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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Bowl of Warm, Homey Goodness

Today is the Autumn Equinox and it's chilly, raining and, in one word, miserable. Daddy always says the weather we have on the season's change, will be the predominate weather for that season. 


Cold, rain and misery for the next three months. And, if what I heard might even be true, snow flurries tomorrow.

Oh joy. 

 The weather report for this past week said, 10% change of rain on Monday and clear the rest of the week. 
Where, I wonder?
"Cause it wasn't here. It rained every single solitary day. A lot. My laundry went through several rinse cycles...sometimes the same day. 

Yep, it's true.

I'm sure some of the neighbors were talking. 
 Sometime during this past week, I stood at the open door of the refrigerator. As usual, I was waiting for food to jump enthusiastically into my arms, already prepared, hot and ready to eat. 

didn't happen.

What I did see were some of the raw vegetables left over from Daddy's birthday party.


Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, some onions to be rescued from the pantry, a package of bratwurst to be thawed, home made croutons and a box of chicken stock. 

Possibilities, all.
So, the vegetables were put into a roasting pan, cracked sea salt and black pepper added along with a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and put into a 350 degree oven for a couple of hours. While those vegetables were roasting, a pan was placed on the stove top, heat turned on and when the pan was hot, a tablespoon of EVOO pour inside. 

hot pan, cold oil.

Then, a couple of large onions were put into a pan to sweat and brown; when they were ready, they were removed and the sliced sausage put in to brown.
When the roasting was finished, everything was put into the stock pan with a quart of chicken stock (store bought because I'd run out of home made) and cooked for about 30 minutes. The heat was then turned off and everything sat for a while before I added the home made croutons and ate. 

This meal was, in a word...delicious. Seriously, this was one of the best soups I've ever made and, I think, due to the roasting of the vegetables beforehand. I'd contemplated cutting those cherry tomatoes in half but leaving them whole was the best decision. Each time I bit into a tomato, that sweetness would burst and was the perfect touch against the meatiness of the sausage, the richness of the chicken stock, the bite of the carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. I thought about making bread...white, bird seed or cornbread, even crackers...but decided it was beyond my reach. 

Maybe tomorrow. 

Maybe not. 

My hand still hurts and that seems to be a really good excuse to do not as much lately. 

Don't you think so? 
Does anyone know the name of this pattern? The back says KS Benchmark 1984 or 1884, but I can't tell which year. I've been using this flatware for forty years but, along the way, a few pieces have gone missing and I'd like to replace them. Can you help?

Blessings ~ a bowl of homey, warm goodness ~ roasted vegetables ~ EVOO ~ change of seasons ~ still serviceable flatware ~ 


  1. Gosh, Sandra, that soup looks delicious! Good thinking! (And cooking.)
    I hope you'll have some nicer weather this week. We had a couple of days that were my idea of perfect - cool, and mostly clear. Makes a body feel like getting things done!

  2. If what your daddy says happens here, then it will be more rain for us!

    Your soup looks absolutely fantastic. I agree roasted veggies are so much better in soup, but I hadn't thought of sausage. Yum!

  3. Anonymous9:45 PM EDT

    That is beautiful silver. I have been searching...Kirt Steiff silver has so many patterns...I scrolled thru many but have yet to find a match. Your soup looks good to me; it has rained all day today.
    Praying your hand improves soon.

  4. Anonymous9:47 PM EDT

    Look at this link:

  5. That looks so good and heartwarming!

  6. You make that soup sound wonderful, Sandra! I'm glad you are resting your hand.

  7. Sandra, I love cooking soups. And, hearing about the roasting of the veggies was new to me, so I will try it. I have a tried & true soup that I make by the vat once Fall/Winter sets in which I could eat 3X a day, so I understand exactly how comforting it can be. Making my own croutons...not gonna happen! Fall has arrived here as well, torrential rain and cooler temps. Rest your hand, pet your animals and lift your eyes up to the Lord.

  8. What a great soup you concocted - and a perfect day for it. Our first day of Fall was rainy starting out and then cleared up and was gorgeous. I hope your daddy is right and it means a lot of rain before Christmas...

  9. ah I made vegetable beef barley soup but your soup makes my sound puny! nothing so comforting as a good bowl of soup - well unless it is a foot rub by a handsome man - but soup is easier to get and maintin! lol

  10. or maintain - fingers fumbles

  11. Sandra, I did a little hunting over at, and perhaps your flatware is Kirk Stieff, Williamsburg flatware, silver plate. The one item I found there, which looks like a letter opener!, has the same fan pattern on the end. Here's the address for that item:

  12. you had me at roasted vegetables.........!

  13. Well this looks just as good as that awesome soup I make of yours on a regular basis during the winter months.. I think you called it rustic peasant soup or something like that.. kale, chicken stock, beans, that delicious crusty bread first toasted with butter and parm and then dumped right in the soup bowl :-) Thanks for sharing.

  14. Now your blog has food on it ... this is a pattern today. Must be the chilly weather. I find the cool, damp temps bracing but I am weird. *lol* Wish we could have shared in your soup. Sure sounds good.

    Hope you found more silverware with that pattern. I need to add to ours too but I'm too much of a cheapskate to buy any. ~:)

  15. Cold and rainy - the same here since 2 weeks, But now (since today) the old-women-summer appears- hope the same in your region.

  16. Try this link to your flatware. It is the first one I think.

    Or this for teh stuff at

  17. I knew your readers could probably help you out with tracing your pattern! I love vegetable soup and yours sounds wonderful. I've never tried roasting the vegetables first but bet that does help concentrate the flavor. It must be so awkward trying to cook, or do anything, with a hand that hurts. You take care!

  18. That looks so yummy. I agree about roasting the veggies. What a difference it makes.
    Hope you find your pattern!

  19. Anonymous2:44 PM EDT

    Such perfect food for an autumn day.



  20. Hi Sandra--
    It's cool here and that soup would be perfect. I imagine you are getting things ready for winter on your farm. Have you been to the beach lately?

    I hope all is well-- hope your hand gets better. It's dark earlier-- perfect for knitting:)



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