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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Laughing in the Wind

On Monday, the 11th of April, I had business meetings which wasn't an auspicious way to celebrate my sixty plus birthday but at least I celebrated above ground. So many don't get the chance, do they?

 ~ Nancy and Stacy ~ 

Sisters On The Fly had an outing at the Kings Dominion Campground and twenty-five or thirty of us met for a good time.

When you think you're too old to have good clean fun, consider Barbara...she began her seventh decade April 1 and drove her T@B from Maryland to Doswell, VA. It's a smaller camper with a kitchen on the outside back with the inside basically for sleeping. Her T@B had a television, DVD player, radio and good lights for reading.

I cannot believe I didn't get a photo of her purple T@B! Women were laughing about their lack of attention spans and "OH LOOK...sparkly!" was mentioned; it certainly applies to me as well.

The eye mask was a gift from adoring Sisters; looks wonderful on her, doesn't it?

~ from top down, Nancy, Diane, me, Lori ~

Some of us didn't want to drive our vintage campers such a great distance so we stayed in a cabin. I do not recommend the lofts for adults...about three steps from the top, I (a short woman) had to bend over to keep my head from pounding against the ceiling. By the time I turned the corner I was just about kissing my knees and literally fell onto the bed. When I needed to get around the room, I crawled but, on the other hand, those lofts were perfect for children and I can imagine them having a good romp.

Kim owns this camper, believe it's called a Teardrop, and she can stand up in it. There's a small kitchen, television and just as AAAdorable as it can be.

Bettina owns this new Vintage camper...ALL the comforts of home including a lovely, large shower, full kitchen, queen size bed and the list goes on and on.

Amy owns this cute yellow camper...maybe a Teardrop...I'm not so good with my campers...yet.

Jan is the second owner of this 1959 Shasta...drool!

Claudia, above with her Hokey Pokey camper, and Jan were the hosts for the weekend and did a fabulous  job; many thanks to both! Claudia taught me a to make a kitchen/living room

using four Easy Up's with sides, bacon and eggs on electric skillets, of course coolers with bags of ice, hanging light fixtures and lots more. When one has vintage campers, it pays to be inventive.

My apologies for not pre-posting Sabbath Keeping and much appreciation for your continued reading of same as I'm always preaching to the choir but like it when others enjoy as well. As to the title, Laughing in the Wind, it's an old Van Morrison tune. Do you like Van Morrison? I certainly do; he's probably my favorite male singer...LUV his music, voice, style and he's from Belfast, one of my very favorite cities!

I came home to fence fixing, grass mowing, hay moving, feet trimming and lots of other farm chores. This week is sunny, thank God, and they'll be a lot of farm work accomplished with good memories to share my day. Lots of interest in the farm but no offers so keep praying, friends! Take care of you and come back soon, ya hear?

Ponder this ~ Do you look or do you see?


  1. Glad you were able to have some fun away from the farm. It does one good to do that.

    Those little travel trailers are all so cute.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  2. The campers are charming! I have seen Teardrops in the Mary Jane's Farm mags. So cute!
    Thank you for sharing, birthday girl! (Stretch it out, I always say!)
    Praying for a farm sale.

  3. That camper with WINGS is the best....

    Perhaps I should go into WING making for my bike, car, walking shoes, all size WINGS.


    Didn't realize what a necessity they are, till seeing your pics.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  4. Your "Girls On The Fly" times sound wonderful . . .
    Happy for you . . .
    Love all the vintage, tear drop, make over campers . . .
    (Loft sleep and this oldie are in the PAST . . .) Great for the kiddies though . . .

  5. What a lot of fun that must have been! Those little vintage campers are adorable.

  6. Sounds like a grand time! Love those vintage campers.

    As a photographer, first I look and then I see! Hey, do you want to go to the Museum of Appalacia Homecoming this year? I cancelled my Newfoundland trip because house painting costs are making a serious dent to my vacation budget. I'm planning to go up to IN to visit SIL around that time, so wanted to see if I should reserve time for you to come visit. The welcome mat is out!

  7. this all sounds like such fun and I think I'm learning how to see...

  8. I told my daughter I'm going to buy a vintage camper and park it in her woods as my artist retreat. She thought it was a funny idea...but I was kind of serious! I need a place in the country! (Will keep working on it 'til it becomes a reality.) Thanks for sharing your adventure. Maybe I'll get adventurous someday!

  9. Oh my-- you do have fun wherever you go!! All those amazing vintage campers!! Drool!! It's too bad you couldn't take yours-- the most beautiful camper ever..


  10. Happy Birthday! Those campers are so cute, I love them......

  11. I missed this. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday. Good for you! :)


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