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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Quilting and Sewing Machines

My Quilting Bee group, graciously, allowed me to bring home one of their sewing machines to sew my quilt squares. I'm working on two "Turning Twenty" quilts, already have them cut out and need to sew the squares so I can piece the quilts together.

It's been decades since I've touched a sewing machine and my sewing machine is a black Singer model that sews a straight line but it can do it in reverse as well. I've been trying to finish a camera lens holder (for Deborah and I'm only a few months behind schedule...but that's a whole 'nother story) but can't figure out how to make the machine work. By that I mean, I can't figure out (neither can Dave) how to get the back off it so I can thread the needle. Apparently, this newer model (newer than my fifty year old machine) has to be threaded "inside" the body, over the needle. Therein lies the to get the cover off so I can thread the needle.


I'm going to have to go to Quilting Bee tonight with NO sewn squares! I told Dave, "you know what this means...I'm either getting my sewing machine repaired OR I'm buying a new one!"

Anyone have comments on what kind of sewing machine to buy? I'm convinced that any machine made in the last twenty years is going to be smarter than I.

Why oh why did I tell my family they were getting quilts for Christmas this year!?


  1. Sandra, I sew professionally and I also go to alot of garage sales and thrift stores. If you take your time and shop around, you can find GREAT machines for a little bit of nothing! I once got a great little Singer in a walnut cabinet that had barely been used and had all the accessories and the original book. I love the older machines for their simplicity! Not to say I do not love the commercial machines at my shop!...but and old cast iron Kenmore can't be beat. People quit sewing for various reasons and get rid of their machines...often without using them more than 2-3 times.
    BTW, visit my blog.I just posted for the first time 2 days ago.It's about owning a sewing shop! It is called "The Brick Path Studio"

  2. Thanks for leaving me a message on my blog, Sandra. Fortunately we have several great thrift stores here in Chattanooga. I recently visited Angie (Blog: The Painted Cottage)in Florida and there were TONS of thrift stores. I was amazed. There are a lot of people coming and going in that state (much of the "going" is to the great beyond)so there seems to be a wealth of used things available. I am a natural recycler.I generally don't even like new stuff! Maybe when (& if) you travel to any nearby cities, you can look around. If the shipping wouldn't put a hurt on you, I'd look around here for you one! But I imagine it would cost a chunk to send one of those great heavy machines from here to there.
    BYW, I love your blog.I'm a "foothills" of the mountians girl myself!

  3. Hi Deede...

    thanks for visiting and for your great suggestions. I picked up a couple of trading posts/journals and there are a couple of sewing machines for sale...will check those out.

    Yes, to recycling...we recycled when it wasn't cool but everyone was doing it a necessity!

  4. Hey, love the new look! I'm glad SOMEONE likes sewing!


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