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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Holidays

Christmas has come and gone for another year leaving us at Thistle Cove Farm releaxed, refreshed and renewed. We choose to not get caught up on the trappings of the retail part of Christmas, choosing instead to focus upon Christ and His birth, the trip to Bethlehem, the flight into Egypt and the return journey back to the land of His parents. The actual day was spent just the two of us, surrounded and cozy with all the animals, wonderful ancient church music on XM radio and lovely munchings as opposed to a sit down meal. The horses had flakes of alfalfa with corn and carrots as a side dish, the sheep were given hay and corn, cats were given tuna and dogs given chewies. Christmas is always a big hit with the animals and the humans.

Just the week before Christmas I went to two on stained glass and the other on books. I've always wanted to make books and have now had my chance. It was loads of fun and my small journal is definitely a keepsake as is the stained glass butterfly hanging in the kitchen window.

Last night we had snow and now, two days later, it looks like the "traditional" Christmas. It's cold, finally, and the temps are in the 20's and not expected to climb much higher.

I've been working on the Jan/Feb issue of Fiber Femmes and e-mailing things to Leslie to put into our e-zine format. If you'd like to write for Fiber Femmes, please visit our e-zine for submission guidelines. We would like not only articles but guild reviews and photos of fiber animals, folks, events and happenings.

Best wishes for a happy 2007; may the worst of 2007 be from the best of 2006!

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