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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Sabbath Keeping: Dear Dave

Dear Dave,

The last Dear Dave letter I wrote, I wasn't sure if  I'd ever write again but the sixth anniversary of your Homegoing, today, falls on Sunday. I was torn between the usual Sabbath Keeping post with quotes and Bible verses or writing you so I chose both. Before beginning this letter, I typed "Dear Dave" in the blog search box and re-read those letters and posts I wrote to you and was reminded of C. S. Lewis who said, "Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back nothing is the same?" For almost six years that has, somehow, been true but in the last few months enormous changes have taken place. Over the last six years enormous changes have taken place in me as well.

Thistle Cove Farm relocated from southwest Virginia to southside Virginia and, just like God, He allowed me to see this new farm some three or four years ago, all the while knowing His plans were being worked out and I wasn't ready. I believe God had to break my heart in order to make me whole (a continual process, eh?)  but it's only when we're I'm broken His light can get in. Otherwise I am simply filled with myself with not much no room for Him and me with myopic vision and unable to see the larger view.

(A wiser man than I said, "It is well to remember that the entire population of the universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others." (quote found on Kathy's Laughing Dove blog.))

When my our (God and me) new farm came up for sale, one photo showed WVU cut into a hay field and of course I thought, "It's a sign because that's where you and Cathy (the love of your youth) went to university. Then, the years dragged on (and on and on and...) and as hope dimmed, I began praying truly for God's will, not my own, but I continued searching for a new farm in southside VA. (Anyone who says it's easy to discern God's will in their life is either delusional or they are praying for what they want. Micah 6:8 tells us God's will on a broad scale but when it comes to making the smaller personal decisions, I've found it to be an extremely difficult, yet faith building, process.)

Earlier this year I re-visited that web sale page and found out the property price had dropped. Additionally, folks who wanted to buy the southwest VA farm were able to get their finances in order and make another offer. Long story short, it all worked out and the dogs, cats, horses and I have moved to a place you would love! Dave, there's a stocked pond and I can just see you fishing (with or without a hook -smile), or sitting on the deck enjoying life or...ta-da!...running to Walmart just six miles away and with NO mountains to cross!

It's still Big Sky country but the house is little more than half as small with more than twice the acreage and has open fields, woods, paddocks, barn and a pond. (oh, but I mentioned One of the first things Mom said was, "Dave would really like this place" and she's right. You would love this new farm and, more importantly, it would please you to know you (through God's provision) were instrumental in my purchase of same.

The Bible says "God is the same, yesterday, today and forever..." and His plans are continually being worked out for my good and His glory. Dave, it's so easy to sometimes often forget life, farm, animals, my plans aren't about the here and now, it's all about the here after. God is preparing us for a richer in the way that matters most eternal life with Him, His Son, that great cloud of witnesses, the angels...eternal life in Heaven and all we have to do is believe. But again, you know all that because you made your peace with God five days before you died and are now in Glory! I often sing a song "I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene..." and now Dave, you, like Gabriel, are standing in the presence of God! It fair boggles my mind and I'm having church right here, right now, typing this letter! Glory!

Dearest Dave ~ I am happy, content, enjoying life, this farm, these animals, being closer to family. Because you made your peace with God, I am at peace with no worries or nagging thoughts about your eternal Home. Those decades of asking, "Dave, would you like to go to church with me today?", of you watching me have morning Bible reading and devotions, all those years of you asking me to pray...I like to think believe God used me to help lead you to His Son and even though I wasn't the perfect wife, nor you the perfect husband, we, with God, were perfect for each other. You grew me into the wife you wanted me to be and I am grateful. We grew our friendship into love, our house into a home and I am grateful. I am grateful for a new beginning, a new farm, a new location where people are welcoming me into their lives, their homes, their hearts, their church. I am grateful to God for His plans for my life, plans to prosper me and not harm me, plans giving me hope and a future both now and for all Eternity in Heaven. Perhaps that's what my grave stone should read: Grateful.

Tu manques a moi


  1. You ARE grateful and this is a beautiful letter to Dave. I remember when he went to heaven because I put his picture on our veterans' wall at school. I am so happy that you are settled in close to the people who are your own. I am also grateful for what He has done for you, friend.

  2. This was church for me as I read your letter to Dave. Wonderful testimonies of God's care and mercy.

  3. Just beautiful!! God bless you (and I know he has) in your new home anf your new life!

  4. Thank You, Lord! Memory Eternal to your dear husband, Sandra!

  5. Such a sweet letter to Dave. You're so right that the important thing is heaven, our eternal home. Keeping our eyes fixed on it, and on Jesus there.

  6. I know you're already grateful, my friend. Now, be happy and content. Live life and SMILE. Look up and smile really big. God loves you and so do I.

  7. God is SO GOOD! Your farm will be full of intercession and praise. May He be glorified through your life there! :) Exciting days are ahead!

  8. Oh dearest Sandra ~ this post has tears streaming down my cheeks. I feel it in my heart and soul, as I wonder what God has in store for me. It will be 5 years next month for when my dear husband went to be with Jesus.

    Your finding your new farm and reading this post have greatly encouraged me and I thank you. I am in God's tender care and He is working all things out. I am learning patience among other things.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  9. Anonymous7:22 AM EST

    Wonderful post. I visited tazewell a few years ago at a family reunion of the Bowling family. I took some time to visit your area. I do remember driving near your place and thinking about where you guys both are now. -God Bless from David B.

  10. Amazing, bearing witness, as it unfolds in real time, to the love you and Dave have, reaching in Grace, to others.

    Healing, and hope. Thank you.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  11. Beautiful . . . no other words . . .
    Simply beautiful.

  12. Dearest cross-Pond friend, your every word sustains me in this season of mine. Thank you for your journey, so freely shared, and your wisdom, so freely shared, and your words, so freely shared.

  13. Anonymous2:42 PM EST

    I clicked on all the Dear Dave posts and read everyone of them. Thank you. I love the Lord but am not doing a great job at loving the husband He gave me. Repenting of this sin and asking for wisdom, discernment, and knowledge of how to improve. Thanks for

  14. What a letter! Full of spirit! Such great Bible-sentences build into your personal letter for Dave and for us and for the Lord. A great prayer of a thankful soul. What a present to feel thankful! What a blessing!The Lover himself is here, and Dave is happy abot and proud of his:

    faithful steward. listener. shepherd. dream believer. hard worker. collects brass bells, boots. Jesus follower. contented. star gazer. homemaker. farmer. prayer warrior. country woman. reader. traveler. writer. homebody. living life large.

    Greetings and blessings! I am happy to hear a lot of your new farm and animals! Thank you!

  15. I LOVE Gabriel's message and I LOVE Jer.29,11!

  16. I hear a lightness in you. Blessings will do that. It makes me smile to think of a new family at your old farm, and you making your way at the new farm. :)

  17. This is a sweet letter to Dave, very touching.


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