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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

So Long, Farewell; It's Good to see the Last of February!

Scenes from February...making it not so very difficult to say good-bye.

Snow drifts (upper end) made it impossible to get the tractor out of the barn and on the lower end, the doors opened inward giving access to the tack room and hay loft.

High winds, with wind chills of 30 below zero tore a portion of the roof and work is due to start in the next week or so. This side of the roof is being totally replaced and will meld quite nicely with the rest of the roof.

Deep snows, then ice, then more deep snows

Due to heavy rains and spring thaw (and here I use the word euphemistically) Falling Rock has flooded the cave, leaving our road two feet under water. It's extremely dangerous yet I see cars crashing through like the surface is dry. Also, when they get through the other side, there's no evidence of brake lights being tapped to dry them and I wonder what happened when they got to that first nasty curve going downhill?

Today a driver delivered a load of silage to Daddy John but overshot and drove to the head of the Cove, a distance of about 2.5 miles. When he got to the end of Cove Road, he had to back down Cove Road, in reverse, in order to deliver the silage. I felt so badly for him but he was a champ, driving safely and with no ill humor.

The water is almost covering the fence posts and has torn down a section of fence and with tomorrow's three to six inches of snow expected, the fence might be pulled down totally; time will tell.

February has been treacherous, life threatening even and I'm glad to see the end of it. Hopefully the weather will remember its place and welcome spring with all due haste...gee, didn't realize that was going to rhyme...but I like it --lam--!

Blessings ~ warmer weather ~ rain, not snow or ice ~ someone to fix the roof ~ Downton Abbey because I'm just now watching the first four seasons and finding it enthralling ~ a daily nap which is helping my exhaustion ~


  1. The first week of March hasn't been much better than February. But surely Spring is just around the corner.

  2. Wow, you have had one rough winter. Those are some impressive images!

  3. Oh- it is good to see the end of February even if March has been just as bad so far. However-next week they are saying FORTY degrees. I think I need to get my bathing suit out of mothballs. lol GREAT pictures! xo Diana

  4. Hope you are safe, the water here is very high, it sounds like a big waterfall down on the bend of the river before the bridge, hoping all goes well for everyone.

    and good bye to all the snow and freezing February temps.

  5. What a mess! It sounds like many of you in the East have had a tough winter. I feel for you. I hope spring comes soon and brings much bliss.

  6. Spring is surely just around the corner? I pray it so for so much of the country still in icy grips! While I was in Oregon in Jan/Feb, it was dusk out and I was on my way to my aunt's in a heavy rain and didn't see the water crossing the road...and I have to say, it was one of the most adrenalin-pumping episodes I've experienced in quite awhile. It looked to be about the length and depth you show in your photo and I hit it at about 45mph (having slowed from about 55 when I DID see it). While I'm still a proponent of testing brakes, I think there's something about how today's brakes are made, that 'drying' them out isn't as much of an issue as it was 'awhile back' in my day.

  7. Oh, dear! Buried in snow, again and again, and now flooding with ice. What next? A nice warm spring with lots of flowers is my prescription for R&R.

  8. Miserably wet AND treacherous. Wow, you've certainly had one bad weather spell after another. I hope March weather behaves itself for you Sandra, and you get sunshine and blossoms soon. Your pictures show what your words cannot, be careful .

  9. This first week of March has been a battle between old man winter and Mrs Spring here , hoping Mrs Spring wins the birdies seem to think she will lol ! If all our snow suddenly melt we will have floods like that here from our river . Thanks for sharing , have a good day and be safe !

  10. Well yesterday was 40 and today 20 degrees. Insane weather. Sandra you are like me kinda isolated. I am thinking of the floods this Spring. The village of Camden had all the joining towns doing sandbags last Spring. The river runs in the center of town and under hotels and to a waterfall under Restaurants and shops. It is gonna be BAD this year.
    Beautiful barn, you take it easy. Hunker down and read a book. yvonne

  11. Stay safe, Sandra. You show us life as it is, without the cushion of the things we build around us.

  12. Yikes! I do hope March will see a warm up over there. Take care! Tammy

  13. That water over the road looks treacherous. I visited my son Arizona during their monsoon season. They have signs at all of the washes that instruct drivers not to enter if the road is covered by water. People disregard the signs and sometimes the car or truck is swept away. Moving water is so dangerous. I hope the water goes down quickly.

    The robins have returned to Michigan. Spring can't be far away. Stay warm!

  14. March definitely came in like a LION around here as well, but warmer temperatures are FINALLY supposed to arrive tomorrow. I for one will be glad to see winter end. I don't know that I've ever been more ready for springtime :0! Blessings my friend!

  15. goodness, the flooded road looks bad! sorry for the roof damage, too. hopefully march will be kinder to you! thanks for linking in!!

  16. Hi Sandra, yes it is good to see the end of Feb. but our March is starting out by dropping 4 inches of snow here in North Texas over night.
    Your pics are great to say goodbye too. The flooded road looks dangerous!
    Hope all goes well with the roof repairs.
    Take care Sandra and let's "Think Spring"
    Hugs, CM

  17. You sure got a load from February!
    Hope everything turns out nicely again.
    Have a wonderful day

  18. Icy rain falling here today. Hope things improve and spring is here soon!

  19. Argh! All that cold and rough weather! Let's keep praying for a gentle March, full of grace.

  20. Whoa, that's some kind of flooding! Yes, a perfect day to stay home. (Most days are perfect for that, aren't they?) I hope that's the bulk of your snow, gone.
    It's going to be a mess here when things start to melt; I don't think a thaw could possibly be slow enough to prevent flooding. It will be an interesting Spring, for sure!
    We got more snow yesterday, of the heavy kind that sticks to boots and shovels and gates and dogs. Actually, even the powder sticks to my dog - she's magical that way :)
    Take care, and go slow. I'm going so slow I'm practically standing still, but so far everyone is getting fed and watered and encouraged two or three times daily, and at this point, that's got to be enough - for all of us!


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