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Friday, June 19, 2015

Siochain agus Farisinge with the Three Graces

~ The Three Graces - Vicki, Sandra, Marsha ~
Peace and Plenty, or as the Irish say "Siochain agus Farisinge", abounded recently on Thistle Cove Farm. This photo, appropriately named (because it's my blog) The Three Graces are a sweet reminder of a visit and friendship (as well as Vicki's abilities with her I-phone). Do you know the "other Three Graces"? They were Greek Goddesses of Joy, Charm and Beauty, daughters all of the Greek god Zeus and Oceanid Eurynome. Although I'm not much into gods or goddesses, save the King of Kings, I'll make an exception in this

This photo is courtesy of Vicki because I was too busy taking delight in the visit. I spend the vast majority of my time alone, by choice and necessity, and when beloveds visit (too seldom), I tend to gaze upon their beautiful faces as if in a daze. I've learned, the hard way, to store up for the frosty times, when solitude wants to overwhelm. Rather, I , mostly, allow the memories to persevere. Vicki put up lots of photos on her FB page and all are wonderful reminders of our short time together.
~ Vicki's beautiful nest ~
 Some of you know Vicki hosts the annual Grow Your Blog Party and has "put together" wonderful i-friendships that, sometimes, turn into face to face friendships. The GYBP is over for 2015 but you're still able to visit those who participated and leave comments. She also has an ETSY shop that showcases some of her fabulous knitting, especially her Nests but those go very quickly mostly to those who have put their names on her list! The above is one of Vicki's beautiful nests and will have a place of honor in my studio, when re-established. There are so many blessings, tangible blessings, in my life and each one always brings tears to my eyes. The work of someone's hands and heart is a precious gift and one never, ever to be taken for granted.
During this year's GYBParty Heather, of Heather's Sewing Room, pulled my name and made this lovely, functional and very useful sewing box.
 It has a cutting board
 she included a lovely note (Gypsy Rose Lee approves)
and this is the inside, complete with pin cushion and covered place to put sewing gadgets. How fabulous! Heather is an New Zealander expat, now living in Singapore; please visit her blog for links to her ETSY shop and Craftsy patterns. I'm sorry I can't give a link for her ETSY shop; blogger is tired. Thank you, Heather, the sewing box finally arrived all the way from Singapore and is now a treasure in my sewing room. When I've re-established my studio, it'll be a treasure in my studio and beloved by all.
Remember this giveaway plaque? I'm well over the deadline but the name randomly chosen is Blue Cotton Memory. I'll send a note on her blog and give her 24 hours to respond; if she doesn't, another name will be chosen around noon tomorrow.
~ Thistle Cove Farm ~
That's all for now; this post has taken the better part of three hours and I'm knackered and still have all my other work in front of me. Why oh why are computers and photo galleries so tiresome?

Blessings ~ friendship ~ a beautiful sky ~ blogging friends ~ nests ~ the other two graces ~


  1. Those were hours well spent, crafting this memory-keeper of that blessed convocation you had!

  2. Dear Sandra, I always love visiting and today your post caught my eye, because I'm in my grandparents homeland-seeing Ireland for the first time. What a wonderful visit for you! I'm wondering if your farm has sold? Lifting you up that the Lord would open up the door for you, giving you a future and a hope.
    Hugs and blessings!

  3. Thank-you for slogging through so you could share this uplifting post with us! Now, I MUST get away from MY computer and go ride my horse and harvest at least ONE of the two remaining fleeces-on-the-hoof!

  4. What a blessing good friends are!
    And how great the goods they often gift to us!
    I's like to see the studio wen you begin again, hugs!

  5. Friends who visit change the way a day feels, doesn't it! Thank you so much for the Tolkien quote sign - my family will so enjoy it! It sounds like much loveliness and joy happened that led to this post! Wishing you beautiful fellowship through next week!

  6. How wonderful to have been blessed with a visit from the other two graces! The memory will fill your heart this winter when all seems dreary and bleak.

    Have a great weekend dear Sandra ~ Love & Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. Hi Sandra, so very special to meet up with blogland friends. Great pic of you three graces!! Love your win. What a wonderful gift for sewing essentials. Congrats to your winner too
    Have a blessed weekend!
    Hugs cm

  8. Time spent with friends is precious and too often rare. Thank you for sharing your special time with everyone. God bless you always and many you have many more times like these in the future!

  9. This computing business can take a lot out of you! Glad you had such a great visit!

  10. So happy you had time with your friends . . .
    Laughter and friendship is as important as hard physical work . . .
    The smiles tell it all . . .
    Vickie seems like a Jewel in spirit and most certainly in talent.
    What a blessing . . .

  11. I am so pleased the box arrived safely and now you can enjoy it as a place for your sewing projects. It was a real pleasure to have you as the winner.

  12. Happy for you to have such lovely friends visit, and help garden too. Beautiful sewing box.
    Well Sandra, you are easy to love. My Daughter came over yesterday and helped me weed the rock garden. This Morning I see a 30 foot Great white on the news. He is cruising the Maine Beaches.
    What's with the Sharks? Glad I don't swim. Sending a Hug

  13. That's a wonderful sewing box, Sandra -- how thoughtful! I love those elegant nests too. Glad you had such an enriching visit with friends. It does strengthen the heart for trials later.

  14. Looks like your get-together was a blessed one, Sandra! That nest! Oh, my! And that sewing box is a wonderful invention. Everything in one place. Can't beat that!

  15. I'm so very far behind in commenting and visiting but just wanted to say hello. I love the photos and the warmth and joy in this post. Blog friends are so special!

  16. oooh, that nest! .... I'm coveting it for sure...

    and what a beautiful last image on this post.. a heavenly place on earth.

  17. Such a great picture of the three of you. Friends lift our sorrows and multiply our joys. So happy you got a chance to visit with them. I've seen Vicki's nests before; they are gorgeous!! How wonderful that you have one. Lovely sewing box, too. Handmade beauties are so special to have in our homes.

  18. Gretchen, you're too kind. Thank you!

    Noreen, you're trip is SO exciting; I've been keeping up with your travels...keep those photos and travelogue coming, please!

    Michelle, a ride sounds lovely...was it?

    Annie, the studio is sure to be center front; love my studio and work of my hands and heart!

    Maryleigh, thanks so much for visiting Thistle Cove Farm and for your comment.

    Oh Rainey, it was wonderful! Another weekend coming, make it lovely.

    Celestina, the sewing box is wonderful and will enjoy using it. It was fun, meeting Vicki and her friend Marsha...lovely memories.

    Yes, Lynne, Vicki is, and has been, a huge blessing in my life. I'm so grateful for her!

    Heather, thank you again for the lovely work of your hands and heart. The sewing box is a beautiful keepsake.

    Oh are so kind; thank you for your lovely note! Bet the rock garden looks much better and sharks...? Haven't a clue but glad I'm not in the water .

    It is, Mary Katherine, and sure to be enjoyed for years and years. The nest was a complete's beautiful.

    Kimberly, oh it was a lovely get-together...wonderful memories, wonderful women.

    You and me both, far behind I'll never catch up. It has to do with life and getting older...thankful there ...


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