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Friday, February 26, 2010

Slow Poke Time

The Slow Living post resounded with some of you; it seems we all have a need to slow down, even those of us whose lives are already out of step, seemingly, with the rest of this ole world. Our steps, Dave and I, are in step with the natural world and that lends a measure of roundness, fullness and sweetness to our lives that a lot of people may never know. We live our lives by the seasons, enjoying each as they come and, generally, are patient for the next appointed time. Even as full as this winter has been, we've enjoyed the weather and have prepared for it as best we could. We've been snowed in on the farm for a couple of weeks at a time, have managed to escape now and again and are now safely ensconced a few hours away.

Dave and I have an older Acer laptop that doesn't have photo download capability; this is such a shame because the blizzard photos are incredible, especially here at the Greenbrier. We've come to the Greenbrier Clinic for a physical for me and find having one location to complete all those pesky tests is far better than driving to first one doctor, then another and to yet another for some other test. Under one roof everything is accomplished and all in a period of about a day and half. If only medicine could be the same across country, just think of the time, energy and emotional expenditure that could be saved! Even so, not all tests can be done here and I'll have to go to another facility in a couple of weeks.

As much as I'd like to worry, it's such a waste of time. My times are in God's, quite capable, hands and I'm doing what I need to do in order to maintain this body, a temple for His Holy Spirit. That sounds so strange and mystical to body a temple. Sometimes, I'm sorry to say, I treat it more like a tent and, as time comes to us all in some degree or other, we are called upon to account for our treatment of our bodies.

But, what better place to have a doctor visit than at this lovely Greenbrier. Since 1778 the Greenbrier has been welcoming guests from around the world. This area, as much of West Virginia, is known for it's healing waters, in this case, sulphur waters. In times past, humans and animals alike would visit to drink and relax in the warm, healing waters and many have attributed cures from arthritis and other ailments. Folks still come for the sulphur waters but also for the world class golf course, restaurants and other wonderful attractions.

I've learned so much while here...Dorothy Draper designed and decorated this beautiful resort in a period of eighteen months! I have loved wandering around this period building, still dressed as Miss Draper left it, her signature flowers of rhododendrons and roses, the carpets, window dressings, furniture and accessories in  colors of green, blue, yellow, red and pink. Trust me, when we're able to return home and I download some photos, you'll be amazed!

There's a long hallway where photos from early days showcase Princess Grace, Prince Rainier, many men who went on to be President -Clinton, Bush Sr. and Jr., JFK...the list goes on. President Eisenhower was the last sitting President to actually stay at the Greenbrier and since, Presidents have not stayed here due to the threat of terrorism. The Greenbrier is a national treasurer and best to keep it safe. James C. Justice II just had an old fashioned "shoot-out" with the Marriott chain in both their quest to own the Greenbrier. I'm happy to say, Mr. Justice won, and now holds title as Chairman and CEO. That means a lot to me as Mr. Justice is a WV boy and heritage, tradition and the like is important to him. It's more than money although money is important; money is what makes the Greenbrier, indeed any business, stay in business and I wish Mr. Justice and his company a hundred successful years as owners of the Greenbrier. Yes, it's true his white hat has a few smudges but then, are you able to show me any white hat that totally sparkles?

This recent blizzard has us staying here a day or two longer than expected. We could, probably, leave in relative safety but once we got home, we'd be stuck. Our driveway has snow drifts to the tops of fence posts...again..., Cove Road is impassable save for tractors and our farm sitter says, "stay where it's safe and warm". So, here we sit. Hopefully, I'll be able to swim in the heated, indoor pool, perhaps take in a movie in the theatre and, definitely, walk around and take more photos. What a terrific place to recuperate!

Until next time,

Blessings ~ good health ~ the Greenbrier ~ warm and cozy ~ farm sitter ~ a temple that's functioning well and happy ~

Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm,


  1. i can't believe your view...and sweet viewpoint.

    look forward to future visits!

  2. I have not been out of the house in almost 3 weeks due to the weather here so I am enjoying watching the snow fall like little fairies dancing around and creating my little heart out.

    I loved seeing the Greenbrier's so lovely.


  3. blessings to you!
    Have a sweet week-end,

  4. hope all goes well with all the tests and whatnot. i would miss thistle cove terribly if i lived there and had to leave for very long, it is such a grand and beautiful place. and peaceful. return home safely

  5. Sounds idyllic and restorative. You'll be ready to resume your active but peaceful life there on Thistle Cove with renewed energy. I am looking forward to your photos. meanwhile I have been taking time to read the blogs you referred us to in "slow-living".

    I still envy being snow-bound, Sandra!

  6. Thanks for your comments :-) it seems a little warmer here now although there is still a snow problem in parts of Scotland where they had 80cm of snow on wednesday..something of a record!

  7. I wish you well with whatever your ailments are. I have many myself...including missing bones and some muscle. healing vibes being sent out!

    I have heard of the Greenbriar, but always thought it was for the wealthy.

    I went and checked them out a bit(thanks to your link). I have downgraded my thoughts from "wealthy" to "rich" LOL

    Have a safe journey home, i am sure your animals miss you :)

  8. Hope all goes well with you. If you have to have tests, it sounds like the Greenbrier is a pleasant place to be.

  9. I hope your results find you in good health. I am reminded of an episode of 'The Waltons' where John and Olivia travel to a resort to stay at while Olivia has tests at a clinic. They spend hours on the beach, and resting by the shores.

    Sounds like you have a lovely place to stay. It sounds like a real treat to get a couple extra days, to wait out the snow. So enjoy yourself, and bring back some good news!

  10. Enjoy yourselves! Rest and recuperate and get in a swim or two. Warm waters....ah, such a wonderful dream!

    You deserve some restful time away.


  11. Hi myletterstoemily - the view is incredible, isn't it? We are SO blessed! Come back soon.

    Hi LuLu - I've hardly been to the studio due to the snow and drifts. We've had another three or four inches today. This past Friday, my brother had thirty inches and that was on top of the three feet already on the ground!

    Hi Deanna - thanks for visiting.

    Hi Life is Good - thank you and I did miss home dreadfully! I'll have to go to NC next week for more tests so will be away from heaven on earth again. sigh.

    Hi Kathy - snow bound again; we've had three or four inches on top of what had already fallen. My brother had thirty inches Friday night and that was on top of his two or three feet. He had snow drifts of fifteen feet and the state police closed the roads in his county...just to dangerous to be out and about.

    Hi Guzziesue - I feel for the farmers; it's dreadfully difficult to feed livestock when there's huge amounts of snow and drifting.
    Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm.

    Hi Susan - we're in the middle with some having more money and others having less money. We don't have children so after we take care of charity work, family and friends we spend it on travel. We are so blessed by God's mercy and grace. The Greenbrier has specials, sometimes a room can be had for $60 a night; not bad for such a beautiful place. Dave and I try to be quite thrifty -smile-.

    Hi Deborah - the Greenbrier was a lovely place to stay while having tests at the clinic. I'm looking forward to visiting when I don't have to have tests -smile-.

    Hi Deborah Ann - sounds like a great Walton's episode. After two days of testing, some rather invasive, I spent Friday in bed with only short forays outside the room. Saturday was a tad better and a sulphur water soak helped restore me.

    Hi Jen - I absolutely LOVE the sulphur water bath! I've never had such a wonderful, restorative bath and can't wait to do it again.


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