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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Work of Jill's Hands!

 ~ hand crafted by Jill ~
Untie the Ribbons...tell me now, didn't you just smile when you read Untie The Ribbons? I do every time I read the words; they bring smiles into my life because I think of the possibilities, the memories and Jill. Several years ago, she and I met through the One World One Heart blog tour and have kept in touch via each other's blogs. Jill was one of many who prayed for Dave and I when we moved to Richmond for his cancer treatment and then, returned to the farm for healing and rest. She's a talented artist, working in many fields - fiber, textiles, floor cloths, dolls...if I didn't like her so much, I'd be jealous (smile).
~ side two ~
Jill used Proverbs 31:31 as her focus for this box; it fits me perfectly because I keep sheep. I've yet to spin flax, probably never will for that matter, because my sheep keep me abundantly supplied. No matter, my hands are busy and that helps keep me out of trouble and being productive.
 ~ willing hands ~
Please note the cute, and appropriate, adornments - the small hand, the buttons, yarn edging on the box, and, on top, the wooden thread spool wrapped with more yarn and embellished with beads . No detail is too small and Jill has overlooked nothing; she has a great eye!
~ a pear shaped woman figure ~
So, this is where it gets did Jill know I'm pear shaped? (grin) I'm not sure, yet, what I'll keep in the box...perhaps the pear shaped woman figure or, perhaps, something else. I do know it will be a part of my life until my life is over. It will be a daily reminder of "the work of Jill's hands" and how she has encouraged me greatly. So much so, I would like to pass it forward and am going to try to, once a month, make and send something to someone. Life is frosty and anytime we can spread a bit of warmth and cheer, that's a feel good situation times two. Jill, you have encouraged and inspired me to "go thou and do likewise"; thank you and thank you for the beautiful work of your hands.

Darlene, over at Time-Warp-Wife, hosts {Titus2}SDAYS to "encourage women to joyfully live out their roles as wives and keepers of their homes." When people ask me what I do, I respond either farmer, shepherd or home maker; I'm happy, over the moon, happy with any of those titles. Today, I'm joining in because I want to encourage people to do what they can to help someone. Sometimes folks needing the most help are living in our own household or community or church. Sometimes, it's a stranger. No matter, do what you can with what you've got and God will bless you and it.

You may remember my post about homeless folks living in our national forests and me knitting and buying hats, gloves and scarves to send to ministries that give assistance, clothing and food to those people. I'm getting closer to my goal of having fifty hats, scarves and pairs of gloves but the problem is...I can't locate the ministry! Their website isn't viable and the only other like ministry I can find is in Florida. I'm sure the folks in Florida need help but I'd rather give my things to people who will need warmth in cold winter, so, if I can't find the ministry, I'll donate to the women and children's shelter. I'm pretty sure they can use what I've collected and if winter is going to be as harsh as I think, hats, scarves and gloves will come in mighty handy.

You are blessed so be a blessing and thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm. You have blessed me with the gift of your presence.

Blessings ~ Jill ~ the work of her, and our, hands ~ hats ~ scarves ~ gloves ~ home ~


  1. What wonderful gifts. Jill has come to know you very well and to recognize the biblical qualities that you posess. She is quite gifted too; lots of detail. I loved the sheep picture. I'm glad you are home safely and that you enjoyed your time overseas. I'm always glad to get home from anywhere else. Thanks to Jill for her kindness to you.

  2. You got lovely gifts!!!
    I love the pear shaped woman figure :o)! And the little lamb on the card is so cute!!!

  3. What sweet gifts you have received!! That card is adorable!!

    Here's to wishing you a wonderful day my beautiful friend!


  4. Thanks for the sweet compliments my friend. It was a honor and so much fun to make that box for you. Hugs!

  5. wonderful, lovely and generous by both of you Jill and Sandra. And yes those that need it the most are often the ones who ask for it the least.

    the cranky old woman, the solitary old man. the lost child, in so many ways. where there is life , there is hope. may we appreciate that and fill the void!

  6. Yes!..untie the delightful. What wonderful heart warming gifts. Cute button flowers. I like the philosophy of just doing my best with what is in front of me..the next thing to putting out our little stall of local oranges at the gate today so that the older folk in our neighbourhood can come & buy cheap fruit & have a chat. Simple kindness is such a powerful thing...warm hats & scarves to keep out the cold : ) Have a lovely week. Much love Catherine x

  7. Hello Sandra and Dave:
    What a wonderful concept it is to view life as untying ribbons. A gift every day and always there is something that can be done to make life for someone else that little bit better.

    The box from Jill is so skilfully made and so appropriate for you with all its tiny details reflecting many aspects of your life and things which you hold dear. Such a good idea to think of something to be held in the box that you can visit regularly since that will serve as a constant reminder of your virtual friend.

  8. Those are so precious, and such a lovely gift to offer others, thank you for this lovely post, God bless you as you serve him there.
    Be Blessed, Barbara

  9. Sandra, when i click on the *forest* link a web site does come up. Is the site for the Fl.? If so, you could email them. Just a thought :)
    Here in the state of Tn., people are allowed to stay in national parks just under 4 months. They then have to move to a different site. There are also many families living deep within the forest that no one would ever encounter.They have been there for generations!
    The forestry service says many of the children have no idea what life exists outside the forest! Very interesting to me! They are self-sufficient, living off the land.
    Thank you for a wonderful post and a peek of your beautiful *untying the ribbons*!
    xo, misha

  10. Welcome back! Love the picture on the prior post and these gifts. Glad you fared well in the hurricane and earthquake. Yikes!

  11. What great gifts. I like the box and all the special details. How sad that the homeless can't live in our forests. The church of the forest will not take the hats?

  12. how charming and sweet- is that pic of the cat and the deer at your
    farm, wow...


  13. Love the pear shaped woman. Keep pumping out those hats gloves and scarfs. They will come in so handy for those in need. You and Jill are both such kind people. Hugs, LJ

  14. A talented and generous friend. :)

  15. Congratulations, you have been chosen to recieve the prestegious
    "Versitile Blog Award"

    See my post tomorrow for details@

    The Cranky Old Man


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