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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Time is Fleeting...Wear Purple Now

~ turkey vulture or buzzard ~

"Time is fleeting and I'm not waiting to wear purple
Or red or kiwi or orange or magenta or any other color

I'll spend my time sitting under the sunflowers while 
the mares snuffle my hair and kittens play in my lap

Today I'll take my knitting to the pasture and 
chance a wet bottom when I sit on the ground
Samuel and Carly will nuzzle my pockets for treats of corn 
while the other sheep bleat at their boldness

My needles will lie quietly as I watch birds float 
on unseen columns of wind
The barn swallows and goldfinches and robins and 
even the buzzards will bring me joy on their outstretched wings

Tonight at midnight the dogs and I will walk in the pasture
I'll whisper secrets to the horses and sheep
I'll look for falling stars and the big and little dipper and will nail Orion's belt with the north star

I'll drink good wine and strong beer and sweet water
I'll eat chocolate for breakfast and pastry for lunch
mix cream in my flavored coffee and turn up my nose at 
powdered milk and ill mannered people

Tomorrow I'll give compliments to perfect strangers and 
speak to people on the street just to watch their reactions 
as I grin at my silly self

I've worn hats for over thirty years and see no need to stop
I'll not waste happiness on tomorrow but spend it willy nilly today
Time is fleeting and I'm wearing purple now."

Sandra Bennett, copyright 2004 and first published June 20, 2005 and here, May 21, 2009.

As you can see, I wrote this poem in 2004 and it seems donkey's years ago! My point is, don't wait. Don't wait for "someday" or "when I have time" or "when I retire" or "when I don't have anything else to do". That day will never come, I promise you and, in the meantime, life is fleeting. With each and ever breath we're getting closer to our end and happiness, joy, contentment, peace, satisfaction, love, life can't wait. It won't wait so you might as well jump on the bandwagon and make a joyful noise.
Turkey vultures are a common warm weather sight around here. In the winter, I think the scavengers are foxes, coyotes, bobcats and the like. They are the Hoovers of the animal world and do road kill clean up and, I think, are sorely under-appreciated by a lot of folks. 
While perched, they like to steady their balance by outstretching their wings and, in the early mornings, they hold their wings thusly in order to dry the dew from their bodies.
Even though they have one of the most detestable jobs on the planet, I find them beautiful. They soar on the wind thermals but aren't as graceful when they fly and smaller birds torment them by chasing them around the sky. It's truly comical.
I always honk my horn when I come upon one in the road. I hate to disturb someone when they're working and, even worse, hate to kill something. I'll invite gents here to shoot groundhogs all day long but I'll go out of my way not to kill one with the car. 
Yeah, I know, it makes no sense a'tall.

The day is wearing thin and the car is packed with my butter churning equipment. Soon, I need to grab a few ice packs, the camera and a few other dribs and drabs and skeedaddle out of here. When I get home tomorrow afternoon, I'll make some buttermilk cat head biscuits, get out the home made 'lasses and serve it all with fresh churned butter. If I remember, I'll make some fresh cottage cheese as well. Don't you know I'll have more "friends" than Warren Buffet tomorrow!

Blessings ~ turkey vultures or buzzards ~ home churned fresh butter ~ buttermilk ~ cottage cheese ~ wearing purple now ~ life ~


  1. You live an absolutely amazing life surrounded by nature like you do! It is truly a magical place and space for those reasons. As a city girl, i do not have any of those things, and would love to know them like you do, peace, quiet except for nature's pretty sounds, fresh air, animals, birds, all of it!

    I have seen turkey vultures in Vermont, and thought they were quite photogenic! Almost all of nature's creatures fascinate me, although I do admit to being partial to eagles and owls instead of vultures!

  2. And you poem is beautiful. Very evocative, and true. Enjoying life means NOW:)

  3. I'm always tempted to swerve and run those ugly vultures over. But then decide I don't want what's in their guts all over my car. Nice, huh?

  4. We have vultures down here too that take care of road/field kill. They are UGLY, but they are doing their job perfectly.

    I love your poem!!!


  5. I grew up loving and spotting the TV-birds, (Turkey Vultures). You can ID them easily form a mile or more away by the way they soar.

    And I really like your poem too.

  6. Hello Sandra,

    Yes, we too are firmly in the wear purple now camp!

    Your poem is a beautiful version of the Jenny Joseph poem and holds the. Same sentiment that if one swifts the opportunity may never come at all.

    We have never believed in 'being ready' for anything. If one waits until the conditions are perfect and every box has been ticked, then the moment will surely have passed. No better by far to seize the day as you do every day of your life and make butter whilst the sun shines!

    Oh, if only we were close enough to drop by to share some of your homemade goodies!.....

  7. Lovely and truthful...words you've spoken here, Sandra. In my "earlier years" I was a brown, black and tan sort of gal, but not anymore! I've been wearing all sorts of colors...makes life so much more cheerful and fun! Love the encouragement that you give to live life those things that we enjoy now...because "some day" never comes. There will always be something to snatch it away if we allow it.

  8. You are one busy lady! And I'll be you will be very popular tomorrow with fresh-churned butter! I have the antique butter molds and a butter crock, but have never been a part of making the butter from scratch. Good for you....sounds delicious. Not sure about those buzzards. ;-)

  9. And you'll be home at what time for the buttermilk cat head biscuits making?! *drool*
    Excellent post as always Sandra, and, oh, so, true. Butter your biscuits while you still can. (But be sure to call me so I can join in ...)
    Hope your day was a fun one.
    Luv ~:)

  10. Thank you for sharing your poem! Made my morning!

  11. You are so right in saying not to wait for "some day" but live NOW. Very good and sound advice.
    I also like turkey vultures, and like you I find them beautiful. They are absolutely graceful in the sky. Although rather big, they are very shy. I love when they sit with wide spread wings to warm them - such a majestic sight.

  12. Such an interesting and lovely post. Live in the now. Once upon a time, I lived on a hill overlooking a small valley where the turkey vultures would spread their wings to the sunshine above the morning mist --sitting atop the high voltage power poles that ran thru that little valley. I have a lot of fun vulture stories from those years.
    Your poem is quite thought provoking. I've always liked purple. Tho' my remaining years are limited (in many ways), I'm looking forward to the end, knowing that it is a bright, new beginning in my forever home.
    Blessings and thanks for sharing.
    Will there be turkey vultures there? I don't know; we'll see.

  13. Yes! DON'T WAIT. Life IS fleeting. I lost my husband on 7/12/14 ..... I miss him and I miss the things that will never be.
    thoughts and shots

  14. I love the poem. Wishing you a good night's rest.

  15. Loved your poem Sandra . . .

    I hope you have a bright color on for your butter churning event . . . Enjoy!

  16. Sandra, you have such a wonderful ability to put life in perspective. I've always loved the "purple" poem and your take on the subject is even better. Living in Australia, I've never seen turkey vultures but I know I would find them awe inspiring rather than ugly. To be with you out in your fields, watching the birds, would be inspirational, I know. By now you will have churned the butter, and made the biscuits. Wonderful!

  17. Love the poem. A great perspective from which to start the day.

    We have turkey vultures here too. I find them intriguing as they are impressively huge, and for some reason, although people say there are a lot of them, we don't see them very often.

  18. The poem is lovely.

    I think the turkey vultures have a beauty about them. I appreciate what they do.

    I'd be your friend any day but I'd have been waiting at the door for you to get home with that buttermilk and other treats! haha

    Have a blessed day.

  19. I really like your poem, Sandra. It's so true.

    I appreciate vultures too, but I still don't really like them. They aren't pretty, but they do good work.

  20. You speak the truth about life can't wait! Too many times, I hear people say "someday" and never make their dreams become a reality. Procrastination is NOT our friend!

  21. Reading this made me very happy. (o:

  22. Love that poem Life is so much nicer when we appreciate everything around us. We may not like certain things, but they are all their for some purpose. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Best wishes, Tammy

  23. Lots of turkey vultures in my neck of the woods, too. And like you, I appreciate them for the job they do! The heck with the way they look.
    But it's a funny thing about "looks"...I often tell the fat and bold chipmunks who clearly think I built the barn for them that they are only tolerated because they happen do be all stripey and fluffy-tailed and big-eyed...if they were mice (or heaven forbid, rats) they'd be long gone.
    And I sometimes think of raising a few turkeys for meat, but honestly, I just can't get past the look of them from the neck up. I've tried, but I just don't think I'd enjoy raising them based entirely on the way they look. I am SO shallow!
    I hope your butter churning went well, and you enjoyed your hot biscuits dripping with fresh butter afterwards. Can't think of much better! :)

  24. Wonderful poem Sandra. Thank you for reminding us to really live our lives. they are such a precious gift.

  25. Beautiful, Sandra!

  26. My how time has a way of changing us....I agree, time is fleeting.. so many live waiting for retirement to enjoy life..retire and then are unable due to sickness or death to enjoy what they worked so hard for...That is America:(... We have lots of turkey vultures here. Not so pretty but they serve their purpose..I have not heard someone talk about cat head biscuits in a long while.. Enjoy your butter, biscuits and molasses...sounds good.. I know you enjoyed your churning but that is some hard work.. Have a great week. Blessings!

  27. Your poem is lovely in thought and phrase. Such wise advice too! As I age, I understand this thinking more and more, and (I hope) implement it more. Grabbing today and it's fleeting happiness -- moments of love and cherishing.

  28. Your poem is great!!! You get it!!! xoxo ♥


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