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Monday, April 30, 2018

Bye-bye's your hat, what's your hurry?

It seems April just got here but considering the events thereof, I'm happy to see her leave. Oh, it started out just fine...April Fool, Easter and full moon...a triple if ever there was one. As to remembering's like the ole feller said when asked about a fairly recent event, "Well, that's a foreign country and the borders are now closed."

Yeah. April.

Now there were good things in birthday for which I was gifted with Medicare. It hardly seems I'm old enough to drive and the government kicks me to the curb, deny's (is that correct?!) me the "privilege" of paying $1,100+ a month for insurance and says, "Uncle will care for you now." Whoa! That's enough to put the fear of God into an atheist! Beloved Sistah had an April birthday as did friends (Marti, Sharon, Chris, Millie, Mary, Mat). If you'd like to know what happened on your birthday, click here; as to what happened on my birthday...not much and that's fine with me.

The Powhatan Fiber Festival was this past Saturday and I had a lovely time! It's been a very long time since I've been to a fiber festival and this little festival was fine, fine, fine. I didn't purchase much (don't need much) but the yellow felted woolen slippers managed to come home with me and will be used as studio footies.

Dyeing 2 Spin's Becky Blake did an indigo dyeing demonstration and won me over. She has home workshops and I've already sent an e-mail stating my desire to enroll.

I've done a lot of dyeing but never indigo and it's fascinating stuff! When the yarn comes out of the jar, it's greenish yellowish but the longer the yarn is exposed to air, the bluer it turns.

Ain't God grand!

So many beautiful

and sweet things.

But the BEST, by far, was the's closer to being finished! Joe (Cabins and More in Tazewell, VA) did the inside work using R-13 insulation covered with roofing paper which was covered with my rough cut hemlock. He said I should be able to heat it with a candle this winter (grin).

There's enough wood left to do another building...if I build a farm stay cottage, will you come?

The studio isn't nearly finished...I need to vacuum the sawdust and dirt then find a roll of vinyl flooring to put down but I'm closer than I was. In my head, I'm already designing the space...ceiling fans, chandelier, a kitchen cabinet area (with a smallish fridge, microwave, electric at Sandra's!), a hospital bedside potty (brand new at a thrift store) with mosquito netting to make a "room"), a corner cabinet for bits, bobs and beading, a beautiful brown leather sofa (thrift store), areas for spinning wheels, rug looms, small quilt frame, a beautiful wool rug for underfoot, window air conditioner, propane gas fireplace, center table for cutting, piecing, etc., it's going to be glorious!

It's difficult to see but one of the Inkspots is stalking one of the Canada Geese. Inky is just right of mid-center studio and the Canada Geese is ahead, just in front of porch center. I never lack for amusement and since moving here, always take time to stop and enjoy the animals, scenery and simply being here. There's a lot to be said for simply being.

Other happenings in April ~ Thistle Cove Cottage was sold and I'm refocused on Thistle Cove Studio. Yes, it was rather sad but that season of life has past, it's time to move forward.

A lot of time and energy has been gladly given to my Mom; she was T-boned in a car wreck and has fractures on hip, pelvis and a chipped ankle bone. She has a long recovery ahead but she's tough and has already begun physical therapy with an aim toward beating the doctor's prognosis. Maxine, my friend of longest standing, had surgery today to remove a cancerous brain tumor. As soon as she's able, she'll begin chemo and radiation so please keep both women in your prayers. Max and I have known each other for close to 50 years and throughout it all it's been a friendship of mutual respect and unconditional love. When necessary, we agree to disagree and have given each other room to grow. We know things on each other I'm sorry God knows but I'm also deliriously happy God forgives then forgets!

That's my April; it's been chock full and I've reached the end tired but with enough energy to continue. Bless God for the gifts of His strength, patience, love, mercy and grace...always grace.

Ponder this ~ "In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things Charity"
~ Rupertus Meldenius ~ (in the past, this quote has been attributed to Augustine of Hippo but it's rightfully Rupertus Meldenius, a Lutheran monk of the 17th century; click here for back story).


  1. ♥ i'm praying for your mom & maxine!
    ♥ yes, i'd come visit and stay in a little cottage..
    ♥ the yarn dye process is amazing.

    hugs to you...

  2. I would too....all the way from UK!!

  3. What a delight your blog has been this morning. I am commenting from Katie Isabella, my kitty's blog. I would enjoy being there. Though I am not in any way but with words, a craftsperson, I enjoy to the fullest being with men and women who are craftspersons. So I would enjoy being there to see the Studio and the farm. LOVED reading of the yard dying!

  4. Well done with the studio, and yes, if you built it I'd stay.
    I'm sorry to read about your mum and your friend. They sound like fighters, and that will stand them in good stead.

  5. Where do I start? Excited for the studio....I’d come! So sorry to hear about your mom and friend. There has been too much heartache lately. Yikes. Glad God is so faithful. I turned 60 in April. No comment. Happy birthday to you too! We live next to a llama farm. The dying of the fiber was fascinating to me!

  6. Your studio does sound glorious! Can't wait to see pics of the finished space.

  7. I'm with Pondside and Barbara aka Elizabeth on the thought of coming to visit. :) Your last paragraph about your April was a real encouragement to me. I'm pondering that last quote, too. Prayers up for your dear mom and your lifelong friend.

  8. Keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers.
    Happy Birthday and welcome to Medicare!

  9. Your studio looks wonderful! Yay for dyeing wool! Send me some (I'll pay)
    Prayers for your mama and your longtime friend.

  10. I'm with you on kicking April to the curb, Sandra. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished studio--Of course I'd love to stay there! I'm always amazed at the endless energy you enjoy. Sending prayers for your mother and friend Maxine. ♥

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  12. Just now found your post . . .
    Not sure where they hide, but every once in awhile one pops up.
    So Hi there . . .

    Happy May Day . . . Happy May!
    Did you find a May basket on your door knob,
    and dance the May pole . . .
    I enjoyed remembering back to those days!

    Studio/Cabin/Cottage . . . all rolled into one!
    Sounds like great fun to me . . .

    Prayers for your mom and friend . . . yes indeed . . .

    Fiber festival sounds wonderful . . . a festival is being planned around here for summer time . . . many art activities for children . . . adults too!

    Happy Birthday Girl . . .

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother and friend facing these health struggles. What a frightening thing for both of them. I pray they will both improve steadily.

    Your studio sounds marvelous! That will be fun furnishing it. Keep us updated!

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