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Monday, August 08, 2016

Quinn's Kiva Giveaway

It's August and if the old folks are correct, there's a snow for every morning fog this month; thus far, four fogs have been noted. This morning is beautiful...but aren't they all when one wakes up above ground? and the promise of a new day looms large. Yesterday, I went to the birthday celebration of a 90 year old woman, a cousin by my marriage to Dave and saw a great many people I've not seen since Dave's wake. Pretty much, I've barricaded myself on the farm as it's simply easier to apply myself to the urgent, what needed to be done and to protect myself from scoundrels, rounders and the like. Unfortunately, I've not been totally successful but I still try.

Betwixt the scoundrels, rounders and the like, there have been glimpses of good and kindness, reference the birthday celebration above. Included is Quinn, Comptonia blogger, who recently had a giveaway wherein a $25 donation was made to Kiva and the giveaway winner could choose the person to whom the money was donated. In the process, my name was chosen and I've spent pleasurable that I get caught up in reading about the folks, worldwide, who are in need and why...and find myself praying for them.

For me, practicing Christianity is a daily process and one at which I not always successful but I can, and do, pray over everything and everyone. That, and the aforementioned reference dealing with scoundrels, rounders and the like, is why I'm delinquent in choosing a recipient.

The Kiva loan had to a woman who was either in agriculture or had a sewing or textile business. Catherine, a young woman in Columbia, was my choice; she has a sewing business and wants to enlarge her business. Quinn, thank you for the win of your giveaway contest and thank you for allowing me to fund Catherine. You've made several people very happy.

Ponder this ~ let your moderation be known to man and your desperation be known to God ~


  1. Hey Sandra! For some reason I can't pull up your e-mail and I need to ask you a question about a shared recipe. Can you send me a holler?


  2. What a good idea for a giveaway.

  3. Kiva sounds like a good thing! I used to have a skunk who visited my yard when I was in the country. I miss that! :)

  4. What a satisfying project! May Catherine be extra blessed and encouraged by your gift and your prayers.

  5. Sounds like a good diversion and a good cause to let down the barricade. I understand the barricades.

    Cheers to you.

  6. I'm so glad the Kiva loan was joyful for you, Sandra - sounds like your experience was very similar to mine :) Kiva is such a great program, and when loans are repaid, you can lend that same amount all over again. I think I've now made loans for almost three times the amount of my actual original donations - how cool is that?!
    Thanks for sharing the kittens. I wish someone would bring me a basket of kittens right about now :)

  7. Dear Sandra, how good to pray for all and always! Sometimes we can make some good deeds, but what is all this without prayers?
    The photos of the cats and the horse-eye are so heart-moving!

    Greetings and good hope for you, yours and for your country.

  8. Oh, how lovely of you, my precious friend.
    I love this idea!
    sending love.....

  9. I need to look into this. Thanks for sharing this and the kittens.

  10. Dear Sandra, the header on your post is almost spiritual, this Kiva
    sounds like a wonderful thing.Hope you are weathering this hear, Maine has has some pretty hot days. God Bless! yvonne

  11. I had not heard of this! I am going to look into it. Love the kittens!


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