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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another Day, A Lot More Snow

Looks like the new chain method works rather well; the feeder was filled twice today and will be filled tomorrow morning, soon as it gets light.

Between Daddy John, Daniel and Clinton the road was plowed today; good thing because Joe, Clinton's helper was stuck again and couldn't get home.

The view from my back porch; the snow is even with the porch and difficult to see where to step off. All that nice plowing Daddy John did yesterday...for naught. We've had another foot of snow and more drifts of 2.5 feet; going to the barn is wearing me down and I made Sadie stay inside this morning. Even with her sweater, she gets cold; she and Sam will be six next month and I'm starting to treat her with gentle care. She doesn't have much of a coat and gets cold easily; no need to tempt pneumonia.

Sam needs a longer coat but not sure where to find one; when he comes in, his nose is covered in snow so I make him lie in front of the fire until he gets warm.

Charlie called to say the boys couldn't get here today to bring a load of wood and that's just as well...Charlie is calving and it's spirit crushing work. He's lost two calves because they froze due to deep snow and cold; most of the others he takes to the garage where there's a heater to warm them and keep them alive...calves and Charlie too.

My back porch wood supply was down to nothing...seriously not one stick of wood! when I went to do afternoon chores, I took the canvas log carrier with me and put six or seven biggish pieces of wood inside. Then, using a horse lead rope, I pulled it through the straps and placing each end over each shoulder and using a ski pole to help me walk, I hauled enough wood to last me through the night. Sadie is standing in the path the carrier made as I pulled it through the snow, a distance of about one hundred yards and all uphill; it's from the far back side of the barn in the right of the picture. Tonight is going to be a four aspirin night and a couple of fingers of B&B but I'm just glad I was able to do this although the pain level is beginning to increase throughout my shoulders, arms, legs, feet body. A couple of weeks ago when those mountain climbers got hung up in Washington state, Daddy said, "What on earth makes people do stuff like that?" My take is, "They don't have physical do any more and they need to expend energy and prove themselves." I'm not so much proving myself as just doing what it takes to keep us fed and warm and am, I do believe, as ready as I'll ever be to sell and move. It would kill Dave to know I want to leave but that was then and this is now; it's time for me to move forward and HEY GOD...I believe I'm ready -lol-.

As I've heard all my life...this is a sight for sore eyes. Not sure what it means but this is what I look like when I get in from the barn except I've removed my gloves. Most of this snow isn't from falling down, it's from the latest snow storm and high winds blowing fiercely. Weather report said six inches but it was more like twelve with drifts to my knees; Daniel said it was terrible off road and feeding the cattle was treacherous.

To the ejit who threw Daisy Mae on the side of the road...thank you. As it happens, that dog does hunt and it's a beautiful sound and sight.

Daisy brought home a raccoon this week; last week it was part of a deer but I don't think she killed the deer as it wasn't as "fresh" as the raccoon.

When I went outside to bring in my last few sticks of fire wood, I saw this sight and it brought tears to my eyes! Daniel blew the snow off the driveway and tomorrow the youngin's are coming to bring fire wood from the barn to the house. This makes it easier on them and it's going to be plenty rough enough, but, they're eighteen years old and probably won't feel a thing. I'm well more than three times older and I'm sure to feel it all...for them and me -lam-.

Weather report is rain, rain, rain and temps of 41 above; the wind has started up and sounds dreadful. Please Lord, keep my horses (and us at the house) safe. I fed double this afternoon and they have shelter...should they choose, so I've done what I can do, at least for today. Someone told me it was going to be slushy tomorrow but I don't care; at least, I don't think I care. I know it's going to be above freezing and, God willing, I'll get a load of firewood and right now that's enough...heck, it's more than enough!

Blessings ~ your prayers and don't mind asking for more ~ Daniel, blowing my driveway clear ~ enough wood to get me through the night 
~ safety, safety, safety ~


  1. Great snow-adventure documentation!

  2. hugs!! lots of them!
    hugs to daisy too!
    get some rest, if you can. please

  3. We are like that here to all covered in snow and cold . The birds are eating us out of house and home I don't mind though I enjoy them and our Miggs is a scruffy snow beast every time she goes out as she loves the snow and snuffles in it and roles to crazy dogs oh what a lovely gift for Mama a racoon pelt lol Hey I look like that after a stormy snowy walk with my Miggs lol Come on spring . Thanks for sharing stay cozy and safe and have a good day !

  4. Wow, another winter day's worth of adventure there at Thistle Cove.

    I hope you got a good sleep and feel rested this morning.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  5. I don't think that the average person realizes what it takes to survive on a farm during winter especially-I am getting concerned about our wood supply as we are getting low and winter is really hanging on here in Missouri.
    sending warm hugs to you

  6. I can hear the weariness in your voice, Sandra. I'm still praying for you. I hope You get your firewood without problems. I, also, hope you get some warmer temps to get you through to Spring. Rest well my friend!

  7. If you are serious about selling, I'm glad you've made that decision. Farming single is just so hard.

    I hope your spring comes very, very soon. God bless you. You're in my prayers.

  8. Hello Sandra,

    We really feel for you and can hardly imagine the battle you are facing daily with this unrelentingly difficult weather. This must surely be confirming to you that your decision to move is a wise one, even though when the time comes to move out it will be a great wrench.

    Staying warm is a priority and it is good that you have neighbourly help in this respect. Do not push yourself too much in this regard. Accept the help graciously as you have others as well as yourself to think about who need you to be well.

    We trust that the thaw will not bring a new string of difficulties, but, rather, an easing of the situation. Whatever, you are in our thoughts and prayers as always. Take care!

  9. A load of firewood, and above freeing -- those are two things to be thankful for, for sure. It might be slushy, but all that means is MESS, not slick ice.

  10. Sandra, I read this post feeling so anxious for you. As I've never experienced a winter like yours I am filled with concern and wonder and admiration. I do hope spring comes to you soon and that you and your animals have come through okay. Your photos show such beauty and your own beauty shines through your words but I so want you to be warm and safe. Go well, my friend...


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