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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Still Over the Moon HaPpY!

Doesn't everyone need a face on their broom stick?

The house is liveable (although I'm living in somewhat controlled chaos), the barn workable, the view incredible, the shed has a three bay addition, all horses are in the same paddock, the cats haven't yet come to terms with being outside cats...but with a big, beautiful barn to live in plus they are fed on the back deck and in the barn...that's the short version. Now for some details...

Sam says, "They aren't with me so let me in now!" The black and Siamese kittens are from Bones' remember when I asked Dr. Anne if Bones was too old to be spayed? Dr. Anne exclaimed, "For a 120 years old, she's in great shape!" Of course, Bones isn't 120 years old but she is very old and it took me close to eight months to get her healthy when she showed up at the last farm. She's a gentle, sweet old soul who delights in being loved on but...but...about ten weeks after her clean bill of health, the hussy gave birth to four kittens who had to be helped along with eye droppers of milk because Bones didn't have enough. Oy vey! The kittens were born June 16 and named Inky One, Inky Two, Inky Three and Pixie is the little Siamese. The three black kittens are virtually indistinguishable, thus the shared name and they share Smudge Moonbeam's last name as well. The Southside VA SPCA pays for spaying and neutering and the five appointments are coming up very soon. Not soon enough to suit me but very soon. I've been thinking about re-naming Bones "Sarah"...get it? LOL

Mr. Molly, the fat portly yellow cat front center runs straight through the house to the back deck where he knows food awaits. Thankfully, most all of my animals are led by their stomachs.

I've always had porches but this is the first deck and I'm enjoying both space and view. The north facing deck is spacious and plans include a metal roof and finishing with either screening or a sun room.  The house faces the south paddock, has lots of seating and is a lovely place to catch the sun throughout the day. The deck faces the pond, woods and the upper soybean field but the view was

interrupted by lots of extremely tall pine trees. Some of those pines were 100 feet tall and as pines have extremely shallow root systems, I elected to have them safely removed before severe storms brought them down. Timmy Poore of PJ's Tree Service and Landscaping did the job and I am more than satisfied! I have videos of a small plane flying over Timmy's head, trees being cut down, etc. and will go to library and download this coming week so stay tuned. The pilot was over seeding rye on the soybean fields and he had a ball flying over Timmy's head as he was in the bucket at the top of the 100 foot tall pines. We all thought it lots of fun and the pilot even buzzed me while I was in the driveway taking photos.

Hmmmmm. Something is going wrong (me) with the camera and downloading photos so you'll have to return to see photos of new view, pole shed, etc.

Buggy Top has very reasonable prices and built, then delivered this studio shed all in about ten days. After the first of the new year the building will be finished inside...insulation, painted paneling, electricity, propane fireplace, air conditioner and painted floors covered with rugs. At the last farm Dave had the 'ham house' (where we cured ham, bacon, etc.) made into a studio and I vowed I would always have a place where I could spin, quilt, sew, work on crafts, etc. This building sits to the side, between the pond and house with a view of both. In front of the studio are the picnic tables and fire pits which are already in use. It's a lovely place to sit and contemplate the enormous blessings and gifts God has given me, read a book, pray or simply "be". Due to Dave's influence, I'm a great one for thinking; he always said, "You make your money while you think" and that's true. It's also true when I think and pray my plans go better than when I do not and the pen and paper I always have in pocket are ready to be put to use. I used to tell Dave's Mother, "A short pencil is better than a long memory" and that's also true. If it's worth remembering, it's worth writing down and my notebooks are legendary.

Having all the furniture, still, I'll ever need, I forced myself managed had a ball buying a fabulous Donna M. Smith bench for the studio. Like an ejit I helped carry it into the living room but this weekend it's being moved to the garage prior to being placed in the studio. What possessed me to bring it into the house I'll never know because that sucker is made from a bed frame and heavy! It's going to look fabulous in the studio...wait and see.

I'm burning daylight and outside chores are waiting; as are the barn cats and horses. Tonight the family gathers here to celebrate Mom's birthday and Mom and Daddy's 66th wedding anniversary. I cannot begin to describe how happy I am to be close enough to not only celebrate but host the family as we gather. Menu includes birthday cake (thanks Beloved Sistah), baked chicken, roasted sprouts, baked sweet potatoes, cole slaw and sweet tea or water. Oh...and biscuits...can't forget the biscuits because I have just made molasses and home churned butter.

Life isn't good, it's GRRRREEEEAAAATTTTT!

Ponder this ~ when you fall, fall forward ~


  1. I'm happy for you. It all sounds wonderful and peaceful. I love that studio shed. Wishing you all the best. Take care and God bless you.

  2. Anonymous1:49 PM EDT

    It is wonderful to hear how joyful you are! I enjoyed every word/photo. Happy Birthday to your Mom and happy anniv. wishes to your parents. I know you all will have a delightful time together.

  3. Beautiful shed, which I'm sure will house all sorts of craft ideas. So glad it is working out well for you.

  4. You do sound happy! And the studio shed will be wonderful!

  5. What a lovely deck and view. So glad things are going well at your new spot and that you are close enough to celebrate with family! I do understand the Sarah reference...LOL. That studio is great!

  6. Such a blessing to be close enough to family to celebrate together often! Glad you're getting the cats under control, ha ha! Did I miss a blog with more pictures of the house itself? Maybe you're building up to it, but I'll check around. ;) I'm so happy for you! Exciting!

  7. Spectacular Miss Sandra! 💥

  8. I am so happy for you dear Sandra!

    God's continued blessings on you ~ FlowerLady

  9. What a lovely view from your deck, and sounds as though from the front is even better. Our farmhouse has very large windows all around, so any window I look out of I can see the horses (might be my favourite part of this house).

  10. What a beautiful place!! How nice that you can host loved ones through the year. I'm happy for you! And I love that broom stick!!

  11. So happy you are getting settled in! So, do you miss the old place much?

  12. I am just so delighted to see all this, and to read your joy x

  13. What a wonderful and joyous report! Thank you, Sandra, for sharing the abundance of your heart. Thank you, Lord, for SO many good gifts! <3

  14. That's great news Sandra. I'm glad you've come full circle and are enjoying life again.


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