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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Knitting Simply

Paulette Lane, Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar 2006 graciously accepted a couple of my knitting designs for both the 2006 and the 2007 calendar. I suppose reading the wonderful new knitting books and magazines gave me the push I needed to try my hand at design work. A few years ago, I taught myself to knit and it's been hit or miss, pretty much, ever since. I once told somone I had taught myself to knit and she replied, "we're all self-taught". I concede she has a point but I don't think she's correct. There's something totally different about sitting down with a book or magazine, needles and yarn in hand than sitting at a table with other students and a teacher. When any of us knit alone, we miss the energy that group knitting brings to each of us. We miss the dynamics of the social activity.

My designs are quite simple and suited to beginners or knitters needing some quiet time from a more complex pattern. Simple suits my knitting style and my life style. It's hard to find knitting time when I'm also a farmer/shepherd and I enjoy knitting simply for the sake of knitting. There's a calmness and quiet to the act of knitting that brings renewal to my spirit. There's hardly every been a time, since I began knitting, it didn't bring me pleasure. Even the act of ripping out stitches is, mostly, gratifying because I know I don't have to rip out stitches. I can just leave the mistake in the knitting. And, at times, have done just that.

At any rate, one of my favorite things to knit is jewelry and I've played around with different knitted bracelets. My favorite stone to use is Unakite, a green and peachy pink stone found in Scotland and Appalachia and other places in the world. It gives me a feeling of continuity knowing Unakite is found both in where my roots lie and where I now live.

This bracelet is knitted with two strands of 24 gauge gold wire and glass beads. 24 gauge wire is easy on the hands but tends to be very stretchy and will, with heavy use, lose its shape and stretch out. When that happens I either put a few extra twists and kinks in it or I'll rip it out and re-knit.

The KPAD Calendar costs around $14 USD but is well worth the price. There is almost one pattern per day, an amazing number of patterns for a small sum of money.

If you're interested in free patterns a quick Google search shows the Free Knitting Pattern Ring and more patterns than I'll ever have time, or skill, to knit on this lifetime.

One last bit of really good news...Mission Falls is back in action...HURRAH! Their primary designer (maybe their only designer???) Mags Kandis has the most fabulous patterns. As if that's not, wait...there's MORE! Their 1824 Cotton and 1824 Wool are interchangable in their designs! WHOA Nelly! Simply sublime.

While you're knitting simply, be sure to knit happy as well.

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