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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Winter Cold

Winter is here...finally! and Baby, it's COLD! At 7:45 this morning it was 23 degrees F above zero and two hours later it was 19 degrees F above zero. There's snow on the ground and we're expecting four to six inches before stopping. The poor Earth doesn't know what to expect nor what to do. Trees are budding, flowers are beginning to bloom and now cruel cold.

Oh, it's not bad and, in fact, welcome when in due season. But, out of season just makes it cruel. I'd rather winter be here Dec, Jan and Feb with a teaser in March and spring in April. But, I'm not in charge and who asked me anyway.

Sheep and horses have shelter, food and warm water. Water tanks have de-icers and that makes for warmer water which means animals drink more which means less chance of colic. Colic, as you might well imagine, is a bad thing...a very bad thing.
I didn't make it to church today; the only place I did make it was to the barn but I was dressed in church clothes. I thought I'd do my chores then head for church but it was so icy & it wasn't worth hitting black ice and spinning out. So, I headed back to the house and stayed in for the most part.

Supper tonight was lovely...pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes with garlic and cheese, green beans, fried applies and biscuits. A neighbor feasted with us and we all over-indulged. It's hard not to when it's good home cooking!
Back to knitting my lovely purple wool shawl and hope to have it ready for wearing by the end of this week. I've still to finish putting the top, middle and bottom of my quilts together so I can begin hand quilting.
There's Fiber Femmes and FF blog work to be done; a meeting with Leslie...the week is looking full. Now, let's hope the weather cooperates and I'm able to do those things and more.


  1. Sandra, your website and blog fascinated me! I haven't seen sheep this closeup since Bible school in England 34 years ago.

  2. Hi Karen,

    thanks for your gift of time when visiting me. Bible school in England...sounds intriguing, please tell me more.


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