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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer's Last Gasp

 ~ the Cove ~
Although there are sure to be hot days ahead, they will be minimal. The nights are a lot cooler, the mornings are a lot foggier and the dew is a lot heavier. All, signifying the ending of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. There are those who say the seasons shouldn't be capitalized but I disagree and think each has its rightful place and should be recognized. Those who live on a farm, live by the seasons with each having lovely, yet bittersweet, days.
~ cheerful zinnia ~
We've cut all the hay we're going to cut this year and have more than fifty round bales to feed as winter progresses. Usually, we put up square hay but this year was different. People's time wasn't their own this year, and much like last year, we all made do with what life brought our way. We are blessed though, we were able to get our hay cut and baled, perhaps having enough to sell in the spring. 
~ sturdy, beautiful barn ~
This is our sturdy, beautiful loft over the stable. We're fortunate to have several buildings, each with their own design and purpose and, yes, even beauty. This old barn has been standing a hundred years or more; no one is quite sure but the evidence is in the limestone foundation. This year, for the first in decades, perhaps ever, the barn loft was cleaned. The square bales moved to the back and side, clearing up one side and the middle and showing the floor underneath.
~ Morgan and Shawn ~
Shawn, with Morgan's help, moved all the hay to the back of the barn, clearing the floor and making room for future bales. It's strange though, when I walk on the loft floor, there are creaks and moans I've never heard because the deep bed of hay on the floor covered the noise. I find myself tiptoeing with a frisson of unease but the barn is sturdy, beyond sturdy, and holds tons of weight.
Recently, ain't for city gals posted she felt a bit of apathy and I responded I understood completely. However, after reflection, it's not apathy I feel but ennui and it happens this time every year. It's not related to the shortening of days, although that certainly assists, but, rather, knowing the rest that is winter that's coming is much needed yet also knowing there's so much to be done before winter sets in. Ennui is a feeling of weariness or dissatisfaction or a feeling of listlessness and general dissatisfaction resulting from lack of activity or excitement.

Hmmm, that's close although there's no lack of activity or excitement here on the farm. Just last night Dave and I visited while sitting on the back porch and watched a cow look for a place to calve. Now, to a lot of people that, perhaps, sounds as exciting as dish water but life, to me, is precious even when it's a cow and her calf.
~ Jake B. Goode ~
For the past few weeks we've been visited by a stray dumped Border Collie whom we've named Jake. He's not though, he's not good, because he keeps digging under the fence and has found several loose areas to allow him to come and go at his will. Not good, Jake, not good at all! Around here we have sheep both on our farm and on our neighbor's farms and our neighbors don't like stray dogs. Stray dogs tend to get hungry or bored...or both...and then the troubles begin. Jake has been given a reprieve of several weeks and we've let it be known we're feeding and trying to contain him but his time is short. As much as he's welcome here, he's not welcome to teach our dogs bad habits. Our yard fence is doubled and now, tripled, in safety but Jake has all night to dig and dig he does. I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before he finds yet another escape spot and I dare not trust our dogs, loose, in the yard with Jake.
~ Canada geese ~
Each day more Canada geese arrive, on their way from somewhere else to someplace else. It seems all of life is seeking home this time of year. Seeking the warmth, safety and security of hunkering down for winter where food and water will, hopefully, be plentiful until it's time to move on. The geese voices make all of us, humans and dogs, look to the sky, breath caught in our throats, wondering at the mystery. 

Like I said, ennui isn't quite it but, perhaps, pensive is more on target although meditative even more so. Pensive "suggests dreaminess of wistfulness, and may involve little or no thought to any purpose: a pensive, faraway look. Meditative involves thinking of certain facts or phenomena, perhaps in the religious sense of "contemplation," without necessarily having a goal of complete understanding or of action: meditative but unjudicial. Reflective has a strong implication of orderly, perhaps analytic, process of thought, usually with a definite goal of understanding: a careful and reflective critic."  

Which is it; do you know?
Blessings ~ Summer ~ Autumn ~ hay in the loft ~ hay in the storage lot ~ home ~ quiet evenings on the porch ~  Canada geese ~


  1. Lovely! I especially love the hay loft picture - reminds me so much of putting up hay for our horses in NC...

  2. enjoyed my visit...loved seeing it all....

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  3. sounds like we are all suffering from "appennui" (ap)athy, (pen)sive, en(nui)!!!

  4. It's a lovely Autumn post with beautiful photos!!! Thank you!

  5. Love your barns, absolutely beautiful!
    I suffer from ennui and I do find that if I get motivated it goes away. I am tired too and look forward to gardening to be put to sleep for the winter. I'm enjoying our cooler temps and sleep so much better when it's cool in the evenings.
    Cortney has been enjoying the shawl you gifted her with, it's perfect for cool morninga and evenings.
    I'm making some aprons for her for Christmas, but I really have to sneek the time to work on them as she's still living at home.
    Our computer died and we were down for a month or so, so I have some catching up to do on your blog*wink* I missed reading your posts :o)

    Blessings and enjoy your final days of Summer,

  6. Sandra~
    I just cherish the time I spend here! The photos are lovely, your thoughts and writing are always thought provoking to we (us?) readers, and spot on in timing and subject! I feel like you express the thoughts I cannot find the words for, and in such a delightful manner.
    You and Dave are often on my mind ~ praying today you are both doing well.

  7. Hello Sandra:
    With such a lot going on at the farm and thoughts of long lists of jobs to do before the winter, we feel that you can afford yourself a little 'ennui' since we should be positively worn out just thinking about it all!!

    Your barn building is a countryside cathedral. Such an enormous space and the roof is so beautifully constructed. How satisfying that all your hay has been cut and how lovely it will be when it is all neatly stored away.

    We hope that the Collie settles down with you. He has such an endearing face....we love him!!!

    We shall spend the next few days away from our computer at Lake Balaton to make the most of the last of summer sunshine. We shall catch up on our return. In the meantime, have a peaceful and relaxing weekend!!

  8. Ennui - now I know what I've been feeling - the first definition of it. I've been working on what to do about it but haven't sat down and done the work yet...maybe tomorrow.

  9. P.S. The first shot of your barn is so beautiful - makes one wonder how the builders of old knew how to place the boards just so to make it sturdy, strong, and a gorgeous work of art!

  10. I am a city girl, so it is so interesting, Sandra, to read of the ebb and flow of the seasons and feeling of life on your beautiful farm.


  11. I am not sure just what word describes my feelings this time of year, but Autumn does bring to me a lot of energy...for what purpose I am not sure. Maybe for preparing for Winter and all Winter brings? I wish Winter brought rest after so much preparation...maybe this year?

    Sandra, your barn is truly amazing. Almost like the skeleton of an upturned ship.What a treasure.

    Your post has me pondering, and waiting for more posts from you.

  12. I took my post down on apathy...just because that really wasn't what I was feeling either...I think the word for me is just plain ole worry though I am not a worrier. It is just a sad time for us right now...though we are grateful for every day.

  13. The barn looks like it's a place where you could go, close your eyes and feel it all around you (if that makes any sense?!).... it seems like it has a "soul" of it's own.

  14. Gorgeous! Love the photo of the barn. :)

  15. SUCH a gorgeous place! WOW!

    m ^..^


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