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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Typical Week @ TCF

Last month, we prayed for the rain to hold and it did and is still holding. We've not had more than a few drops in more than a month. If you're the praying sort, PLEASE pray for rain at Thistle Cove Farm! Our second cutting of hay won't happen if we don't get rain and get it soon.

Even the buzzards want rain; I've seen more turkey vultures this year than ever before. It looks like a family has nested and hatched out their fair share of the little buzzards and they all like to ride the wind currents over this valley. Actually, they are quite beautiful when I forget their job on this planet. They are necessary though so I take photos and ponder their usefullness.

We had a film crew at the farm this past week. They are filming a CD/video for 'Round the Mountain and were here to film the scenery, horses, sheep and me at the spinning wheel. It was a lovely morning, enjoyed by all and especially the sheep. Some of the tamest sheep came into the yard to eat corn and were filmed around the spinning wheel. At least, as long as the corn lasted and then they grazed the yard.
Quilts hanging on the line provided a nice side-drop to the scene while the spinning wheel faced down the valley. The quilts were made by (l to r) by my beloved Aunt Bonnie and Dave's birthday quilt was made by me. We were all pleased with the arrangment and feel it adds greatly to a video that lacks textural softness. The quilts and animals add a touch of gentleness that softens the video and gives a more rounded picture of crafts, especially fiber crafts, in southwest Virginia.

The week ended at the Buchanan County Fair where Heritage Crafts and crafters were on display. This is a small fair but one where heritage is appreciated and welcomed.

Bud Thompson, farrier, pounded on the anvil, Charlie and David Butcher (father and son) played bluegrass on guitar, dulcimer and fiddle; Cheryl Kerr and Emily Butcher made baskets and a Bland County woodworker carved a face in a tree stump. I did the usual fiber "thang".

Blessings ~

~rain which we desperately need, dear God

~county fairs

~friends, some near, others far away but all dear

~a rich and varied heritage and culture

~critters, beasts and varmints - even those who do the nasty jobs

~the privilege of living @ Thistle Cove Farm in the USA!


  1. Great post, love the photos!

    Yes, we seriously need rain!

  2. I pray you have received the rain!

    Buchanan County Fair looks like it was great fun!


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