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Friday, June 10, 2016

Thistle Cove Poppet


As promised, some photos of my 1965 Serro Scotty camper, or trailer as some call it. In February, when camping in Tennessee, someone asked me what kind of trailer I had and I replied, "2-horse" and they looked at me...huh? Then it dawned on me, they meant The 3-tier metal table is from the 1960's, or maybe 1950's, and is used to hold cook stove, charcoal grill and a metal basket of kitchen necessities. I know I've had the Coleman 2-burner cook stove for about 45 years; there's something to be said for hanging onto stuff, eh? The white wicker table goes nicely with the white wicker rocking chair, soon to be added, while the sunflower wreath adds cheer and color. Fortunately, I found kitchen curtains with sunflowers (and French verbiage) to hang in the front and side windows. I had to hem them, twice, but they do look pretty and cheerful.

When showing off Poppet, but not wanting anyone to step inside, the doorway is 'blocked' by this hand crochet apron, circa 1940.

The dirt catcher mats, just inside the door and in camper center, continue the sunflower theme. The wooden box contains candle burning lanterns for the outside and small Vornado fan to the left.

The aforementioned front window sunflower curtains.

Safety first...

A few years back, I embroidered these pillow cases but never used them...until now. Usually, I give my hand made stuff away but think I'll start giving stuff to Poppet.

A quick snap shot of the bed...the princess would never feel the pea in this bed! The bottom layer is a five inch piece of foam, topped with the original mattress (still in excellent condition), topped with a three inch memory foam mattress and finished off with a feather topper. Sheets are four hundred thread count and the Ralph Lauren duvet encloses a feather down comforter top. Should temps drop, a couple of wool blankets stand ready to ward off the chill. I don't have a heater because I don't really think I'll need one. I'm not planning on camping with temps much below freezing and the bed will keep me comfortably warm as it's made. When it's warm/hot, I do have a hearty (Vornado) fan and should provide ample cross ventilation with windows and roof vent open.

The sheer embroidered rose curtains (please don't note they aren't centered) give a feeling similar to a four poster canopy bed with curtains. Originally, curtains were used to keep noise and cold out of the bed but these sheers are for beauty alone. The rear window curtains are beaded velvet (in color, the side curtains are burgundy and red while the rear velvet curtain has red and amber panels) and designed to keep out noise and light and work just dandy. Perhaps, eventually, I'll use different curtains or sheers but for now, I like Poppet just fine. The overwhelming majority of most everything you see was purchased at thrift stores and will be changed out as new goodies are found. Often, I 'go shopping' around my house and find new things to add that bring a smile or pleasure.

My little bedside table with a red walking stick holding it in place when camper is in motion. One of the red velvet, beaded curtains is seen in the background and, eventually, the pink paint will become a creamy white. I'm not a fan of pastels, especially pink, and was actually reprimanded on Facebook once for saying, "I detest pink." Apparently some sad soul found that to be such a negative statement she had vapors. In turn, I found her sad state to be so devastating, I waited two weeks and, quietly, left the group, saving each of us from the other.

This week has been enormously full; my family found out late Friday, Dad had to have tests on Monday and surgery on Tuesday. I made a mad dash to central VA to be with he and Mom and got home last evening. We're praying this surgery corrected the problem caused by last year's surgery; time will tell.

Ponder this ~ if not your own, whose life are you living? ~


  1. Oh, what a nice job you have done it looks so warm inviting and comfortable. I would live in that.
    Sorry to hear about your Dad I do hope all goes well. Hug B

  2. Your little Poppet is as cute as can be. The bed sounds wonderful with all of that cushioning. I love the vintage charm.

    Have a great weekend and I hope your Dad will have a speedy recovery.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Sandra, prayers for your father to be fine now!

    Dear little poppet, she is a little bit of heavenly indulgence, I bet you'll get some of the best sleep ever in that bed. And it must be so much fun to shop the house and your supply of thrift finds to smarten her up.

    I know you ladies who have this fascinating hobby must feel as if you're playing at dollhouses, I sure would. Thank you for the look inside!

  4. Cute little "Poppet" made comfy and pretty for your "camp outs!"
    Sounds like your bed will be like sleeping in luxury . . .
    Happy camping . . .
    Sorry to hear about your papa . . .
    I hope his surgery fixes things perfectly . . .

  5. Your "glamper" is adorable. How fun for your camp outs. Have a good week end.

  6. You left, saving each of us from the other. What a hoot! I must remember what you said, so true!

  7. Love your little Poppet!

  8. Hi Sandra, Poppet is adorable and you've given her accents that are darling. Love the sunflower curtains and the bed canopy is so pretty.
    Prayers for your dad's surgery to go well and he recovers nicely.
    Blessings for a nice weekend. xo

  9. Thank you for sharing Poppet, I love it!
    Keeping your Dad in my prayers.

  10. Happy camping/glamping! Tis alright to not like certain colors. Individuals all the way. So many colors to enjoy. Blessings to you and your family. Pray your Dad is alright.

  11. That is such a cute caravan! I hope you enjoy your camping trip.

  12. I just love poppet. I want something similar in my back yard to fix up. It doesn't have to travel as I am getting too old to haul, lol... Hugs, lj

  13. Thanks for sharing your sweet camper! Searching the thrift stores for decorating items sounds like a lot of fun. I'm not a fan of pink either. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.
    Sending up a prayer for your dad's speedy healing.

  14. Your Poppet is so appealing - you make me want to untie that apron and lie on the bed right now!

  15. what a comfy little home on wheels. I feel positively decadent about our fifth wheel travel trailer! But I don't have your decorating flair and am doing well to have neutral towels etc to take along with us. Oh yes shopping around our own homes often gives a loved "bit" new life. So happy you are going off in Poppet for adventures soon
    Trusting your Dad does well after this surgery and no more urgent trips to be at their side due to health issues.

  16. What a cozy little nest you've made for your self!
    Lovin' it!
    Hope all goes well with your Dad.

  17. This is thinking Out of the Box. Love it and what fun.
    You are a real treasure. Love yvonne

  18. I hope your daddy is healing well from surgery. It's hard when they are that old! Love your Poppet -- esp. those darling, cheerful sunflower curtains. Lovely! I love how you're giving us great music to listen to -- when you do the link to the music, make sure you click for it to "open in a new tab." I clicked on the music, but it closed out your tab and gave it to me new, and of course, I want to read your post AND listen to the music at the same time :) Looks like summer there, Sandra!

  19. Hope your dad is doing okay now! Such a stressful time...xo
    Your camper is so fun!


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