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Monday, May 15, 2006

10 Fiber Pleasures

1. Planning a project
2. A new skein of yarn either bought or hand spun
3. A new fiber related book or pattern
4. Designing and/or writing a pattern
5. Getting started - fleece prep, spinning, knitting, crocheting
6. Knitting in the pasture with my sheep, dogs, cats and horses as companions.
7. Visiting a yarn shop or fiber festival
8. Taking a class - dyeing, knitting, felting...anything fiber
9. Sheep Shearing Day and skirting fleeces
10. Finishing a project

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  1. Kathryn Burnson3:17 AM EDT

    I would like to thank you for the lovely blog site. I raise Jacob sheep, spin and weave and lockerhook rugs. I am a Christian, a wife and mother and grandmother who loves my family, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ , and find myself craving more solitude for the purpose of simple reflection on life and my Lord.
    I never cease enjoying my flock of sheep, my flock of poultry and tending our gardens and sometimes feel very selfish when I resent the intrusians life brings into my enjoyment and care of them. I yearn for more time just being with my grandchildren on our small acreage and knowing the luxury of talking about life and what is truly important in the grand scheme of things.......and also realizing the time is fleeting and all is really but dust and rust except the Eternal.

    God Bless you......


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