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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

6 weird things & Fiber Femmes

Leslie has a 6 weird things about me thing going on at her blog and I've decided to join in. I had to look up weird though; wasn't sure I knew, exactly, what it meant. Weird comes from Middle English, wyrd, and means fate, destiny, magical, unearthly, mysterious, odd, unusual, spooky, eerie. Hmmm...not sure how that applies to me but here goes.

1. I'm an 8th generation shepherd and farmer living in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of southwest VA at Thistle Cove Farm.
Daddy's family came to this country in the mid 1600's and made their way to, what is now, WV and settled. Myrich heritage includes shepherds, farmers, preachers, teachers and lawyers.
Well! this answers how weird applies to me...I don'tmuch believe in fate but I do believe in "God things". For example, it's a God thing I'm a shepherd. I've wanted to be a farmer since I was 6 years old but didn't find out my Daddy's people were shepherds until years after I'd become a shepherd.

2. I read, almost, too much. I've gotten into the habit of reading before fact, I almost *have* to read before I turn out the light and go to sleep. Sometimes, if I have to get up in the night I'll read a chapter or two before going back to sleep. (At least it's not checking e-mail!) Speaking of sleep...I have to have eight hours or I can't function; less than eight hours and I'm just about worthless.

3. I love having a clean house but I hate housecleaning...I'd much, much rather muck out the barn than run a vacuum. I'd rather do almost anything than clean house and will take it in small chunks in order to try and keep up.

4. I love to travel but would rather be home than any place on earth.

5. I've developed some pretty spectacular recipes - shortbread, bird seed bread, soups and am a dab hand around the kitchen.

6. I read the Bible through every year and, what's more, enjoy it.

We've been working on the latest issue of Fiber Femmes and it's pretty darn great! Leslie just keeps coming up with some wonderful ideas to make it even better. I've enjoyed my Fiber Femme partnership with Leslie and am looking forward to many more years of Fiber Femmes.

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  1. Nothing weird here! I kinda wish I was a little more weird myself!


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