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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Honey, I'm Home...!

Like the Canada Geese, I have returned to Thistle Cove Farm and am, mostly, recovered from both vacationing to Eastern Europe and from jet lag. Let me tell you, that jet lag like to have whupped me! Yes, I still have to finish the travel blog on Ukraine and Slovakia and will finish next week; in the meantime, thought I'd pop in and say hello, you were missed and what's been happening with you?
 ~ Sadie ~
Dave, the fur babies and various farm sitters did really well but were delighted to have me home. The dogs were allowed to see me but two at a time - Abbie and Sam first, followed by Sadie and Gracie - so they wouldn't have heart attacks or fall over in amazement I was still alive and well. We've settled into our routine and have spent the past week plus seeing to it hay was put up, pastures mowed, flowers and veggies were planted, garden produce was canned, dried, frozen as well as a modicum of porch sitting and wine drinking going on. Actually, I've been thinking, but a lot, about putting up food and am planning on doing just that this coming week. Beans first then pickles, tomatoes, corn and so it goes.
~ Sam P. Spade, Secret Agent ~
Sam has told me, in no uncertain terms, I'm not to leave for so long again and he's right. So long away from the farm and I lose my center, my true north, my compass point, my reason for living. This farm is what keeps my feet firmly planted on terra firma with my head in the clouds. We weathered the central Virginia earthquake with only minor trembles and are seeing mild winds from Hurricane Irene.

By the way, I'd like to "thank" those folks in DC and the northeast for trying to steal the thunder away from the earthquake's epicenter, in Mineral, VA. I'm pretty sure I could hear the disappointment in various radio and television announcer's voices when the whole thing turned out to be pretty much of not a whole lot. Get over yourselves, people. Am I the first person to say, imo, the world does not revolve around DC and NYC and the earthquake was, in fact, our founding fathers rolling in their graves at the shenanigans going on in our nation's capital? Oh yeah...and we lost our AAA credit rating??? What is it you idiots don't realize about spending more than you make? If we did that as citizens, the law would have us in jail, post haste. You elected "representatives" do it and when we lose our AAA credit rating, you go what tha...??? Sheesh. Excuse me. I shouldn't call you idiots; after all, we elected, who is the idiot? Nice to see nothing much has changed since I've been gone. I think.
~ Abbie ~
Grace, like Dave, isn't much on having her likeness captured so pretend you're seeing them both. -smile-
Holiday was fabulous...met some amazing and wonderful people, Timi, Jane and Lance in Hungary and just missed meeting a blogger in Serbia. I'm in process of catching up with you and appreciate, greatly, all your wonderful comments on my travel entries. At some point, I've got a couple of little give away gifties from the travels so stay turned for those and, yes, I am still disjointed from jet's been frustrating, trying to motivate myself when all I feel like doing is laying around and drinking copious amounts of water. Thankfully, the hurricane has brought us lower temperatures and it's so much easier to move about when it's not so humid.

Bless you, each and every one!

Blessings ~ travels ~ home ~ hay ~ loved ones ~ gifties ~ rain ~ bloggers ~


  1. I like some ranting at the blog world! Ha! D.C. is so full of frauds it is no wonder they are getting a battering! I imagine most of them are no where to be found! The pets are so content. Glad you had fun on your trip abroad!

  2. Welcome Home, my friend!
    As you can see, nothing much has changed around here ~ still idiots at home and in D.C., plenty of natural disasters to make the national media happy and all your bloggie friends waiting to hear more about your trip!
    Glad you arrived home safely ~ now go take a rest from your vacation!

  3. Welcome Home! This is my first visit to your FARM...loved seeing your sweet dogs and hearing about your plans for putting up farm fresh food. Look forward to seeing you visit CITexas Gal when you get caught up.

  4. So glad you got home and I enjoyed your missives. Not to mention the pictures were just amazing the thing that always gets to me is how old every thing is,
    Well rest and get caught up.
    I look forward to reading more.

  5. Yeah you are safely home! We missed you and thanks for posting along the way. I bet Dave was super happy to see your sweet (albeit, jet lagged) face.

    Wish I could pop over and help you with the canning.

    Wish you'd come home to better news on the financial status of our wonderful country.


  6. Yeah you had a wonder filled time! Yeah you are back with us! I am so glad you are home safe and sound, although sluggish.

  7. What a terrific experience you have lived.
    Your pics of your pets are sweet!

    May you get rested up and refreshed.

  8. Mr. Stumbles10:38 PM EDT

    More travelogue wouldn't break my may officially interpret that as a hint...

  9. Glad you're safely home. Couldn't help but giggle at your post, and the comments. Love ya!

  10. Welcome Home! Hope you kick that jet lag soon. Look forward to your future posts. :)

  11. LOL... I love your take on the quake. :-)

    Glad you're home, and I KNOW your family is.

  12. Glad you're home safe and sound as I'm sure your whole family is. Your dogs are so cute!

  13. I love reading your post and hearing your written voice shine through ~ so very delightful! Welcome home ~ sending you a bouquet of joy, love, peace, and blessings! ~ Katie

  14. not original but definitely true - no place like home. Glad it is cooler in your bit of the world and yes - I've thought a LOT about all the work I could do - and am still thinking seriously - I think I'll join you with a glass of tea and a sit on the porch for a while!

  15. Hello Sandra and Dave:
    How lovely that you are home safe and well and that we are receiving a post from Thistle Cove Farm. This makes us believe that all is well with the world....hurricanes and financial crises apart!!

    We were so pleased to meet you, Sandra, in Budapest and think and talk about you often with great fondness. We so admired your indomitable spirit but are sure that you really cannot be away for so long in future from your 'spiritual' home. Take care!!

  16. It's so good to see you and read you again :o))!!!
    I was sure the dogs missed you....:o)
    And we are glad we met!!!
    Welcome back anytime :o)!

  17. Love this post!! Hope you recover from your jet lag soon. :)

  18. Anonymous5:10 PM EDT

    Glad you're safely home... isn't is funny that we long to travel, but homecoming is sweeter by far! Love your 'pup portraits!'

  19. Welcome home! I came by to see how you are doing with the storm. Sounds like the jet lag got you, not the weather! Your Abbie is beautiful and Biscuit is staring at her pic on the screen. Look forward to hearing more about the trip when you have gotten some rest.... all best~

  20. SOOOO glad you're home safely. I was a bit jealous. You were traversing the area that my grandmother came from in 1904. I enjoyed seeing it through your eyes.....but whatever possessed you to do this trip? You might of said, but I might of missed it!

  21. That was a quick response...thanks! Wow, I can't believe you'd go all the way to my grandmother's home land without knowing a soul! I am 1/2 slovakian and you were walking the land where my ancestors are from! Although we don't know anyone in the old country.
    Their name was Donko. My great grandfather brought his family to America in 1904 with the shirt on his back. They settled in your neck of VA and that is why my heart is pulled to those mountains! That is really cool!!

  22. Your critters and Dave are sooo joyous of your return!
    I just know it :) I am still reading your entries, and looking things up on the net as I go along! Goggling maps and such as I read along! I have to be able to visualize everything!
    (did I ever tell you how I drove my teachers nuts when I was in school? LOL!)
    I think you have earned some porch sitting and critter petting :)
    xo, misha

  23. You must be glad to be home, and I know your dogs enjoyed the warm welcome. Happy canning!


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