  10. I love that last set too! Gorgeous!

  11. The Thistle tea set is beautiful!!!
    And the trip to Scotland sounds fantastic! It would be a perfect birthday present for you :o)!

  12. I forgot to ask...have you seen Brave by Disney? It's a great movie!!!

  13. Scotland visible from here, so very possible whilst on a trip to Ireland! Gorgeous tea possiblities you have there!

  14. Diana, thank you; it's a fun tea set.

    Gretchen, it's my favorite of all the Scottish thistle patterns.

    MK, the glass tea pot is fun to watch when the tea buds unfold.

    Sparky, that's my problem, too much space so I've been filling it.

    Patrice, you're one of the few I know who've tried flower buds.

    Lisa, that's dreadful...being allergic to your own herbal teas.

    Annie, hope you're weathering the winter storms; you've been in my thoughts and prayers.

    Lynne, you're the only person I know who has tried Guilded Lotus.

    Pom, wait until warm weather; this cold weather is kicking my fanny!

    Donna, thank you. I love it too.

    Timi, thank you and I think the Scotland trip is a dream -smile-. No, I've not seen Brave but thanks for the recommendation.

    Mags, really? You can see Scotland? That's fabulous!

  15. Love your teapots! I have a few and one of my aunts is a collector. I do have a few lovely teacups, some I was gifted and a few I purchased. A Canadian friend turned us on to the flowering teas. My Mom and I enjoy them. :)

  16. Fab collection of tea pots Sandra, and that Guilded Lotus looks so interesting. Would love to try it. I've used one similar in look that swelled open in the pot, but for the life of me can't remember what it was!! :)
    BUT, that thistle set is fantastic! My paternal grandparents came out here from Scotland probably close to 100 years ago now(wow have only just realised this as I type it!!!!) and I feel a true connection with all things Scottish esp the pipes, thistles, Scottish Terriers and West Highlands! I want them all!!!! ;D ♥

  17. Hi Penny, I'm not sure I'm a collector of pots but do love to collect and drink tea.

    Hi Pam, some of my kin are from Scotland and would love to visit one day.


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