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Friday, January 24, 2014

Winner, Random 5 Friday

~ two barn owls roost in my hay loft ~
Lately, a lot of folks have been saying, "Can you believe it's the end of January already?!" That's what happens when you blink and breath...tempus fugit with skates on winged feet. Pretend with's Wednesday and the winner of the $50 Visa gift card is being announced. To mimic Susan Branch, "Oh Vanna! Vanna, Dahling, please, would you come here a moment? Your adoring audience beckons because they want to know whose name you'll choose." Vanna comes schlepping through my house, dodging the ball of yarn that the cats captured, unrolled on the floor and now all over the kitchen, into the living room where she comments, "Ah, that wood stove feels DiViNe!" as she reaches into the dog basket.

Hey, around here we used what's available; remember Fat Charlie going under the in Leatherman?

Vanna taps her toe, delicately, against the Persian carpet, glances around the room (Hey Vanna, the vacuum cleaner fits all hands!) and draws a name...Lynne of Irish Garden House! Right after Dave died and I was all over the place, emotionally, spiritually, physically, Lynne would write notes of encouragement because she knew what I was going through; she'd "been there, done that" and was one of the people who showed me such great kindness and love. She blessed me greatly, many thanks, Lynne! I'm glad you won and hope you enjoy the Visa card, spend it wisely -grin-. And, no, Vanna didn't actually draw the Lynne's name, that was done by random generator...Vanna just makes a better story.
~ saw this young buck on the way home today ~
Random 5 Friday is by Nancy at A Rural Journal. Wonder of wonders I remembered it was today and there's even barely enough time left in the day to join in. It's been a COLD day today and chores were accomplished but left my bones achy. After I eat my meatballs and pasta, I'm going to have a lovely tot of B&B...just because I'm finally an adult and old enough to drink legally. so there!

Nancy's guidelines are (1) link up a blog post with 5 random facts about you, your day, pets, whatever; (2) posts must contain 5 random facts; (3) visit other participants; (4) wait a minute...only 3 guidelines that even a idiot could follow...right? Yeah, well, we'll see...

1. I gave up sat television as in Direct TV. I put pencil to paper and figured out I was paying almost $160 per television show I enjoyed. I really loved watching NCIS, Elementary, PBS and a couple of others but not $1,000 worth per year. I decided that money would be better spent on a sunny, Caribbean island...St. Lucia or Bonaire or even going to Puerto Rico (no passport needed) and take a Southern Caribbean cruise and visit many islands...that's the ticket...yeah! As for television, the county library has a lot of PBS shows and tonight I'm watching Dame Margaret Rutherford as Agatha Christie's Miss Marple in Murder She Said...delightful! A little tidbit...Mr. Stringer, Miss Marple's "friend" is, in real life, Dame Rutherford's husband. Click on Dame Margaret's name and read some true hair raising facts about her and her family.
A number of very fine actresses have played Miss Marple - Angela Lansbury, Joan Hickson, Geraldine McEwan (oh my, another favorite!), Julia McKenzie (liked her better in Cranford), Helen Hayes, Margaret Rutherford and others, but my favorite is Dame Margaret. She knows she's over the top and plays the entire role tongue in cheek always and with great aplomb.

If you think you could write as well as Agatha Christie (HA!), try your hand here; entries for Chapter 4 are now being accepted.
~ Black Angus cattle country ~
2. And speaking of Vanna (she was born in Myrtle Beach, SC)...this past week, I went on a road trip to my condo at Cherry Grove, North Myrtle Beach, SC. Folks are renting it for February and March and I wanted it to be ready for them and also wanted to escape the frigid cold but that didn't happen. There, it was 18 above zero one night, 28 above zero another night but got into the high 50's during the day. One day I saw 61 on a bank thermometer but we all know how unreliable those things can be.  My week was work, work and more work just different location which is turning into the story of my life. Or, perhaps it's just that time of year when it takes everything I've got, plus some, to get the work done. Today, after doing town errands, I came home to throw out square bales for the horses, take food and water to Harry and Sophie, meds and food to Carly and load up the Ranger with a load of work wood (oops) which I'll bring to the house tomorrow. It's supposed to warm up to 32 - glory! - but will snow; Sunday it'll be 42 but rain and Monday is more snow. I'd rather deal with snow, it's not as much misery on my old bones but considering I've got to get out the tractor to put out round bales of hay, what difference do it make? Animals have got to be fed so work has got to be done.

3. Carly Shetland is 20 and still loving her groceries; Harry Shetland is up there and also enjoy his groceries. Today I found Sophie Shetland, cast, and heaved her to her feet. I'm not sure how long she'd been down but, judging from the spot, it'd been a while. Now, she's in the small lot with blind Harry where they'll both receive grain, corn, hay and water twice a day. "Good grief, Pa, but I do love my critters!", says Ellie Mae nee Sandra Bennett. -grin-
~ snow drifts of 3+ feet ~
4. Gosh, it's imperative I come up with 5 random things and it's harder than it looks. Hmmm, there's a fire in the wood stove and it feels wonderbar! It's a boatload of hard work but it warms me thrice...bringing it to the house, bringing it into the house and carrying ashes out. Have I ever mentioned I dislike boring people or people who say, "I'm bored" suggests a decided lack of imagination! There's always something to do even when we don't want to do it. I've developed a bone spur on the bottom of my heel; any ideas on how to make it go away? I'm figuring a huge, family sized KJV and have someone smash it against my heel...yes or no?

5. I'm fixing meatballs and pasta for supper. Not very exciting but it's what I want...protein and carbs with a glass of red is just what I want/need. I'll fix it, bring it into the living room where the wood fire is blazing and watch Dame Margaret Rutherford as she careens through Murder She Said. This evening is my idea of bliss!

Whew! These things are more difficult than they first appeared. My hat's off to Nancy, she comes up with this week after week. The only thing I come up with, week after week, is dirty laundry.

Don't forget, Vicki's Blog Party is happening tomorrow; I'm excited!

Now, go out there, be safe and make it a week to remember wonderfully!

Blessings ~ warmth ~ Nancy, A Rural Journal ~ Dame Margaret Rutherford ~ Lynn, Irish Garden House ~ my critters, beasts and varmints ~ 


  1. Oh your planned evening with meatballs and pasta and a good glass of red in front of the fire and your TV does sound blissful I understand that work work thing and the need for warmth in these old bones. Enjoy. Oh I do think you came up with a clever Random 5 :) Take care keep warm. Hug B

  2. we gave up cable 2 years ago. & went with Netflix & rabbit ears to get our local stations. then i found Hulu. so it works. you miss some shows but you get over & find other things to do ... like read, paint your nails, joke & laugh with the hubby. ha. ha!! ( :

  3. Love, love, love Agatha Christie and especially Miss Marple. I haven't seen that one- enjoy your movie! :)

  4. Spaghetti and meatballs is one of my favorites.
    Love it!
    Always goooood,

  5. looks like you got hit with lots of snow-I love spaghetti and meatballs too

  6. You came up with some great Fives Sandra! I liked the cost break down for watching your favorite shows. Big bucks just doesn't crack it . . . another pay the big fees or you don't get to watch the fav shows . . . doesn't seem right, does it?
    Elementary is my hubs favorite show.
    Happy you were able to get away for a few days, even if it meant more work! Must have been pleasant though, looking out at the water!

  7. Oops . . . thanks so much for my 'winner' status and the kind things you said about me.

    No doubt about it, I am in Dave's camp . . . You, Sandra, are the winner!

  8. I love your owl picture. I need to read Agatha Christie book. Do you have one to recommend?

  9. I am still chuckling at the vacuum cleaner fits all hands!
    I think I've watched all of the many Marples (though probably not all episodes) and I always think my favorite one is the one I'm watching at that moment. In fact, once I watched the one about the hotel (is it Grand Hotel?) twice, with two different actresses, going back and forth between the two. It was...strange! I must have been having trouble sleeping, is all I can think.
    Have fun this weekend, Sandra - it could be one heck of a Party!

  10. Congrats to her!
    And to you for having her for a friend!
    I have been searching my house over for an old vcr tape I have of Dame M. and all her Miss Marple escapades, 4 I believe. It is here somewhere...... Maybe tomorrow because now you made me want to watch it again! I still think Joan Hickson was the best Miss M., but I love the comedy in Dame M's version. 8 degrees here tonight, hoping to slide down the icy driveway tomorrow, and to town, if we actually get above freezing for the day. hugs

  11. Congrats to Lynne of Irish Garden House for the $50 Visa. That's almost a tank of gasoline. (Your mileage may vary) *giggle*

    The only way I know of to get rid of a bone spur is surgery. Could be wrong. My step-mom had one eons ago. They are definately an owie. Hope you're better soon.

    I think for what we're all spending on cable / satellite TV we could own a library of DVD's and still come out ahead. I would sure miss the live motorcycle racing though and Fox Business & News channels. Gotta keep up with what my money's [cough] not doing.

    The only Miss Marple I like is Joan Hickson. Even though they still didn't follow the books, she was the best actress by far. In my opinion. :)

    Stay warm! ~:)

  12. Sounds like a great evening to me! You were smart to cancel the direct tv service and make use of the library. Congratulations to the lucky winner and also to you for renting your SC condo for a couple of months!

  13. I would so give up the DISH if it were my decision. TV sucks pond water. Period.

    Thanks for joining in Sandra -- hope your critters appreciate your loving care. xo

  14. Sorry about your bone spur. I had them a couple of years back and wore one brand of shoe for a solid year and they went away. Naot is the name and they aren't inexpensive but well worth it to me. Several things you can do to stretch your foot out and keep it from building up anymore - when you sit and read or knit, take a can of beans or whatever and roll it back and forth with your foot. Always stretch your feet before getting out of bed in the mornings. Take care and stay warm. Hugs!

  15. You can help your bone spur by doing stretches several times daily. put your painful foot behind you and lean forward stretching your achilles tendon. You can also take a golf ball and roll your heel around on it, and wear a heel pad in your shoe. Not too much fun to have that and it hurts when you stand up. Really usually the pain is from achilles tendinitis or plantar fasciitis rather than the spur itself. Sorry I have babbled on long enough about this. Lovely post and hope that you finally get your work done and get soem warm weather.


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