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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rivers and Roots in an Ocean of Love; Winner

Heraclitus said, "You can never step in the same river twice" and it's true; it's also true you can never step in the same ocean twice. Both statements give me pause. This life is so fleeting, so transitory but what should I expect when we Christians are aliens on this sphere? In His image we were made for this Earth but the Fall changed all that and instead of living in a garden Paradise, we yearn for something we remember through a veiled mist of time. In the meantime, the entire Earth groans for His return; from a Garden we came and to a Garden we'll return.

One of my very favorite things to do, when meeting a babe in arms, is to ask about heaven and Jesus. Always that babe delights with gurgles, smiles, bright eyes, raw, untempered excitement...they are new enough to remember being released from His arms to make their journey to this alien land. They don't yet carry all the doubts and fears that, ultimately, join us on our journey, causing us to spend enormous amounts of time striving to shed the weighty, familiar cloak of baggage we carry.

Almost everywhere in Blogland, people are writing about Autumn's bittersweetness and winter prep on the farm continues. Recently, both chimney and furnace have been cleaned, both ready for wood to be laid for fires. The back porch needs re-arranging so the wood rack can be brought from the barn, then filled.

Cleaning the chimney involves a man on the roof,

while another man cleans the wood stove.

A few weeks ago, Gypsy and I were on the back porch, searching for the location of a crying kitten.

There! In the tree straight ahead, Good Golly Miss Molly, sits in the tree, crying piteously, asking begging for rescue. Oh, by the way...we've had a gender identity issue problem on the farm...I took Good Golly Miss Molly and

Smudge Moonbeam to the vet clinic for vaccinations and to schedule an appointment to have them both spayed. Dr. Anne said, "Ummm, you need to take another look. These kittens are males, not females." I replied, "Well. Okay. In my defense, I've been a widow almost five years and while things haven't changed all that much, my memory is a little weak."

All that to say, Good Golly Miss Molly is now Good Golly Mr. Molly but still answers to Molly. You know, life is always interesting...even behind a locked gate.

At Living a HeartFul Life, I had a giveaway for a hand crafted wooden nut bowl and implements. There were thirty comments and number 18, Lisa of In the Boon Docks, won and has 24 hours to respond to my private e-mail.

Ponder this ~ Jesus stepped out of eternity, into time, so we might step out of time, into eternity. ~


  1. That's hilarious about the gender...I think it can be difficult to tell with cats...We just took Kitten to be spayed...

    ~Have a lovely day!


  2. Well heck, they didn't seem to be affected, and you did a good thing one way or the other :-)

    I keep thinking of you on that beautiful farm, knowing the work it takes to keep it going.. may this be a mild winter.

  3. LOL- About being a widow and gender I think Molly could morph to Morey pretty easily if you so desired. As in Begod and Begory, Mr Morey. Just saying...

    I am glad you had your chimney/fireplace cleaned out. Safety first for wintertime warming.
    Hope you have a wonderful autumn evening. xo Diana

  4. Sandra that fire place look almost like our farm. We had 113 acres and horses and rock walls everywhere. It is fun living on a farm, but lots of work. Glad and sad we sold it. Trying to get stuff out of the way for snowplow. Put away water hose etc. Wish I had more energy, just too
    tired this week. Be well and lots of warm wishes. yvonne

  5. I LOVE this Sandra-Thistle-Cove-farm-Post VERY MUCH! your thoughts are so deep and light and a lot of nice smiles between! Wonderful: ask a Baby about Jesus! This is Original-Sandra life!

    What a paradies-like headerphoto!

    The big coloured tree in front of your house is amazing!

    Greetings from Dori from the Bavarian Forest, Xaverhof-Farm

  6. A fun post. Our cat Trixie was once Tom!!! lol

    Congrats to the lucky winner.

    I would not want to be that guy on the roof!

  7. Your farm looks amazing this Autumn, Sandra. Love your little tale about Miss Molly! I always enjoy what you write. So heartfelt---I especially love the baby question. Have a cozy evening by your fire, dear Sandra. ♥

  8. I look back fondly on the years when our kids were little and we heated with a wood burning stove. They talk about it now with fondness too but all of them had their complaints at the time about having to stack the big pile of wood their father dumped out of his dump truck for them.

    What is that magnificent tree?

  9. Meegan Zarbock10:13 PM EDT

    I remember meeting both you and Dave for the first time at your spring sheep shearing and how you took my Nora, just three months old in your arms for a chat. Hard to believe that was over six years ago. Lovely memory!

  10. What a great post, especially the deeply moving (for me) first half. How neat that you talk to babies about where they just came from. WOW! I love that we came out of a garden and will be going back to a garden. It is going to be more wonderful than we can even imagine!!!!

    Your farm looks beautiful in all of its autumn splendor. Glad you got your chimney and stove checked out for winter. Now, you're ready to go.

    Happy Fall dear Sandra ~ FlowerLady

  11. Being blessed to become part of your fur faced family - those cats won't care if you call them Miss Piggy - feed me and love me - all that's required!
    Looking beautiful at your part of the world - and yes we are sojourning on our way back home.

  12. Oh man! I thought for sure I was going to win that bowl! Yay for the winner!
    How funny that you didn't know for sure the cats' gender! Molly is a good name anyway, I agree!
    Your fireplace looks so pretty! I love your house.
    Take care, good Sandra.

  13. I enjoyed your gorgeous pictures, too...and the baby chat is simply precious!

    Before our first child was born, my husband went to the local shelter to get a female friend for our dog Tamar...soon after arriving home, the new female ( named Keisha) was name changed to "Fred"...which proves even the experts can make mistakes! The good that came out of that error was that Tamar had her first litter of puppies about a month before our son was we enjoyed our newborns at the same time!

  14. Looks like Miss/Mr Molly is looking up the tree for help
    when downward she/he must come! It also looks like a
    huge tree she/he had fun crawling up.
    Gorgeous head photo . . .
    We had rain, rain, rain yesterday and bits of snow.
    It would have been a prettier site if it had been all snow . . .
    But . . . in due time . . . the leaves are still falling.
    Happy days and eves with that warm wood heat, the best!

  15. I enjoyed your photos and your gentle commentary. Your farm looks like a beautiful place. I love that view in your header. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  16. Big congrats to the bowl winner!

    Look at it this way Miss. Sandra boys are cheaper than girls to alter. Also recover faster and in my life as vet. tech I always told the guys in the room "no one will miss them but you." Seemed that so many fellows took the whole neuter process way too personally.


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