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Saturday, April 08, 2017

One Hot mean to say...One Warm Granny

The Epic Mess of January 8 is nearly over. At least, the rooms are almost put back together and my bedroom has had HEAT for ten days...just in time for Spring, doncha know. Hallelujah and Thank the Good Lord above along with Gillespie Construction! It's been a mess, in more ways than one and I'm happy to say good-bye to bedrooms temps of 46 degrees F above zero. Even though I purchased a couple of electric heaters, they were hard pressed to get the temps to the mid 50's. Temps might have said it was a three dog night but I had to make due with two dogs and wool blankets and am glad to have cold behind me. While I'm not quite one hot mama I am now, most assuredly, one warm granny!

BAM! Bedroom floors refinished, walls painted and new heat registers with PEX pipe in place of copper pipe. PEX comes in white, blue, red with blue, generally, being for cold water, red for hot water and white for all else. PEX is less expensive than copper, easier to install and won't corrode; if you have a plumbing job, I strongly suggest you look into using PEX.

I'm still happy I added this little bit of history to the inside clapboard of the dining room.

The dining room furniture still has to be restored...actually, it has to be taken to the gent who is doing the work and I'm hopeful it can be restored. You may recall Eddie was helping but he did a runner, leaving me high and dry, and it's been quite a scramble. Fortunately, Joe, of Cabins and More, was available to help finish the job and last night he and some Mennonite youth blessed me by coming to the farm and doing a lot of jobs that will make my life so much easier and better.

Mom and Daddy have always preached there are two types of people in this ole world...givers and takers. Takers don't know (nor do they want) how to give and givers, generally, have a difficult time taking. All that to say, it blessed me to have pizza and donuts last night (a surprise for them) and it also blessed me having two women to help, then sit and chat; I can't remember the last time that happened.

Shortly after the flood and while I wasn't home, other men moved things out of the bedroom and into the rest of the upstairs. To say it was helter skelter is putting it mildly; I'm still trying to find stuff. In the move, the bed was broken and Joe of Cabins and More, was the one to fix it thus enabling me to actually be able to sleep in the bed. YAY Joe! Last night, curtains were hung, bed was fix, moved, set up and other furniture moved as well. Today, I moved smaller pieces of furniture, rugs, lamps and made the room ready for tonight when the dogs and I sleep in the bed.

The paint is Valspar Hopsack from Lowe's and I almost guarantee it to lower blood pressure by twenty points. The curtains are some I've had for a while but the sheers are new. Generally, I go to the bedroom early, sit in my comfy leather recliner and read before lights out and going to sleep. I'm training myself to read either the Bible (Psalm 4 being a favorite) or use my Bible journal to pray for folks (and myself) as the last thing I do at night.

There's nothing on the brick fireplace, obviously, but I'm thinking of hanging a textile I purchased in Budapest. It's large enough to effective use the real estate but light enough should it fall down, wouldn't do damage.

The small light is used for a night light and other quilts stand ready should temps be disagreeable.

The king size quilt is Ralph Lauren (thrift store) but covers the bed nicely. By the way, last night two girls came to me and asked, "Would you mind if we made your bed?"  Didn't they do a great job?! Chloe, 10, and Graceanne, 7, did a wonderful job, especially considering how far this bed is off the floor. The stairs, middle of this photo, were made so the dogs could have ease of access while I just lumber up any ole way.

I'm still doing laundry because everything in my two bedroom closets need to be washed and dried. Although they closets were taped shut, sawdust from floor refinishing and sheet rock dust managed to get everywhere. When I remove a piece of clothing the dust is clearly visible so I'm carefully putting clothes in a basket and taking them outside to shake them prior to washing them. It's just more work on top of all the other work and is a royal pain in the neck. The insurance man said, "I've allowed for the cost of water in doing laundry." Well, ballyhooo! That ain't going to get it as it also takes electricity and a lot of it to run the well pump, the washer, the dryer. I keep electric bills for several years (farm expense for tax purposes) and my electric bill is doubled for the same months in 2016. Not to mention ServePro machines that ran 24/7 with the noise enough to drive a person insane. Thanks to my Beloved Sistah's suggestion, I took videos and capture all that racket.

Tonight is the Big Sleep-In...right after an Epsom Salts bath to, hopefully, help the bruises and swelling received when a fourteen foot metal farm gate fell on me. Yes, it did, and does, hurt but I'm happy no bones were broken. I believe it was Bette David who said, "Growing old ain't for sissies", to which I add, farming ain't for sissies either.

At some point, I'll give the low-down on the dining room...which is being used as a sewing room because he dining room furniture is in pieces and parts. For now, I'm over the moon HaPpY to be this far along and may God bless all hands who've had a part.  My body grows more black, blue, painful and stiff so it's time to crawl into that tub of hot water and Epsom salts. Bless you for caring.

Ponder this ~ Don't stumble on something behind you ~


  1. Bless your heart!
    But thank God, you got your bed back!

  2. What an amazing transformation!! Truly beautiful!! I cannot begin to imagine all the work and worry you've had to endure. I'm happy that you have the hardest part behind you now-- and you can enjoy your beautiful bedroom. It's always an adventure isn't it??

  3. Glad you were not hurt much by that gate! I busted my ring finger Thursday. Nice to see you got some help in fixing up after the flood.

  4. Dear Sweet Sandra ~ It is so good to read this happy post from you, to see your restored bedroom.

    Sorry about the gate falling on you and I hope the bruises and stiffness heal up fast. Bless your heart.

    Have a lovely Palm Sunday and Easter week ~ FlowerLady

  5. Hi Sandra, So thankful you are making progress there. Your bedroom looks lovely. Praise the Lord for those who helped you. So sorry about the gate accident. Continued prayers for you. Love and hugs, Mildred

  6. Hi Sandra, So thankful you are making progress there. Your bedroom looks lovely. Praise the Lord for those who helped you. So sorry about the gate accident. Continued prayers for you. Love and hugs, Mildred

  7. HI Sanda,
    Your home is awesome beautiful! We are moving and the way I move clothing from rods is to put them on a flat sheet and roll in half to carry. This advice may be too late for you but I have been doing it for years!
    God Bless You in your renovating your comfy home!
    Blessings, Cyndi

  8. Sandra, praise God for the progress made thus far! I'm so glad you have your bedroom back in place! Your floors are just beautiful. Everything is coming together! Thank goodness! So glad you didn't break anything with that gate falling on you! Take care as you continue to get your home back. ♥

  9. Those who have followed realize the HAPPY you must be feeling.
    It's been . . . "a long haul" for you these past many weeks.
    I also often refer to "takers and givers" . . . it says a bunch about people in the world . . . No doubt for a minute about you Sandra, a "giver" through and through. Happy there have been a few "givers" touching your path throughout this "storm."
    Stay warm . . . Blessings to you . . .

  10. It's all beginning to look better, and no doubt, to feel better too. So glad you have had reliable and kind help.

  11. Anonymous10:25 AM EDT

    So very happy for you. Hope your soaking bath led to a peaceful nights sleep.

  12. Oh my goodness! Thankfully you weren't hurt more than you were with that gate falling on you!!! It's coming together. Although I prefer a "cool" bedroom for sleeping.....God bless you for managing to survive sleeping in 40-ish temps!!!!
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  13. You are right,'s not for sissies! You have been through a lot. It is looking beautiful...and so glad you are warm again!

  14. I am so glad that you finally broke through that cloud that has been hanging over you for a while. Life is sure not for sissies and you have weathered more than your share of "things that happened" in the past few months/years. Looks like you have come out on top of it all finally.

    Your place is looking great and I am so happy for you, Sandra. God bless you today and in the upcoming spring weeks. xo Diana

  15. Everything looks so beautiful and comfortable and warm. I'm so happy things are coming together for you, slowly but surely. I'm glad you're getting a good Epsom Salts Soak tonight. God bless your sleeping.

  16. So soothing to have a harbor amidst the storm, isn't it? Glad you've got a place to rest, Sandra.
    I winced at the gate story, though, and certainly relate. I am always wearing so many bruises my doctors have stopped asking about them.
    Take care, and keep the Epsom Salts jar topped up!

  17. good news and I like little girls who want to make up the bed! Apparently you've gained a great deal of character in this testing time - of course I've always thought you something of a character! SO glad for the blessing of willing hands and competent help
    arnica gel is my "go to" for bruises -as I approach 70 years of bruising - I mean life - I find I need treatment for bruises more often - ah life as a pinball game????Lovr you sistah

  18. With your story I think things, see things, hear things. This time Frank Sinatra included !! Listening to enough Frank, I know everything will be fine. He's a great metaphor for Him. You've done the magic, knocked down, got right back up, and more than get up, you retained who you are. Never ceases to amaze when life becomes slowed, and progress is measure in increments so small, they're hardly visible each day.

    Frank Sinatra - That's Life Lyrics | MetroLyrics
    That's life (that's life) that's what people say. You're riding high in April Shot down in May But I know I'm gonna change that tune. When I'm back on top, back on ...

    Thank you, yes, for sharing all. How else to know to hug you tite? And pray. From Georgia.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  19. So sorry about everything you have been going through. I must say that all the repairs are looking great. Love the refinished floor and what you wrote on the clapboard. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  20. So sorry about your run-in with the farm gate! That sounds painful. I hope you're better soon. The photos of the rooms are first rate. I know it's been a long slog, but it is coming back together, thanks be to the Lord!

  21. Sandra, I loved seeing your bedroom put back together-it is so charming and comfortable looking. I can just imagine you and the dogs in that bed. You have had a tough year, but the Lord has redeemed everything. Glad you weren't seriously hurt when the farm gate fell on you. Sending you hugs, prayers and blessings for this Holy Week.

  22. You have had your work cut out for you. So glad that you are seeing the results. Always nice to get things put back together! We are just going to start adding wood flooring to our family room. Not looking forward to the mess. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. Your bedroom is saying, "Welcome Home!".
    I like the idea of your evening routine- reading the Bible or using your prayer journal. It's the perfect way to end the day and I might try that.

  24. Looking GOOD !!!
    Sending love, Sandra...


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