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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rain and a studio

A week ago Tuesday we awoke to this scene.

and, later, this

Yes, it's RAIN! has now been raining, off and on, for more than a week! Thank you GOD! The pastures and fields are showing green, the animals are delirious with fresh, growing stuff to eat and I'm doing the Happy Dance! So what if I look like the Valley Ejiit! It's RAIN and God's Own Blessing and Gift...thank you Father.

It's been great weather for making things and my studio, aka Sandra's Playhouse, has been getting a workout. We've restored an old building (previously used to cure hams and bacon) into a studio for me. It's lovely having a place to go that's (a) away from the phone, (b) away from the house and (c) where supplies can be left out to be used again at *my* whim and fancy! It's not quite finished but I've already moved in and am using the space to both make things and restore my sanity.

It has a chair and ottoman for R&R, reading, knitting, quilting, writing or other hand work; also a bed for the doghters and spots for the cats. ~

A place for my spinning wheel and short chair that used to belong to Grandmother. This chair is so comfortable...just my size and with arms and a cozy cushion covered with a sheep fleece. And, a table (formerly computer table) that's now used to work on crafts, cut and sew fabric for quilts, aprons, etc.
My, oh my...I'm absolutely Over the Moon! Stayed tuned...soon, I'll show you the greeting cards I've been making. They make lovely gifts either by themselves or when tucked into a small basket of goodies to bless someone's day and life.

Blessings ~
~working space
~two finished quilts
~hot soup on a cool day
~wind chimes in the window
~eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to work


  1. "A room of one's own" Bravo!

  2. Your list of Blessings continues to increase! Mine too! PTL!! :-)


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