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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bush Hog - Part III

Dealership Guy is here, putting on new choke cable and doing some other things to make the UTV operational, all day, every day. Dealership Guy has always been available to either do things right or make things right. Corporate might learn a few things from Dealership Guy should they ever decide to have a chin wag with him.

Dave tells me I should not have mentioned the Hog showing up dirty. The only reason it was mentioned, being wet had a direct relationship on the choke cable freezing and thus not working. It was one of those things that was just unavoidable but made its presence known when weather was freezing, or below, and the Hog wouldn't start. It certainly wasn't meant as a bad note and I apologize.

There are still a few things to finish but nothing that affects the starting or running of the new Bush Hog UTV. It shows every promise of being the piece of equipment we hoped it to be when we were researching new UTV's and should, hopefully, last us many years. We intend it to be the last UTV we ever purchase for the farm.

Bush Hog Tough - it can now be said with confidence! Thanks, Dealership Guy!

Daddy and Mother taught us to take good care of our equipment, to keep the oil changed, the body washed of dirt, mud and other debris that mean rust, wipe down the soft sides and roof and all those other things that go into care and upkeep. All those things mean long life for equipment.

Today is a beautiful day and most of it will be spent outside. The fence line needs to be checked, debris from the last storm picked up, bird feeders checked, minerals put out for animals and a few other chores. If I have time, I'll drag the alfalfa pasture so the horse manure is dispersed over the field. That acts as fertilizer and helps ensure a better crop of hay this year. We're still low on our water table, I thought we were caught up, but a neighbor tells me we're still very low. My prayer is for at least two cuttings of hay this year, hopefully three. We had to buy hay last year and that, severely, cut into finances.

We also need to pick up a few pieces of electronic equipment, some batterys, a new mouse and the like. That's a job for dusk or later when it's too dark to work outside. It's daylight savings time and I really don't like DST; it takes me a while to adjust and throws my rythm off. I wish ole Ben Franklin could have just left well enough alone. It's fairely obvious a non-farmer/rancher came up with the idea of DST. Most farmers/ranchers tell me they don't care for DST either but I've run into some who love it. I wonder what the difference is...?

Blessings ~ Dealership Guy ~ sunny day ~ good night's sleep ~ an all weather, day or night, Bush Hog UTV ~ EST...eventually ~

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